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Influences:   All of my awards: Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild. It's very motivational.

Yes, Nicolas Coppola here. My publicist told me to come by and have a look, see what's going on. I see my fans don't know my given name from my stage name, Nicolas Cage. Two what's up posted, and no bells ringing. OK, lets see how this goes, no rush.

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#1 Melt 6
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  • @ncoppola 5 weeks

    The answer to the question asked? One raging erection, of an attitude. What else when driving Eleanor.

  • @kahlo2013  5 weeks

    Thanks for joining us!

  • @dzd  5 weeks

    can we have a little tune please?

  • @jenjen  5 weeks

    Hey there, come on out and play, whatcha got? 😀

  • @maria2gm 5 weeks

    Hi there! Can't wait to hear what you got!

  • @marvsmooth  5 weeks

    Hey there Mr C