downfallroad 6


Grafton US   Jan 2017

Artist Bio

Influences:   AliceInChains DaysOfTheNew @Driftwood1 @keithbarrette @kweast23

This is my fourth year. I mostly compose dark grungy acoustic-rock but this seems like a good place to experiment.

I am looking for production tips and any feedback good/bad you have.
Thanks for listening! I'm far behind on my listening and commenting, but I will get to everyone I swear!

Fender 6 string
Washburn 12 string
Ibanez 5 string
Audio-Technica AT2035
Delta 66 Omni IO breakout box (possibly an antique now?)

NEW ALBUM: The Legend Of Johnny Black

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2017 FAWM songs:
2016 FAWM songs:


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  • @mmmmarcus 2 days

    Thank you very much for the continued support! Glad to hear you liked After The Storm. Was another one that kinda wrote itself. Lots of inspiration this weekend, needed to channel it somewhere.

  • @sync  5 days

    Hey man, if you hate programming drums and are open to having acoustic drums on Escape Plan, I'd love to add some! Lemme know if you're interested. Thx!

  • @mmmmarcus 1 week

    Haha, thanks man. Glad you enjoyed track 😁

  • @dreamscuba  1 week

    Thanks for stopping by and listening to a bunch of my songs and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.

  • @haim  1 week

    Honestly that sounds like a very good advice, thank u... i already reduced but maybe a bit more will do good. 9/8 songs album? Who knows...

  • @haim  1 week

    Haha that's cool! Yeah I gotta finish it soon... I am out of patience almost.. but you know it takes time. Any recommendation on finishing my first album on the psychological side ?

  • @mmmmarcus 1 week

    Thank you so much for the comment on Carry Me Home! I hope to crank out at least a few more songs this year, but time is a bit limited right now.

  • @moonraccoon  2 weeks

    Thank you for your kind comment on "A Culture..." -- that mid-section guitar figure is fun to play 😀