New Hampshire

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  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 15

    Time for all you snowbound and shivering folks to come out of your cabin fevered places in your heart and mind and join your FAWMily in NH in conversation and songwriting!!!! If not, we will all be chatting in the Massachusetts thread for safety in numbers......

  • @mikeb Jan 17

    Yay, New Hampshire!

  • @peternh Jan 22

    Hey Mike and Tammy: This is Peter from the songwriting group. Decided to go ahead give FAWM a try. Three from NH so far.

  • @jyllian Jan 24

    I’m here! Can’t wait - saving up some ideas.

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 24

    FOUR NH FOLKS!! You have no idea that this is a STELLAR YEAR FOR NEW HAMPSHIRE! We could consider a FAWM gathering of our own!! Mike and I host an open mic in March on the 28th in Nashua at Liquid Therapy, maybe we can all air out our FAWM songs there?? Think about it!! @jyllian @peternh @mikeb

  • @dzd  Jan 27

    Not from here, but will be for this fawm


  • @dzd  Jan 27

    I'd be open for an open mic night. I keep meaning to visit Nashua have heard good things.

  • @mikeb Jan 27

    "FAWM Night at Liquid Therapy"!! Let's make it happen!

  • @mattlitzinger  Jan 28

    Hi everyone! I'm here and excited to participate! I already know @jyllian and @tamsnumber4. @mikeb, @peternh and @dzd, it's great to connect with you all!

  • @mikeb Jan 28

    Hi @mattlitzinger - hope you will consider attending the FAWM Night at the open mic in Nashua!

  • @mattlitzinger  Jan 28

    @mikeb For sure! Let's find a date that will work for all.

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 29

    @mattlitzinger MATT!!!!! YOU ARE BACK!!! I AM OVER JOYED WITH THIS NEWS!!! Welcome, Welcome friend and hello and love to your beautiful wife and family, I just love seeing the updates... THIS IS AMAZING! So happy to see you!!!

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 29

    @dzd Welcome to NH and to being cabin fevered!! Glad you checked in here and would love to see you at the open mic!

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 29

    @mattlitzinger We had to schedule our open mic months in advance, so our date is set at March 28th in Nashua at Liquid Therapy. I'll put up more info later, but hang it on the calendar and see if it might work!! Bring Rachel and make it a date night (see, that's me being greedy, I am missing her) I know, I know, I have kids too....LOL!!!

  • @jyllian Jan 29

    There is another NH guy too - I hope he finds his way through his first Fawm! So I think 6 or 7 people is awesome! Looking forward to this whole thing.

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 29

    @jyllian if you find the other NH guy, point him this way!

  • @mattlitzinger  Jan 29

    Hi @tamsnumber4! The open mic is on the calendar. I will see if I can twist Rachel's arm to tag along. 😀 Excited for this year!

  • @gmcgath  Feb 1

    I'm from Kingston and doing a FAWM for the first time.

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 2

    Welcome to our amazing NH group this year @gmcgath hope you will consider the open mic on March 28th in Nashua!

  • @mattlitzinger  Feb 5

    Hi NH friends! I'm looking to do a collaboration and wanted to check interest here before putting out the request more broadly. I have a few ideas brewing that might be good jumping off points, but I'm open to brainstorming more. Anyone interested?

  • @mikeb Feb 5

    Welcome, @gmcgath !
    @mattlitzinger - are you looking to do in-person collabs first? I am in Derry, too.

  • @mattlitzinger  Feb 5

    @mikeb I wasn't thinking that, but in-person would be great! Are you interested?

  • @gmcgath  Feb 6

    A friend who works at the Plaistow Library told me about the RPM Challenge in Portsmouth. It's just 10 songs or 35 minutes in February, but you have to record them. It could make an interesting twofer for an ambitious songwriter.

  • @dzd  Feb 7

    Some promotion for one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet
    He runs a little music store out of his place.

    dont really know the condition of his website, but hes got some great stuff for sure worth checking out. Most of it wayyyyy out of my price range, but good prices and if you ask nicely he delivers lol

    Be shocked if some of you in this area havent already crossed paths

  • @dzd  Feb 7

    After I figure out how I'll put up a link and shit lol.....I hate phones

  • @dzd  Feb 7

    but lay off that gibson LG-1 I got plans for that if it hangs out awhile longer hahaha

  • @writeandwrong  Feb 24

    @tamsnumber4 , I think you all could rent a van and come down together for FAWMStock, too! (Sorry...peeking on the NH page because nobody did a Maine one this year. Poor @KC5 up there all by herself!

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 24

    @writeandwrong remember the days of having NO ONE in the group girl?? Isn't this lovely?? I have it on my calendar, so you will hopefully give me a hug again!! I can't wait!! Hoping for another sing along!!

  • @writeandwrong  Feb 24

    I DO remember! That's how we found each other!!! It's great to see New Hampshire hopping along in here! Of course you'll get another hug! Will be wonderful to see you again and that sing along was so fun! ❤️

  • @kc5 Feb 25

    Wow! Look at all o' you in NH. I've been wanting to move south for years, but I can't get family to budge. It's a bit of an ice box up he-ah. I know it likely is they-uh too, but I like your sales tax much better and you see the green of Spring sooner.

  • @sandicove2015  Feb 29 love this work...can you help? I live in Woodstock Vermont....I want to attend a fawmover party but aren't we going to loose touch with the community at midnight tomorrow night? Im still 3 songs shy of so busy that hard to hear everyones songs. Will we be able to listen once march starts? or how will we get each others contact info that quick. anyone can email me at with party info. or will we be cut off tomorrow midnight?

  • @mikeb Feb 29

    People will still be here in the forums for a while, some drop off hurriedly, but many stick around to listen to songs and do demo updates. March 28 at Liquid Therapy, Nashua is the FAWMover open mic, 7pm sign-up time, 7:30 music starts.
    Are you on Facebook? There are a couple of FAWM groups there.

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 29

    Listening March starts when FAWM ends, the people that run FAWM Overs do check the forums and Facebook is also a good way to keep in touch, start friending the folks that are running FAWM overs you are interested in @sandicove2015

  • @tamsnumber4  Mar 16

    Sadly, the NEW HAMPSHIRE FAWM OVER and Open mic on March 28th is now CANCELLED, thank you to everyone here who was interested and just imagine how happy we will all be when we can get together again to share our music!

  • @pcob1993  Mar 18

    Tams, sorry to be so late, too many potatoes boiling in the one pot...
    soon soon

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