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  • @wistah  Jan 17

    Stand up and be counted! I hail from the Worcester area. Always happy to connect with my fellow songwriters in the Commonwealth.

  • @unpronounceable Jan 18

    Hear ye, hear ye, Boston area here-y 😀

  • @timmyriordan  Jan 18

    Ahlington heah.

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 19

    I am one of the New Hampshire lonely that is the foster kid to this forum, remember me for FAWM Over!!

  • @mikeb Jan 19

    I'm no longer in Mass, moved to New Hampshire a couple of months ago, but still nearby!

  • @robotkitten  Jan 22


  • @markg  Jan 23

    Newton, the Garden City.

  • @colgoo Jan 23

    Belmont MA

  • @colgoo Jan 23

    Also....@wistah has a concert in Somerville on Saturday, February 1st. Who all is going?

  • @mikeb Jan 24

    I hope I can make it down to the Burren for that!

  • @carleybaer  Jan 25

    Aww I miss the Burren. And Somerville. And all you fine folks.

  • @wistah  Jan 27

    Somerville armory, hosted by @bethdesombre!

  • @mikeb Jan 28

    Oh, I knew it was somewhere down there! LOL Don't think I can make it this Saturday, though. Maybe. (not sure why the link says 2014, but the page is correct!)

  • @nateger  Jan 30

    I'm in Sudbury. Great to see other MA songwriters!

  • @antlion Jan 31

    Watertown here, hey all 😀

  • @paulhenry  Feb 1

    Needham, then Newton, then JP, the Cambridge, then Somerville, then Medford, then San Diego, then. . . oh, wait. . . .

  • @colgoo Feb 1


    You can totally fly out here for the FAWM over party, right? We’ll claim you as one of our own!

  • @nateger  Feb 1

    I often go to Circle Singing that happens a couple times a month in JP, Cambridge, and Arlington. Improvised singing with people helps get my creative juices going. Maybe I'll see you there! There's one on Sunday I'll be going to

  • @gubna Feb 1

    Anyone on here know Derek Theron?

  • @kenmattsson Feb 2

    Just joined. Here in Arlington. Haven't written songs before but figured this would push me to get something out. Any recommendations for newbies appreciated!

  • @wistah  Feb 4

    Welcome everyone! I look forward to hearing your songs and -hopefully- meeting you at a FAWM over party, details to be sorted out in this thread I hope 😀

  • @colgoo Feb 4


    It looks like these circle singing events are on Saturday. I wish most of my Saturdays and Sunday mornings weren’t booked this month. It sounds like fun!

  • @s7even  Feb 4

    Hey guys! Bridgewater Ma. Here. anyone close??

  • @nateger  Feb 6

    @colgoo it is fun! I love the freedom to create and take chances and be witnessed by others in a musical context. Circle singing it's magical. If you are able to make it out please join!

  • @colgoo Feb 7

    @wistah @unpronounceable @timmyriordan @tamsnumber4 @mikeb @robotkitten @markg @carleybaer @nateger @antlion @paulhenry @gubna @kenmattsson @bethdesombre. @s7even

    Let’s sync calendars for the FAWM-over party!

    If we stick with the Sunday slot we usually have at the Vault in Bloc 11 (in Somerville), I can head over on March 1st or 15th after I finish working at the church. I can be there by 2 pm. March 8th and 22nd, we would need to start later, or I will be arriving late.

    There are no permits required for on-street parking in Somerville on Sunday.

    I am also open to reserving space at First Church Somerville (89 College Ave.) and making this potluck style (no nuts, label your food). Or, if everyone who is an RSVP chips in $5-10, I am happy to provide vegan/vegetarian friendly fare and beverages. We can fit more people in that way. I need to reserve the space a few weeks in advance, so let’s choose a date and location.

    Also open to other ideas!

  • @nateger  Feb 7

    @colgoo This idea sounds wonderful. Bloc 11 or First Church Somerville works great for me

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 7

    March 15th is the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Boston, we usually scratch that weekend for Bloc 11 due to traffic and drunk drivers.

