A FAWM Discord exists

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  • @saltbearer Jan 14

    This FAWM Discord still exists: https://discord.gg/2KNrZs4

    It didn't see much activity last year, but YOU! *YOU!* can all change that, if you'd prefer a real-time environment for chatting, sharing works, getting feedback, finding collab partners, etc.

    see look at all these channels that could be used:

    'n' all these handy tags to attach to your collar:

    doesn't it intriGUE YOU

  • @saltbearer Jan 14

    OH and click the mouth in #rule to verify that you're not a bot and you'd like to be able to talk!

  • @metalfoot  Jan 14

    Ah why not? I'm in.

  • @aeye Jan 14

    Nice. We'll join up

  • @rollasoc  Jan 15

    Hi, I joined yesterday. All Channels are still saying "You do not have permission to send messages in this channel". How do I get permission? (Discord Name is "The Worry Robots")

  • @saltbearer Jan 15

    @rollasoc clickity #rule lippity

  • @lvgd09  Jan 15

    You have to click the LIPS. Took me a few tries to get in. Looks like you are supposed to click the react button but click the lips and the likes will go up by one and you can type. Hope this helps.

  • @alonetogether Jan 16

    I really hope this takes off! I like using discord as a platform

  • @saltbearer Jan 31

    Bump as the floodgates are about to open...

  • @elainedimasi  Feb 1

    Bookmarking this

  • @pokerowan  Feb 1

    Sweet! Love a bit of Discord.

  • @rickatfulcrum Feb 2

    Just got in.. I think. In case anyone wonders who Rhys is, it's my RPG character.

  • @bithprod Feb 2

    Not much happening over there.

  • @netnoise Feb 3

    FAWM Slack is my jam, normally.

  • @amyjaymes Feb 10

    @netnoise how do you even get into the slack group?

  • @famjam Feb 10

    What are the hastags? Twitter? Instagram? You can't assume we are familiar with this.

  • @yam655 Feb 10

    @amyjaymes There's a thread about the FAWM Slack. Let me find it.

  • @yam655 Feb 10

    @amyjaymes This thread has the invite link: https://fawm.org/forums/topic/9809/

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