why will you be writing this FAWM?

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  • @ustaknow 6 weeks

    So, rather than "why do you write?" (who can not πŸ˜€ ); meaning for (?):

    - fame'n fortune,

    - work (you otherwise work in some manner around this stuff, -- this FAWM is periodic fun-stuff),

    - fun, you just love it and otherwise don't care

    - some derivation of the above...

    "Me"?, -- I just love it and otherwise don't care, so to speak.

    However, I do take it all very seriously, but in a personal satisfaction, passion, vocation context (not serious as a negative, imo). For anyone who may have engaged me in the past they know, or read that, for whatever I may do well, e.g.., locally have even turned down studio invitations with "local talent" for various reasons (I just don't want any negative stuff invading this, and doing it like "this" since circa 2005 ish; I even gave up "in Church" stuff since seems to be so negative, which is a strange thing to consider since is supposed to be "praise and worship", -- ain't no holy roller as some know πŸ˜‰ more of a Jonah/Peter, so to speak).

    -- You?

  • @iwilleatyou  6 weeks

    I do it for the groupies.

  • @tcelliott  6 weeks

    At this rate I might be burnt out by the time February rolls around. It might simply be habit.

  • @jwhanberry  6 weeks

    It's what I do in February.

  • @scubed  6 weeks

    It brings me joy.

  • @bootlegger 6 weeks

    I used to write songs like it was breathing. It never stopped. It was just year round. So FAWM was just a personal challenge to see how many songs I could pump out. Over time it's become a way to get some feelings/emotions down on paper or work through things but I've become a lot more discerning. It's harder now to get something I really like. But it's also rewarding.

    I guess the biggest thing is I write music I would want to listen to. I actually enjoy listening to my own stuff sometimes which I know is contradictory to a lot of artists. But I also feel like it's a good thing. I SHOULD like the music I make I think. Plus a lot of times I'm just playing to and for myself. I don't really have an audience I have to please which is both a blessing (no one to answer to) and a bit of a letdown (cause who doesn't want to at least have some kind of dedicated following?).

  • @metalfoot  6 weeks

    It's fun and about the only audience I have. LOL

  • @sunnymae  6 weeks

    Man... although I approach it with Dread every year and convinced nothing will happen I'm totally addicted to the process and seeing all you guys every February. Life just wouldn't be the same without FAWM.. In addition to that I've written some of my most beautiful pieces during this month of focused intention.

  • @andygetch  6 weeks

    The writing part all year round is for fun, which includes experimentation, and as a creative outlet for expression. In FAWM I really enjoy the songwriting games and the inspiration from listening to others.

  • @guatecoop  6 weeks

    Good topic. I give all of my ideas that come into my head a chance to become a song, which is more fun than writing to a particular band or sound. I also try new things, like new instruments, tunings, equipment, etc. I just never know what will happen, other than a lot will happen.

  • @ptr 6 weeks

    I always do it for fun. Every new year people talk about new year's resolution, whereas I tend to start the new year thinking about how I'll try writing some new music in a month's time.

  • @cts  6 weeks

    I enjoy the creative process, actually. It's a nice outlet to have.

  • @klaus  6 weeks

    I do it for the free donuts.
    ...uh, we do get free donuts, right?

  • @kanttila 6 weeks

    I do it because I like making songs and I am always trying to come up with stuff or have a project on the go. I have been musically empty since September however and I hope this can be the point for me to kick back. FAWM is good inspiration for sure.

  • @coolparadiso  6 weeks

    i will be writing just for you @ustaknow ha ha - or maybe just coz thats what i do! oh and @klaus free dougnuts

  • @paulhenry  6 weeks

    I'm with @tcelliott.

  • @lvgd09  6 weeks

    My intention is to improve with new songs so I can bury the old ones. I don't want 5090 2019 to be my last horah. So I write new songs and break personal commenting records. It is a very interesting hobby to break down and analyze all aspects of a FAWMers song. The time spent on this has proven to generate many friends in the group and I want to grow even further. I will see you too in your songs. Imagine that, we can study the lyrics and then have a listen to the performance and comment on that as well. Fun stuff and people really appreciate the extra effort.

  • @ustaknow 6 weeks

    @coolparadiso I'm a do nut πŸ˜€ ... and so are you, - you been busy!

  • @aesthetic72  6 weeks

    I sing because I have to. I write now too because of this community.

  • @postcardhelicopters  6 weeks

    I'll be writing this year to justify eating all the free donuts before @klaus got here.

  • @nikke88 6 weeks

    Why not?

  • @timfatchen  6 weeks

    Compulsion. Not a sane decision at all. But a serious amount is generated for me in FAWM, more than the rest of the year, usually. Sometimes it buys me coffee. Had my shot at fame and that crashed (missed) through circumstances and too great a loyalty and empathy on my part. So, FAWM is it. Time is running out..>>!

  • @konemake 6 weeks

    It is something I like to do and I usually I like the end results too. Somehow I feel that making music is what I REALLY should be doing most of the time, instead of writing stupid software in order to get money.