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 7

    @wistah @unpronounceable @timmyriordan @tamsnumber4 @mikeb @robotkitten @markg @carleybaer @nateger @antlion @paulhenry @gubna @kenmattsson @bethdesombre. @s7even @colgoo @mccannrs

    This is the first year that NH has a significant amount of people and Mike Birch and I run an open mic in Nashua, NH and have invited everyone for a NH FAWM Over that day and Mass has been so wonderful to invite us, we invite everyone to our FAWM Over Open Mic on March 28th, 2020 at Liquid Therapy, 14 Court Street, Nashua, NH 7:30 to 10:30

  • @colgoo Feb 7

    I have put the NH party on my calendar. Does anyone from the Boston area want to carpool with me? I could fit three other people in my vehicle plus instruments.

  • @andrewjtaylor  Feb 7

    Just now chiming in from Cape Cod.

  • @unpronounceable Feb 7

    @colgoo , I'd love to hop in for a ride to NH, depending on when we need to leave (I think I can make it tho!)

    For Mass, I think March 1st is my best bet to be able to make.

  • @colgoo Feb 7


    I think we’d want to leave by 6:00 p.m. depending on where I was picking people up. That way we would have time to get there and set up, tune instruments, etc.

  • @colgoo Feb 7

    Should I try reserving the church for Sunday, March 1? Is there a better day? I like the idea of having an early FOP and another one in NH at the end of the month. Gives us more opportunities to hang out and share songs!

  • @mikeb Feb 7

    While I thought the Vault was a fun place last year (my first FAWMover), it was crowded, and I fear that if there are more than 8-10 people, its will not be practical to have it at Bloc 11. I am open to March 1 or 8.

  • @mccannrs Feb 7

    J should be able to make the March 28th fawmover in Nashua! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  • @wistah  Feb 7

    @tamsnumber4 @mikeb I'm afraid I'm gigging up in Manchester on the 28th and won't be able to attend. @colgoo I am available March 1 and 15 for FOP in Sommerville 😀

  • @colgoo Feb 7

    Sounds like we have at least four people able to participate on March 1. What time will work best? 3:00 p.m.? I will try reserving either the Chapel or Parlor at First Church for that date. First Church Somerville is accessible from the Davis Square T station. Please respond with the following information:

    If you plan to attend the event on March 1:
    What time works best? Dietary restrictions? Will you be bringing guests? Potluck or chipping in money? Would you rather meet at FCS or Bloc 11?

    If you live in MA and are planning on attending the FOP in NH:
    Do you want to share a ride? Are you willing to drive, or are you more comfortable riding?

  • @wistah  Feb 7

    Earlier is better for me, as I need to be back in Worcester by 7 pm latest.

  • @msisto Feb 10

    👋from Seekonk!

  • @nateger  Feb 10

    March 1St works great!

  • @mikegtz  Feb 13

    Hi Colgoo and everyone. I am working on Sundays these days and would need to plan to take the day off. March 15 or 22 would work best for me.

  • @unpronounceable Feb 13

    I'm good w/ either location on March 1st. Additionally, @colgoo , I'll take you up on that ride the 28th 😀

  • @sandicove2015  Feb 14

    HI. I could attend March 1 but will have a 4 hour drive to the church and back home to Woodstock VT. What happens at the FOP? do we play along or listen? or something else?
    Nate Gerry - you commented on my Hero's Ways song and I listened to several of your songs.

  • @colgoo Feb 14

    We usually take turns playing our original music that we created during FAWM. It’s a songwriter circle where we usually play 2 songs, 1 song, then 2 songs, etc. (depending on the size of the group, we may play more or less) giving everyone a chance to play their favorite ones created this month.

  • @colgoo Feb 14

    First Church Somerville is booked for our FAWM-over Party on March 1 starting at 2 p.m. We will meet in the Chapel which is next to the Francesca Avenue entrance. Hope to see a bunch of you there. If you can’t bring anything for the potluck, no worries. Just come ready to share music with the rest of us.

    I have created a Facebook event where you can RSVP. I have already invited my singer-songwriter Facebook friends.

  • @unpronounceable Feb 15

    It looks like the link got cut off, @colgoo . Curious if it would be ok to post the event in my songwriting meet up? I know some are taking part in FAWM and might want to join. Thanks for setting this up!

  • @colgoo Feb 15


    I tested the link. It seems to work for me.

    Feel free to post this widely to other songwriters (I invited some of my Facebook friends), but be sure to mention that this is not an event for showing off a piece they wrote a year ago and have polished. This is a circle for sharing our recently written songs (preferably in February 2020).

