Your favorite music from 2019?

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  • @ampersandman  Jan 15

    We’ve already had favorite albums of the past decade, but let’s recap last year. Here are my personal favorites.

    1. DIIV - Deceiver (Shoegaze)
    2. Slipknot - We are not your kind (Metal)
    3. Dead Man Ray - Over (Indie)
    4. Billie Eilish - When we all fall asleep, where do we go? (Pop)
    5. Deichkind - Wer sagt denn das (Electro/HipHop)
    6. Elbow - Giants of all Sizes (Indie Pop)
    7. Rammstein - Rammstein (Rammstein)
    8. BABYMETAL - Metal Galaxy (erm … all?)
    9.TaxiWars - Artificial Horizon (Jazz-ish)
    10. Cave In - Final Transmission (Postcore)
    11. Thrice - Deeper Wells EP (Postcore)
    12. Chelsea Wolfe - Birth Of Violence (Dark Folk)
    13. Korn - The Nothing ((notquiteso)NuMetal)
    14. New Model Army - From Here (Indie)
    15. Desert Sessions - Vol. 11 & 12 (Indie Rock)

    1. Elbow
    2. Thrice
    3. We Were Promised Jetpacks
    4. Cloud Nothings
    5. Motorpsycho

  • @ampersandman  Jan 15

    part 2:
    1. DIIV - Blankenship
    2. Cave In - Shake My Blood
    3. Brutus - War
    4. BABYMETAL - Elevator Girl
    5. TaxiWars - Sharp Practice
    6. Kettcar - Scheine in den Graben
    7. BABYMETAL - Pa Pa Ya!
    8. Thees Uhlmann - Avicii
    9. Elbow - Empires
    10. Knorkator - Rette sich wer kann
    11. New Model Army - End Of Days
    12. Deichkind - Bude voll People
    13. Stef Kamil Carlens - Making Butter, Making Bread
    14. Tool - Pneuma
    15. Algiers - Dispossession
    16. Thrice - Deeper Wells
    17. Van Holzen - Royal
    18. Smile And Burn - Zubetoniert
    19. METZ - Ripped On The Fence
    20. Sebadoh - Celebrate The Void

    1. Rammstein - Deutschland
    2.Deichkind - Richtig gutes Zeug
    3.Deichkind - Keine Party
    4. EOB - Brasil -
    5. Die Ärzte - Abschied

  • @marvsmooth  Jan 15

    I posted this up on my Instagram around a week ago -

    Top Ten albums of 2019:
    Thank You Scientist - Terraformer
    Periphery - 5 Hail Stan
    Swallow The Sun - When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light
    Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars
    Opeth - In Cauda Venenum
    Steve Hackett - At The Edge Of Light
    The Mute Gods - Atheists & Believers
    The Flower Kings - Waiting For Miracles
    Leprous - Pitfalls
    Soen - Lotus

    Honourable Mention albums from 2019:
    The Claypool Lennon Delirium - South Of Reality
    Jonah Matranga - I Is Another
    The Specials - Encore
    In Flames - I, The Mask
    Servers - Ad Nauseum
    Tool - Fear Innoculum
    Lonely Robot - Under Stars
    Miles Davis - Rubberband
    Queensryche - The Verdict
    Steve Howe Trio - New Frontier

    I didn’t include the new album by Slipknot, as just a couple of good songs wasn’t going to cut the mustard.

    I feel awful saying that the album that Rendezvous Point would have been great if it had been mixed better!

  • @ampersandman  Jan 15

    For those on Spotify I also started a playlist. If you are interested in contributing, feel welcome.
    Maybe keep it to songs, last year I found the album compilation a little overwhelming with its 5000+ songs ...? Or what do you think?

  • @petemurphy Jan 15

    One of our own, Liz Frencham, released a beautiful album towards the end of the year. It's called 'Love And Other Crimes', and I highly recommend it. It has a couple of co-writes with other FAWMers on it, too.

