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  • @natrin 5 weeks

    Hello all! I was looking for a file this morning and came upon this list (compiled in 2018 by @writeandwrong) of music business books and industry websites:

    It's got some great information and resources on it, so I'm sharing it again this year for anyone who could use it.

    I'm currently reading Ari Herstand's newly updated book "How To Make It in the New Music Business" as well as "Creative Calling" by Chase Jarvis. Anyone else reading any music industry related books?

  • @mctown 5 weeks

    Hey, I read a couple books by Corey Barker that are is a little more of an intro to songwriting with typical questions....and the other goes deeper. More Nashville oriented...

  • @writeandwrong  5 weeks

    Wow, I forgot I did that! Thanks, @natrin! Whatever new books get added to this thread, I'll be more than happy to update the spreadsheet. @mctown, what are the titles of the books you are reading?

  • @mctown 5 weeks

    101 Ways To Get Your Songs Recorded (Hit Happens Book 2)

    Hit Happens
    #1 is more simplistic....#2 more interesting...

  • @leleyukon  3 weeks

    Thanks for the spreadsheet @natrin @writeandwrong

  • @writeandwrong  2 weeks

    @mctown , thanks, I will add them now; @leleyukon , you're welcome!

  • @sbs2018 2 weeks

    I’ve been reading Steven Pressfield’s books, “The War of Art,” “Do the Work,” and “Turning Pro.” Potentially life-changing.

  • @lastnightilie 2 weeks

    Tunesmith by Jimmy Webb. It's not perfect as the business parts are a bit outdated and he does ramble on about his life at times, but the songwriting method part is great.

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