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  • @jamkar  5 weeks

    Come now, how about a group hug?

  • @jacobeverettwallace  5 weeks

    I miss my fellow Texans. I relocated up to the PNW this year but I'm rooting for y'all!

  • @ballyhoot 4 weeks

    Texas, the state so big and so awesome, it needed two threads!!! LOL

  • @dzd  4 weeks

    Hahaha....yeah @ballyhoot
    I had something similar, hi Texas

  • @tseaver  4 weeks

    I'm from Texas, but don't live there now: however, I'm in Houston ATM helping care for my mother-in-law, and am likely to be here for at least the first couple of days of FAWM, so I'm chiming in!

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