My Plan For FAWM Year 1 - An Introduction

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  • @atam94 2 weeks

    Hey, I’m Adam. I finally joined FAWM a little under a month ago, and I’ve been trying to post in the forums on occasion and get involved in the community a bit before February starts. I did share one of my recent ambient music projects from my 2017 trip to Glacier National Park with a couple of old friends from high school a little over a week ago.

    Since I’m new here, I’d like to mention a bit of my background. I used to travel to Japan often, whether it was for summer camps where I volunteered as a camp counselor, for TEFL teaching internships in Nagasaki, or just to visit friends that I met on any of the previous trips. I have an Associate’s degree in Visual Communications and ended up using some of the skills that I learned in school to make fun travel and slice-of-life vlogs, mostly while I was overseas in Japan.

    I have access to all of my raw footage from my travels over the past 5 years, and I have been strategically selecting trips/events that I can use for ambient songs. For my Glacier National Park song, I used sounds that I recorded with my camera to create a soundscape, with some sounds panned in various directions, and I automated the panning for a lot of the sounds, like birds chirping, cars driving, etc., to give a feel that they’re not in a static environment.

    To prep for FAWM, I picked out sounds and video clips that I want to use to create (hopefully) 14 more songs and videos like the Glacier National Park one. I’m going to call my album “flashbacks” and it’ll be a passion project that will allow me to revisit past adventures. I’m guessing it’ll take between 6-10 hours per song/video, but honestly, the most time-consuming part is picking out sounds that I want to use for the environments, and… that was my prep work. I’m ready to go now!

    If you haven’t seen the glacier video and are curious to see/hear what I have planned for this year… here’s a link to it:

    Happy FAWM!

  • @jonmeta  2 weeks

    Welcome, Adam! That is a fascinating description (not at all the 3 minute pop song writing many of us do). I’ve watchlisted you and look forward to hearing your work.

  • @adforperu  2 weeks

    Hello, namesake! That's pretty cool - I went to Japan last year and absolutely loved it, though mainly cities so experienced nothing like that - looks beautiful. Like the idea of pairing your music to videos as well, just elevates the experience 😀

    Obviously it's completely up to you, but as it's a songwriting task first and foremost, i'd maybe recommend not having the subtitles on the video, just because it kind of made me focus more away from the music. Totally up to you though!

  • @oddbod  2 weeks

    Hi Adam and welcome to FAWM. Though it's nothing like the music I make, ambient and textural music is what I love to listen to when relaxing or commuting. Sounds fascinating and can't wait to hearing what you create.

  • @coolparadiso  2 weeks

    welcome! interested to see what comes out

  • @corinnecurcio  2 weeks

    Sounds so interesting. Looking forward to hearing/seeing what you create!

  • @fuzzy  2 weeks

    Oh yeah, great stuff there.
    Really nice soundscape.

  • @gslade 2 weeks

    @atam94 >> Welcome. Sounds like a cool concept.

  • @atam94 2 weeks

    Thank you all for taking the time to read my intro and reply!
    @adforperu I understand the idea of not having text, although part of me wants to tell a story for the casual viewer, as well. I'll play around with not having text in some of my projects and see if I want to do it that way. It's something I'll certainly try. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Japan, by the way! I'll definitely return again soon.
    @jonmeta thank you! I do some pop music writing on occasion, and maybe one or two tracks will slip out this year haha, but yes, I'm definitely pursuing the ambient genre for this year, using past trips as inspiration. I can't wait to hear what you create, as well.

  • @bradbrubaker  2 weeks

    Sounds cool to me!

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