  • @mikeb Feb 15

    I get 'sorry this page is not available now'. Did you change the access to public? (Private is the default when creating an event)

  • @mikehex  Feb 17

    @colgoo I'm in for FAWMover, but unfortunately I do not facebook. Hopefully my RSVP here will suffice

    @wistah I'm Southborough... we're practically neighbors

  • @colgoo Feb 17

    @mikehex Counting you in the RSVPs. Look forward to meeting you.

  • @mikegtz  Feb 22

    Will it be possible for peole for people to stay until 6 pm? I am booked at my work until 4pm that Sunday.

  • @colgoo Feb 22


    I am’ll give more time for showcasing material....I planned a 2p.m. start, but if y’all need me to push it later, I am willing.

  • @unpronounceable Feb 22

    @colgoo , sorry to say the link isn't working for me still (I think the event is only available to who you're friends with on facebook). Just want to verify the location -- is it first church in Cambridge at 11 garden street? Or this one? Thanks so much!

  • @colgoo Feb 22


    89 College Avenue

  • @unpronounceable Feb 22

    Thank you!!

  • @mikeb Feb 23

    @colgoo - please change your facebook event to 'public' so those who are not friends on FB can see the details, please.

  • @unpronounceable Feb 24

    @markg says he's in and I've got another non FAWM site user signed up thus far. I'll update as more RSVPs come in on my end. It's gonna be rad! 😀

  • @mikeb Feb 24

    @colgoo - yes, that worked, thanks! What is the idea with bringing food? If we only have 2 hours total, probably not enough time for much else but playing/listening.

  • @colgoo Feb 24

    I will extend the time for our rental. I really don’t think it will be an issue as I have looked through the building calendar. (I actually work there, so I will be arriving at 7:30 a.m. and will set up for our party after coffee hour ends. I am so excited to see you all on Sunday!!!)

  • @sandicove2015  Feb 25

    FROM VERMONT will we keep in touch after feb 28th?? I haven't been able to collect any contacts --- so busy trying to write 14 SONGS. any ideas on how to focus on the farmers? by the way..I just wrote a song for us farmers. "WE ARE FAWMERS" WE ARE GREAT YOU KNOW!!!!

  • @sandicove2015  Feb 25

    I WANT TO COME TO THE MASSACHUSSETTES FAWMOVER...BUT AFRAID I DONT HAVE THE EXACT PRECISE ADDRESS....nor the time. is there a contact number or email address I can be sure to use so I can actually get all the stats and directions or correct addresss. Its about 4 hourz for me to get there...a stretch..driving back home is a long way, but I want to go. help?

  • @mikeb Feb 27

    @sandicove2015 - the address is above in this thread, the Chapel at First Church 89 College Avenue Somerville. 2pm start. Enter at door on Francesca Ave.

  • @mikeb Feb 29

    @colgoo - the FB event asks people to RSVP, but the ability to post/discussion is turned off.
    I'm planning on going, but not staying to eat. I know @mikegtz said he can't get there until 4, so not sure how you have things planned at this point.

  • @colgoo Feb 29


    I was thinking that most people arrive around 2:00-2:30, eat, put on a name tag, tune instruments, mingle. Then, around 2:30-2:40, or once we’ve warmed up instruments/voices, we start sharing our songs.

    Each of us plays one-two songs at a time. We play in a song circle rotation for about an hour and then take a break to eat, use the restroom, take photos, etc. and then around 4 p.m. we do another round with Mike G. with anyone who wants to linger.

  • @unpronounceable Mar 1

    I need to tap out today unfortunately -- not feeling well and big deadline looming. Sorry to miss and hope you all have an excellent time! Happy FOPping! 😀

  • @colgoo Mar 1


    Thanks for the notice! We’ll have fun for you....By the way, we have a piano in this room. Anyone planning to use it?

  • @colgoo Mar 1

    Party’s set up and ready to go when y’all get here!

  • @colgoo Mar 1

    Heading out now. Thanks for a great time y’all!

  • @colgoo Mar 2


    I have your music folder. Let’s arrange a time to get it back to you. You can email me from my FAWM profile!

  • @tamsnumber4  Mar 16

    Sadly, the NEW HAMPSHIRE FAWM OVER and Open mic on March 28th is now CANCELLED, thank you to everyone here who was interested and just imagine how happy we will all be when we can get together again to share our music!

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