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  • @metalfoot  6 weeks

    Hi. I'm still in Manitoba. Still making music. Still loving the FAWM community.

    Anyone else out here?

  • @candle  6 weeks

    Still in NW Ontario, but heart in Manitoba. Good to see you @metalfoot

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  • @metalfoot  4 weeks

    ...nudge for @deafsteever and whomever else is lurking out there

  • @candle  4 weeks

    @isaacq; @bluetshirt; @freakingsnap; @faceofeinstein; Nudges all around.

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  • @crutherford 4 weeks

    Although I live in Barrie, I have a family cottage in the Whiteshell that I go to every year for usually a month. It's on a beautiful little puddle called Star Lake. I've been going since I was an infant. I consider myself a dual citizen. 😀

  • @candle  4 weeks

    Very cool @crutherford 😀 I'm just down the highway in K-Town which is really more like Manitoba (culturally, not geologically) than Ontario. So I hear you 😀

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  • @chameleon 4 weeks

    Been a few years since participating in FAWM, but back at it! 😀 How's everyone doing?

  • @candle  4 weeks

    Welcome back @chameleon ! I can't wait for FAWM to start. I'm sort of chomping at the bit.

    How about you?

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  • @deafsteever 4 weeks

    Proud Winnipegger here! Yeah, I'm feeling the urge to create once again - after two long years of nothingness! But between family and work, we'll see if I can find any "me time" to actually do any writing/recording this February..Hehe

    Anyway: Go, Jets, go!!!! (Even though they more-or-less suck this season!)

  • @candle  4 weeks

    All the best to you @deafsteever .

    Hey, at least the Jets are doing better than my Habs.

    See You In The Shadows

  • @faceofeinstein  4 weeks

    Hey what's up everyone?
    Happy FAWMing!

  • @chameleon 3 weeks

    OK. The first one is the hardest right? haha. 1 down and I think I'm gonna try the Wanderlust challenge for fun. Got a few in the works, but I always get carried away with the production demos so I need to just get things out! Hope you are all having fun!

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