  • @petemurphy Jan 16

    I meant to add Liz's FAWM name so people can find links to her music - @fearlessflight2014

  • @konemake Jan 17

    My top 3 songs of 2019 according to Spotify:
    - Mouse On Mars: Fertilized
    - Blanck Mass: Atrophies
    - Ochre: Anaphora

    Personally I'd top song of 2019:
    Amnesia Scanner: AS A.W.O.L.

    Top albums:
    Amnesia Scanner: Another Life
    Datach'i: Bones
    Bowery Electric: Beat

  • @adforperu  Jan 17

    05. Caroline Polachek - Pang
    04. Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell
    03. Taylor Swift - Lover
    02. Tyler, the Creator - IGOR
    01. FKA Twigs - Magdalene

    05. Lomelda - Tell
    04. Thom Yorke - Dawn Chorus
    03. JPEGMAFIA - Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot
    02. Big Thief - Not
    01. FKA twigs - Cellophane

    05. Theon Cross - Bungalows And Bears, Sheffield
    04. Nubya Garcia - Band on the Wall, Manchester
    03. Solange - Parklife Festival, Manchester
    02. Childish Gambino - The O2, London
    01. Julia Holter - Castle and Falcon, Birmingham

  • @vomvorton  Jan 17

    The Purple Mountains album was by far my favourite last year. Also really enjoyed Clairo, Bibio, Martha, Origami Unicorn, Holy Ghost!, Frog, Fennesz.

    Best non-album song: Dragging the Lake by Podcasts.

  • @spikedirection Jan 17

    got a couple in common with @ampersandman , namely Rammstein and Cave In.
    Also really dug Sturgill Simpson, Daddy Long Legs, Left Lane Cruiser, and above all The Wildhearts this year.
    Seriously, anyone who likes heavy music need the new Wildhearts album and EP in their life.

  • @atitlan  Jan 17

    "Designer" - Aldous Harding
    "Gallipoli" - Beirut
    "Arrivals and Departures" - The Leisure Society
    "Proto" - Holly Herndon
    "Hot Motion" - Temples

  • @sailingmagpie  Jan 17

    My albums of the year:

    Nick Cave - Ghosteen
    Julien Chang - Jules
    Richard Dawson - 2020
    Karen O & Danger Mouse - Lux Prima
    Michael Kiwanuka - Kiwanuka
    Lightning Dust - Spectre
    Minor Pieces - The Heavy Steps of Dreaming
    Sault - 5
    Sleater-Kinney - The Center Won't Hold
    Warmduscher - Tainted Lunch

    Special mentions to: Brittany Howard, The Murder Capital, The Comet is Coming, Hurtling, FKA Twigs, Dave, Gruff Rhys, The Budos Band, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Thom Yorke, Bruce Springsteen and Big Thief(twice!) who also released great albums last year


    Bloodworm - Japanese Television
    Woman - Karen O and Danger Mouse
    Candlelight - Jack Savoretti
    UFOF - Big Thief
    Hey Ma - Bon Iver
    Memories and Dreams - Creatures
    Angeline - Kishi Bashi
    Old Man - Stella Donnelly
    Freefalling - Nardeydey
    Stay High - Brittany Howard
    Let Me Go - Sault
    Buddy - Du Blonde
    (Plus a selection of other tracks from the albums/artists I've already mentioned)

  • @sailingmagpie  Jan 17

    Live shows:

    Jarvis Cocker
    Kero Kero Bonito
    The Zutons(surprisingly excellent live for a band I haven't even thought about for years!)
    Courtney Barnett
    Big Thief
    BC Camplight
    Stella Donnelly
    Bjorn Again
    Michael Kiwanuka
    Goat Girl
    Chemical Brothers

  • @atitlan  Jan 17

    @sailingmagpie Michael Kiwanuka - Kiwanuka is a great album. Such a great 70s-style soul voice.

  • @sailingmagpie  Jan 17

    @atitlan HIs voice is absolutely. I saw him at End of the Road Festival last summer. Highly recommended live, if you get the chance.

