Songs tagged with "doubt"

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DBD: Restless Confession (Now with female vocals!) by @bradbrubaker  @pearlmanhattan  6
Feb 21
DBD: That's What I Love (Now a duet with female vocals!) by @bradbrubaker  @pearlmanhattan  7
Feb 19
DBD: Where the Lost Live (reprise) by @bradbrubaker  4
Feb 17
DBD: Where the Lost Live by @bradbrubaker  6
Feb 17
DBD: Heart is Healing by @bradbrubaker  13
Feb 14
Crutches by @oddaustin  6
Feb 14
DBD: Another Dying Dream [REWRITE] by @bradbrubaker  13
Feb 13
Glorious God In Heaven Above by @stevenwesleyguiles  20
Feb 5
DBD: Restless Confession by @bradbrubaker  19
Feb 3
DBD: Opener (The Divine and the Damned) by @bradbrubaker  36
Feb 1