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  • @neonpaul 1 week

    Hello folks! I'm looking forward to this year's adventure!

    I came across this software called reel2bits (http://reel2bits.org), it aims to be an audio hosting site like soundcloud, but can be run by individuals and communities. It could be a nice FAWM solution for people like me who have filled up their soundcloud quota and don't want to pay for more.

    Is there any interest in getting a handful of people together to set one of these up for FAWM users this year?

    There's a demo available at https://demo.reel2bits.org - it's a fairly young project ATM but it looks like it has the neccessary basic requirements.

    FWIW, because I know there are a number of mastodon users on here, it does use ActivityPub so will federate!

  • @oddbod  1 week

    This could be of interest, but I’d want my audio file (MP3, Flac, WAV, etc) to play directly on my FAWM page (as it does with Soundcloud and hosting).
    I don’t like it when you have to go outside the FAWM website to play (i.e. like Bandcamp)

  • @neonpaul 1 week

    I'm pretty sure this is possible - there is a direct link to the sound file so you should just be able to link to it like a normal hosted file.

  • @roadreg 1 week

    I'll have to look into this more when I'm not exhausted, but I might be interested! I'm really fed up of basic Soundcloud's awful bitrate.

  • @saltbearer 1 week

    I've about used up a couple SoundCloud quotas, so I'm definitely interested in any free, FAWM-centric audio hosting!

  • @elesimo  1 week

    @neonpaul I'd love to use this, let me know if you need any help setting it up, I've ran my own Mastodon instance in the past.

  • @complexissimple  22 hours

    I don't understand ANYTHING it says on their front page, but I've definitely been looking for a FAWM hosting solution for a while now, and did indeed use up a soundcloud quota so that search has become more urgent.

  • @downburst  22 hours

    Remember, $25 gets you FAWM hosting AND *supports the site*.

  • @elesimo  22 hours

    I use my own hosting (S3), and yet I still donate to support the website.

  • @complexissimple  21 hours

    @downburst Yeah but I actually can't afford to spend $25 on hosting every time. Hence looking for alternate solutions.

  • @downburst  18 hours

    I'm interested in reel2bits and the whole Fediverse thing, but man, I'm drilling down and down and the stuff is opaque. It may be "free" but my time is worth something. Not much,but something. Still, intriguing.

  • @neonpaul 8 hours

    Yeah that's the thing about open source. I don't think I'll have a chance to get a proper set up going by feb, but I may try and install it on my home server which people would be free to use with the caveat that it would be potentially very unreliable.

  • @aflinner 7 hours

    @downburst “Remember, $25 gets you FAWM hosting AND *supports the site*.

    This. That said, I felt I couldn’t afford to get my rock hands and get on-site hosting for the first several years I participated....and I feel it’s important that free hosing alternatives are accepted, because it keeps FAWM as inclusive and easy to get into as possible. However, I will say that the first time I got my rock hands, it felt good; FAWM has given me so so so so much, and the ‘hosting fee’ is a small price to contribute for that. I want this site to be around FOREVER.

  • @downburst  7 hours

    I've set up open source services before and managed, more or less. There are just some extra layers here that are throwing me, plus I'd need to find some hosting, not having a serviceable machine to throw at this right now. But it definitely sounds like a fun post-FAWM project.

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