  • @errol Jan 17

    Are these songs that came out in 2019? Hmmm, that's hard. I only have a slight idea of when things came out. 😀

    I checked and I think these came out in 2019:

    Adios - Everglow
    Birthday - SOMI
    Don't Know What To Do - BlackPink
    Kill This Love - BlackPink
    FANCY - TWICE (Spotify says I like this song the most, but I don't)
    I'm So Hot - MOMOLAND
    Senorita - (G)I-DLE

    My youngest is embarassed when I listen to my music...

  • @kanttila Jan 17

    the peggies : Hell Like Heaven
    Carly Rae Jepsen : Dedicated
    BAND-MAID : Conqueror
    Silent Siren : 31313
    Maison book girl : Umi to Uchu no Kodomotachi
    Andrew Bird : My Finest Work Yet
    PASSEPIED : More Humor

    Extremely impressed with the peggies this year. I liked them before for the fun song "Love In The Tokyo" but they delivered big time with a mad fun and catchy album.

  • @oddbod  Jan 17

    Lately I’m probably just as keen about discovering older music that I’ve not heard before but I did enjoy these from 2019 -

    Setting Days of Summer - Natalie Cressman and Ian Faquini
    All Encores - Nils Frahm
    Wave - Patrick Watson
    Persona EP - Benoît Pioulard
    To Memphis - Foy Vance
    Cuz I Love You - Lizzo

  • @oddbod  Jan 17

    @kanttila thanks for the prompt. it’s a bit of an omission that I haven’t given Andrew Bird’s latest a proper listen yet
    *adds to Apple Music library immediately*

  • @gslade Jan 17

    The family and I went to the Exit 111 Festival at the Great Stage park in TN. It was filled with awesome metal acts, and I discovered Fever333, Ghost, and White Chapel. All very awesome.

  • @cts  Jan 18

    A few songs I came across last year:
    Moody - Maye
    It's Time - Nick Waterhouse
    Stuck To You - Nikkka Costa
    Twist & Burn - Kendra Morris
    Cry For Love - Zendaya
    Plastic Straw - NASAYA Feat. Tim Atlas
    Unconditional - Nick Mulvey

  • @andygetch  Jan 18

    My top ten 2019 (some are copyright and released end of 2018) albums (in a random as I thought of them) order:

    Becky Warren - Undesirable
    The Replacements - Dead Man's Pop
    John Prine - Tree of Forgiveness
    The Rough & Tumble - Howling Back at the Wounded Dog
    Friction Farm - Tell Me A Story
    Sharon Goldman - Every Trip Around The Sun
    Abbie Gardner - Wishes On A Neon Sign
    Heather Pierson - Lines and Spaces
    Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars
    Dan Navarro - Shed My Skin

  • @steffan  Jan 18

    2019 was a weird one for me.. I didn't fall in love with a ton of records, but the ones I DID fall in love with are...

    Juan Wauters - La Onda De Juan Pablo
    Haroumi Hosono - Hochono House
    Helado Negro - This is How You Smile
    YBN Cordae - The Lost Boy
    Faye Webster - Atlanta Millionaires Club
    Tyler, The Creator - IGOR

  • @seemanski  Jan 19

    My favs from 2019, I might have snuck one in that was at the end of 2018 (but I really really liked it!)

    Gunship - Dark All Day
    Bones UK - Bones UK
    Fangclub - Vulture Culture
    Tool - Fear Innoculum
    Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Both Parts!)
    Scandroid - The Light
    Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky
    Rammstein - Rammstein
    The Crashtones - Revenge of the Crashtones
    Bring Me The Horizon - amo

  • @ampersandman  Jan 19

    Wow ... So. Much. Music.
    I never heard of most of your mentions.
    But I am still updating the playlist I started above. Listen in shuffle mode.

  • @paulhenry  Jan 19

    This is where I worry about being burnt out I don't listen to much music anymore. I listen to what my daughters are singing, a mix of Broadway, indie, and K-pop.

