My Pre-FAWM Project

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  • @atam94 4 weeks

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a new video that I made for my YouTube channel. I made the instrumental track using sound effects from a trip that I took with a couple friends back in 2017, and then I added a bass drone, synth pad, and played my guitar. I wanted to wait until FAWM to work on this project, but... I was impatient and still want to share it here. It's called "Glacier National Park: The Week We Got Away"... hope you enjoy!

  • @barbara  4 weeks

    I enjoyed that! Your music creates a great atmosphere for appreciating incomprehensible natural beauty as well as the deep bonds of friendship. It’s an inspiring reminder that memorable experiences are the real treasure!

  • @guatecoop  4 weeks

    Thanks for sharing that! Nice job on the project and wow, what a beautiful place and experience. Having the music in context was great and I enjoyed it a lot. Makes me want to do make one like that with the photos and videos from a recent trip that my wife and I took sans kids! Maybe this fawm.

  • @hummingbear  4 weeks

    Wonderful project! Gorgeous photos, music fit it well. It made me nostalgic for the trips I've taken with friends - relationships cherished over a lifetime. Gotta say, I think you have your priorities straight - spend your life well!

  • @cts  4 weeks

    Nice. All of the elements come together beautifully. I would love to be create in this manner, but I'll stay in my lane and let talented folks like yourself do awesome things like this.

  • @lvgd09  4 weeks

    Soothing sound with great visuals. Nice job. I noticed the time lap...very cool.

  • @atam94 4 weeks

    Hey, thank you for all of the kind comments, everyone! I appreciate all of you taking the time out of your day to watch my video and share your thoughts. I'm really quite glad I found this group of people and can't wait to create music at the same time as everyone in a couple short weeks! 😁

  • @tawny249  4 weeks

    Soothing is the right word. Also wistful. I really like the different shots of the water you got in there, I love water video and photography. That one with the perfectly clear stream showing the red rocks at the bottom was spot on. This is a sweet tribute to your vacation. πŸ˜€

  • @atam94 4 weeks

    Thank you 😁
    Earlier today, I decided I'm going to do my entire album in this format... with story-based recaps and video footage from past vacations/memorable experiences. Now I'm locating old hard drives and taking notes on which events I have enough footage and audio from to serve as the background for the songs that I'll start writing in a couple short weeks. I'll try my best to make 14 songs as recommended, but I wonder if it would it be better to do 6-7 great ones with video stories instead.. (I suppose I could make 14 and omit some from the album in the end).

  • @zecoop  4 weeks

    @atam94 - That was gorgeous and really great to watch/listen to. πŸ˜€

  • @atam94 4 weeks

    @zecoop thank you! Hopefully I'll have more like this throughout February! I need to space out public uploads on my channel by at least a week or so, but if I finish a song and video every few days, I'll share the unlisted links on my page so fellow fawmers can view/listen as I complete them next month πŸ˜€

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