Anyone else giving themselves guidelines/rules/challenges this year?

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  • @whispermouse  Jan 13

    Last year I challenged myself (under a differently pseudonym) to write and record 14 rock songs, complete with drums, bass, guitar solos, synthesizers, etc. I really liked what setting those constraints did for me - I knew what pieces belonged in every song, it felt good to have a cohesive sound, and I think it helped me to have a clear direction.

    This year, I'm doing something different musically, but hopefully it'll be just as rewarding:

    I'm going to write and record 14 all-acoustic songs, no electric instruments, no synths, etc. I'm going to NOT use any guitars (this will be hard for me). I'm going to center my themes around New England folklore. Wish me luck 😀

    Anyone else setting themselves a challenge this year (in addition to FAWM itself, of course!)

  • @tesla3090  Jan 13

    Right now, I'm technically homeless. So my initial plan is out and my new challenge is to figure out how to write songs without much of a studio setup. Things are going to be a lot more raw and stripped down, but it might open some interesting paths.

  • @helenseviltwin  Jan 13

    For 5 songs, I am asking collaborators to give me a striped down song and I am going to try to give it an epic backing, orchestral or industrial or whatever comes to mind.

    For 5 songs, I'm planning to write songs to play either with my band or solo. I've been experimenting a lot the last year or so, which has left me with not so many performable songs.

    The other 4-5 I might do more of the above mentioned experimenting, but will leave a little more open.

  • @ayehahmur  Jan 13

    The first two years I did FAWM I've mostly been demoing with the piano and then working arrangements up from that. And that tends to produce certain sameyness in the song type. This year I'm going to make myself start with a rhythm and see how that changes the results.

  • @helenseviltwin  Jan 13

    @ayehahmur - that was a game changer for me. Hope it works well for you too

  • @chipwithrow  Jan 13

    @whispermouse - if not guitar, what acoustic instruments will you use?
    I did almost all acoustic guitar/vocal songs last year, with a few ukulele instrumentals thrown in.
    @ayehahmur - I'm doing piano/vocals this year but going, I suppose, the opposite direction as you. That is, probably just piano/vocal. I'd like to do at least 14 songs that way.
    Unlike guitar/vocal, which I can record in one take, I'll do a piano track and then add my vocal.

  • @metalfoot  Jan 13

    I always force myself to write an album on a particular theme but then supplement that with loads of other stuff. The big constraint for me is time!

  • @paulhenry  Jan 13

    I've been feeling stuck and uninspired musically. So this year, my goal is to write lyrics only. Unless Arthur Rossi is here this year. Then I'll do the music for one of his lyrics. But that's it. So, I'm hoping to connect with lots of collaborators.

  • @rollasoc  Jan 13

    Given I have an albums worth of material with no lyrics (other than the one song I wrote for it in 2015), I might try and write only lyrics.

    Or I might just decide to do a fun synthwave instrumental album.

    I do want to do a four track challenge. And maybe another exquisite corpse.

  • @frenchcricket  Jan 14

    Yes. I want to write entirely 3rd person perspectival songs. If possible no using the 'I' pronoun at all!

    Trammels are generative:

  • @frenchcricket  Jan 14

    The Allusionist is a fantastic podcast btw

  • @ayehahmur  Jan 14

    @helenseviltwin Thanks! Hopefully I'll actually release something this year on the back of it!
    @chipwithrow Ha! I'll look forward to hearing what you come up with. Good luck!

  • @ayehahmur  Jan 14

    @frenchcricket That's a great idea. You think differently of songs in the 3rd person, don't you? Treat them more like stories or anecdotes, where you tend to trust 1st person stories as personal truth. Although none of my 1st person stories are about me, so I'm not sure why that should be. 😀
    Good luck!

  • @ampersandman  Jan 14

    I like to do that every year.
    2017: Songs about religion
    2018: More electronic and beats
    2019: Rough 90s indie rock
    Though this year I have no specific style in mind, I challenged myself to write at least some German lyrics (as I already discussed elsewhere).

  • @aeye Jan 14

    Our criteria is mostly that it has to be "awesome" If it is not awesome, it does not pass. Also if @metalfoot thinks it's awesome lol

  • @tawny249  Jan 14

    What @metalfoot said. Doing even less planning this year though. Hoping fewer constraints means I can score my first complete 14.

  • @metalfoot  Jan 14

    *gives @aeye a sideward glance*
    Of course it'll be awesome! 😁

  • @juoppis  Jan 14

    I usually do this in some form. In 2013 I picked 14 random movies and did a song out of each one, in 2014 my wife picked 14 random books, in 2015 I did Beyoncés self-titled album again (or wrote songs with the same names in that order) etc.

    Last couple of years I haven't had that, except last year when I did a couple of songs from the Museum of Broken Relationships exhibition booklet.

    This year I'm going in with nothing. Anything goes.

  • @bootlegger Jan 14

    I am going to try to only put out songs that actually work for me. I don't want to put out a song that I don't think is any good. Quality over quantity for me this year.

  • @aeye Jan 14

    @metalfoot hahaha

  • @sw1n3flu  Jan 14

    I’m gonna start fast and aim to win quickly.

  • @spikedirection Jan 14

    Finish before my son is born. He's due 22nd.

  • @guatecoop  Jan 14

    Oh man, @spikedirection , that is cool! Best wishes to you! Maybe he will come a little late, but you will have loads of inspiration to write beforehand.

  • @gubna Jan 15

    Yes, I’ve got a list of suggestions like “loop looping loopers” or use every setting of your delay pedal - but each one on a different note or sound or instrument. “Have cats walk on keyboard, latch arpeggio - then use that to think of a vocal or guitar pattern.” Stuff like that.

  • @emkaydeebee  Jan 15

    The last two years I have done concept albums. They’ve given me structure and direction and allowed me to complete my 14... I’ve also had an idea for and been dreaming of a musical for the last few years, so maybe this is the year to get going on that...

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