  • @steffan  Jan 20

    @ampersandman You're doing the lord's work! I've been listening for about an hour now!

  • @konemake Jan 20

    Thanks for creating that list, this is really interesting list.

  • @oldlostjohn  Jan 20

    "The Gospel According to Water", by Joe Henry, one of the most idiosyncratic songwriters I can think of.

  • @atitlan  Jan 20

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this round-up of last year's music and especially to @ampersandman for putting the playlist together. It's been keeping me company on my commute today and makes for a really good and eclectic listen.

  • @ianuarius  Jan 20

    Last fm tells me that last year I listened to 6,575 artists, 9,212 albums, and 20,187 tracks. Out of those......

    I just posted my top 10 favorite tracks of 2019 with comments to Twitter

    And top 100 is right here!

    Very sick year musically. Hard to cut it to just 100, but there it is. 😀

  • @bradbrubaker  Jan 21

    (1) Future Teens – Breakup Season
    (2) (Sandy) Alex G – House of Sugar
    (3) Liturgy – H.A.Q.Q.
    (4) Devonte Hynes (Blood Orange) / Third Coast Percussion - Fields
    (5) Oso Oso – basking in the glow
    (6) Sturgill Simpson – SOUND & FURY
    (7) Sharon Van Etten – Remind Me Tomorrow
    (8) The Mountain Goats – In League with Dragons
    (9) The Beaches – The Professional
    (10) CHAI - Punk

  • @errol Jan 22

    "This is where I worry about being burnt out I don't listen to much music anymore. I listen to what my daughters are singing, a mix of Broadway, indie, and K-pop."

    All I listen to is K-Pop. 😁

  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 22

    Wow, thanks Pete! Your support of the new album has been so gratifying. I have been listening obsessively to the new broadway version of Anaïs Mitchell’s Hadestown. It’s been fascinating to track its development from a more esoteric musical journey to a more concrete broadway form. I also discovered Nathaniel Rateliff, Anna Tivel and Madison Cunningham this year and got a lot of enjoyment out of a solo piano album called UNA by @petemurphy

  • @petemurphy Jan 22

    @fearlessflight2014 - I've loved the original Hadestown album for years. Incredible songs and performances. I'll have to check out the broadway version.
    Also, I don't know if you're aware of this, but the Una album was written for my friend Una who has liver, bowel, and lung cancer. I've know her for many, many years, and she's always been one of my favourite people.

  • @torniojaws Jan 22

    2019 was a fairly silent year for me, but the few albums that came out were well above par 😀

    1. Front Line Assembly - Wake Up the Coma
    2. Grendel - Ascending the Abyss
    3. Rammstein - S/T
    4. Heilung - Futha
    5. Die Klute - Planet Fear

  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 22

    @petemurphy it’s different- more controlled musically, and I had to adjust to the whole broadway style singing aspect. But the narrative is more detailed and utterly gutting. I love both.

  • @mikeskliar  Jan 22

    @petemurphy and @fearlessflight2014 - I just (about two months ago) saw Hadestown on Broadway- wish you both could come here to NYC and see it! It was wonderful (of course) -and a great cast and staging, great musicians, etc. Quite the experience 😀

  • @jorh  Jan 24

    Some of my faves from 2019 - think I was digging females last year!


    Lana Del Rey - Norman F**king Rockwell
    FKA Twigs - Magdalene
    Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next
    Maggie Rogers - Heard it in a past life
    Harry Styles - Fine line
    Haley Reinhart - Lo-Fi Soul
    Lizzo - Cuz I Love you
    Banks - III
    Sam Fender - Hypersonic Missiles


    Banks - What about love
    Harry styles - Falling
    FKA Twigs - Cellophane
    Lizzo - Heaven help me
    Lana Del Rey - California
    Ariana Grande - Ghostin
    Haley Reinhart - Don’t know how to love you
    Sigrid - Dynamite
    Ruti - Racing cars
    Mark Robson, Lykke Li - Late night feelings
    Sam Smith - How do you sleep
    Lewis Capaldi - someone you loved
    Emeli Sandé - Free as a bird

  • @corinnecurcio  Jan 25

    I don't buy a lot of albums - In fact, I only bought one last year - The brilliant "Norman F**king Rockwell" by Lana Del Rey. Hope she finally wins a Grammy.

