sadloaf 14

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Influences:   Hop Along, Okkervil River, REM, They Might Be Giants, Milo, Every Time I Die, Algernon Cadwallader, Motion City Soundtrack, Nathan Bowles, Shakey Graves

Making as much as I can.


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  • @bootlegger Mar 2

    I just gotta say you're extremely talented and your music is one of my favorite things I've found this year. And not just on fawm but like at all. Just damn. I'm a fan.

  • @thewaitingplace Mar 1

    Thanks for listening to "Meditation"! I appreciate the comment. Yes, loving yourself is so important but can be very hard to do! Haha.

  • @bootlegger Mar 1

    Wow thanks for the compliment! I love radical face. The family tree albums are epic. This concept album was the closest I felt I could get away with without totally ripping him off cause the family tree thing is just an awesome idea to write albums about.

  • @tiedyehero Feb 15

    singing saw, check. sounds right up my alley

  • @tiedyehero Feb 14

    oh and what's a singing saw

  • @tiedyehero Feb 14

    thanks for the comments and suggestions haha. full-disclosure: i'm aggressively amateur, I'm recording a single track my iPhone. I may need to work on iPhone placement maybe. But yes. I always believed my songs were destined to be harmonized with one day