Mark Silver 10


US   Jul 2015

Artist Bio

Influences:   wjatever music im currently into

1. everything is art
2. all art is connected
3. ego death is pretty cool
4. beef jerky good tho


"git_funky" on 50/90


Completed FAWM in 2016: https://silvermediaproductions.bandca...

Completed FAWM in 2017:

Completed FAWM in 2018:

Completed FAWM in 2019:


i git by w/ a lil help from my friends: @stickyfingers @spiffyflinger @roadreg @fmicale @carljungmallcop @felder @spirit

also support these people: @crisp1, @fourths, @deadhead, @jji7skyline, @ersatz, @abc123, @owl @skylermf

i publicly challenge the following people to also join & participate in fawm: evan nork, diyath yavin, & rivers cuomo


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  • @owl  2 weeks

    Oh hey thanks for the shoutout above, just saw that! Looks like your FAWM is going swimmingly so far!

  • @stickyfingers 2 weeks

    well if it isn't one of the slickest men alive!

  • @crisp1  4 weeks

    Just saying hi and looking forward to what you do this FAWM! Have a great one!