  • @lomedae Jan 25

    2019 was a great year for non-mainstream music.

    My fave 15 albums:

    Silvertomb - Edge of Existence
    Amon Amarth - Berserker
    Duel - Valley of Shadows
    Valley of the Sun - Old Gods
    Zed - Volume
    War Cloud - State of Shock
    Salem's Bend - Supercluster
    Rival Sons - Feral Roots
    Kadavar - For the Dead Travel Fast
    Anders Osborne - Budha and the Blues
    Arrowhead - Coven of the Snake
    Obsidian Sea - Strangers
    Green Lung - Woodland Rites
    Lo-Pan - Subtle
    Doomstress - Sleep Among the Dead

  • @jorh  Jan 26

    @corinnecurcio Totally agree about NFR! My favourite album of the decade. Loved Lana’s previous work but this one hit differently. It only took a few listens to convince me it will go down as one of the ‘classics’ of our time. Glad to see her getting the credit she deserves as well - one of the best songwriters of our time without a doubt

  • @ianuarius  Jan 26

    @lomedae That Rival Sons album is bloody brilliant!

    Have you tested Bokassa?

    or Moon Tooth? 😮

    or Orange Goblin?

    or Ex Hex?

    Oohh and TURBOWOLF! This one is great.

  • @lomedae Jan 26

    @ianuarius I know them all except Bokassa, will have a listen 😀
    And I agree Turbowolf is amazing, following them since I saw them opening for Killing Joke a few years back.

  • @phlex Jan 28

    @adforperu I loved the colbert performance of not by big thief.

    Last year I really liked jpegmafia's album.

  • @steffan  Jan 28

    @phlex @adforperu

    That's my favorite version. So good.

  • @adforperu  Jan 28

    @phlex oh yeah I've watched that multiple times. Specifically 2:32, what a moment! Perfectly blend of the crash, growl, lighting, and the pan. Glorious. And yeah, JPEG is ace

  • @adforperu  Jan 28

    @steffan also ace. Such an intense song

  • @phlex Jan 28

    @steffan thanks! hadn't seen that version - so full on! love the full length jam at the end.

  • @franniezest Jan 28

    Chris Farren- born hot
    PUP-morbid stuff
    Jeff Rosenstock - thanks, sorry! (Live album)
    Telethon - hard pop

  • @lastnightilie Jan 29

    I made my own Spotify playlist with LOTS of favorite songs released in 2019 and some of my DIY friends' songs too (probably no one in here as this is my first FAWM!):

    And these were my top 19 favorite albums that I wrote down, NOT in order (I know, most of it is obscure but these are my tastes!):
    1) Sammy Kay - Civil/War
    2) Dive Dive - The Waves Behind
    3) Trapper Schoepp - Primetime Illusion
    4) Billy Liar - Some Legacy
    5) Sean McGowan - Curate Calm, Create Chaos
    6) Micah Schnabel - The Teenage Years of the 21st Century
    7) Skinny Lister - The Story Is...
    8) Tim Barry - The Roads to Richmond
    9) Beans on Toast - The Inevitable Train Wreck
    10) Dave Hause - Kick
    11) Jeffrey Lewis - Bad Wiring
    12) The Menzingers - Hello Exile
    13) The Mountain Goats - In League with Dragons
    14) Frank Turner - No Man's Land
    15) Shovels & Rope - By Blood
    16) Jenny Lewis - On the Line
    17) Damien Jurado - In t

  • @ayehahmur  Jan 29

    Don't really have a big list (I'm really quite bad at latching onto music when it's just released), but one album and artist I really loved last year was Dead Debutante's Ball by Ralph Pelleymounter. If you don't know him, he's the lead singer of the band To Kill A King, and the solo material he's been releasing over the last year is darker, rougher and more folkish, but absolutely packed with wit, personality and sensitivity. Highly recommended.

  • @timfatchen  Jan 29

    Oddly,my favourite music from 2019 are a bunch of downloads from FAWM 2019. Not all of them my own, I hasten to add, thank you very much. But very little has appeared in a "released" album (CD, Bandcamp or similar). Think about that a bit...

  • @cairobraga 8 weeks

    albums in no particular order:

    Banda do Filme Variações - Variações
    Amanda Palmer - There Will Be No Intermission
    Liniker e Os Caramellows - Goela Abaixo
    Manel - Per La Bona Gent
    El Petit de Cal Eril - Energia Fosca
    Fever Ray - Live at Troxy
    ionnalee - REMEMBER THE FUTURE
    Caroline Polachek - PANG
    La Casa Azul - La Gran Esfera
    Violet - Bed of Roses
    Minova - La Inèrcia del Big Bang
    Holly Herndon - PROTO

    all the concerts I (can remember that I) attended in 2019:
    Els Catarres @ Festa Major, Andorra La Vella
    Três Tristes Tigres @ Trampolim Gerador, Lisboa
    Banda do Filme Variações @ Trampolim Gerador, Lisboa
    Amanda Palmer @ Theatro Circo, Braga

    the Amanda Palmer concert was an unique experience of a lifetime. and I got a very extended hug and great talk from her after the concert.

    and of course my favorite songs from the Eurovision Song Contest 2019: Portugal, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, San Marino, Sweden, Australia and Iceland!

  • @carleybaer  8 weeks

    My music-listening habits are so weird. I catch things here and there, and I listen to music for school, but in terms of personal enjoyment I listen to nothing for months and then dive hard into whatever catches my ear for whatever reason. Beck's 2019 album Hyperspace is the current monsoon rehydrating my aural desert. I can't get enough of it. I can't even really articulate why, but it's some magical alchemic concoction that gives my brain a pleasant little dopamine hit every time I hear it. I think subconsciously I'm trying to take production notes for my own recordings. Maybe.

    Thank you to everyone contributing to this list and respective playlists. I often feel a sense of guilt about my paltry music consumption, and this is a fantastic resource.

  • @nicolascage 8 weeks

    Without question, Bruce Springsteen's Western Stars. It's the album that finally convinced me to start seriously writing songs of my own.

  • @pixeltender 8 weeks

    i'm usually a few years behind on songs, so these tracks are probably older than 2019--but these are some that i discovered and loved last year:

    Mereba - Black Truck
    I Sing the Body Electric - Arms and Sleepers
    Shake it Loose - Astronauts, etc
    Ad Space - Beat Connection
    Say, Can You Hear - Men I Trust
    Curtain of Rain - Yves Jarvis
    Seeds of Gold - Closure in Moscow

  • @ianuarius  8 weeks

    @cairobraga yes the Palmer album was really beautiful. I wonder what she's like in person.

  • @cairobraga 8 weeks

    @ianuarius she's absolutely awesome, and when she came for the concert in Braga she was having a TRULY horrible week due to an army of internet trolls, she couldn't sleep for 2 days, so she used that to throw the planned concert away and use it as a group therapy session. she asked the audience to pick the setlist, she talked with us a lot, she was so honest and she trusted us to share such painful and intimate things, she cried a lot, she played a song she had written a few hours earlier and she's an AMAZING musician, artist, performer. and even after that 3h-long tour de force, she still talked to a huge queue of fans, and I mean talked, not just a pic and goodbye. I was already a fan of her music and her way of living her carreer (her book had a big impact on me), but after this she's one of my all-time faves, for sure. cannot wait to see her again.

  • @tinytimemachine 8 weeks


  • @marvsmooth  8 weeks

    @nicolascage - Western Stars by Bruce Springsteen is a fantastic album!

  • @ianuarius  8 weeks

    @cairobraga She sounds like a treasure! 😮

    New-found respect for her. I gotta go through the rest of her catalogue.

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