  • @gubna 6 weeks

    The past year+ has been rough. 2018 May cat diagnosed as diabetic. Aunt dies in 2018 oct when dad finds out he has cancer. A close friend dies of cancer the day before my birthday jan 2019, pinched nerves, and physical therapy follows. Dad keeps shrinking. He passes sept 2019. Been dealing with his stuff. Physical stuff. The memorial is jan 25.

    So, I expect I’ll have some things to say.

  • @tootoobee  6 weeks

    being alive = being creative = being alive = ...

  • @oddbod  6 weeks

    The anticipation of February and FAWM makes cold, miserable January bearable...
    a weekend in Paris helps as well πŸ˜‰

  • @izaakalexander  6 weeks

    Curiosity. I never know what songs might happen because of this.

  • @celineellis  6 weeks

    This is my first fawm. I’m inspired by this to re energise my song writing and get creative

  • @guatecoop  6 weeks

    @celineellis welcome! This is a good place to re-energize and get creative. Many people came here first for that and stayed. Best wishes to you!

  • @auditasum 6 weeks

    For fun, and hopefully eventually some income, however small. I write for FAWM in particular for the feedback and the community. πŸ˜€ Love this time of year.

    Also, agreed with @aesthetic72 and @timfatchen that I need some kind of creative outlet to stay sane. @Gubna, you have my sympathies. I lost a dear friend the year before last and my aunt is currently shrinking away from cancer. It's hard. But writing helps.

  • @aeye 6 weeks

    Lots of good responses in here. We're going to be continuing our album series about a group of ExpIorers with the 4th installment. I think having a cohesive story really helps us to push what we are capable of every year. It also gives us a cool way to adjust the overall style and sound of the music based on where the explorers are and what they are doing. Once FAWM is over we move it over to our bandcamp page to keep the story going.

  • @aeye 6 weeks

    @celineellis I hope you are able to channel all sorts of creative energy to make awesome music!

  • @juoppis  6 weeks

    Because FAWM is one of the most fun things I have ever done.

    It's just lovely.

  • @youareus 6 weeks

    I just discovered this website from a collaborator on Facebook, so I thought, why not give it a shot.
    I'm always looking for ways to push myself as a musician/composer, why not write a whole album in a month.

  • @robotkitten  6 weeks

    I love this sort of timed challenge because it pushes me to make things I might not otherwise find time for. Last year I generated several songs I could pull out at cons and filk circles, so I feel like FAWM is a good way to expand my repertoire in a short period of time.

  • @pearlmanhattan  6 weeks

    FAWM is the time I set aside to write raw material to work on the rest of the year.

  • @mariekevinkmusic  5 weeks

    I am writing this FAWM because I think I can't write songs. People tell me my songs are not bad. It took me a year to write 4 songs. I want to prove to myself that I can churn out a song, good or bad, by just having the discipline to do it. I am trying to not be scared about writing a rubbish song. Rubbish songs are part of the journey.

  • @jcooper  5 weeks

    I love this commuity. I love all the lyrics that are posted. I love sharpening my production chops.

  • @cynthiawolff  5 weeks

    To hang out with some of the coolest people on the planet for 4 weeks
    To share with and love and marvel at all the amazing talent

  • @skylermf 5 weeks

    I love meeting everyone here! I started doing this as a sophomore in high school two years ago. Since then, I've seen my songwriting start to improve faster. There's this idea that most of the stuff you write is going to be average, a little will be great, a little will be terrible. Since starting FAWM, the quality of my "average" has gone wayyyy up. Maybe that's just me getting older, but I think it's really because of how FAWM forces you to write so much.
    So I guess TL;DR 1. I love the community and 2. it makes my ok songs get better

  • @mctown 5 weeks

    Why I fawm... hmm.. I write songs. I'm a lyric person...though I write with others...writing here helps me to find collaborators I might work with year round.

  • @bradbrubaker  5 weeks

    I do it for the spambot love.

  • @klaus  4 weeks

    @postcardhelicopters So that's where all those donuts always go and nobody else gets any. I'll have to inform the moderators about your gluttonous behavior. πŸ˜€

  • @boyatheart 4 weeks

    For me it's the only month of the year that I can manage to overcome all the time constraints and obstacles of my day to day life and get stuff written and decently demo'd.

    That's because of the FAWM community.

    I write and record for other songwriters all year round, but now I only really seem to write my own songs in February and these days I'm ok with that because it results in more of my songs being keepers.

  • @dasbinky  4 weeks

    I've been pondering the "why" question lately, and I've landed on some combination of (in no particular order): therapy, spite, compulsion, fun, friendship, exhibitionism, neediness, self-importance, self-delusion, and masochism.

    But, ya know, in a good way.

    Also, I've spent like 30+ year accumulating a stockpile of instruments and I need an excuse to use them. And y'all don't seem to mind when I do use them, so that's neat. And I enjoy spending a month not sleeping.

  • @alboe 4 weeks

    Somehow during the rest of the year I don't find the time so I end up playing other people's music for eleven months.
    Fawm is an inspiring place and makes me feel welcome. Every year I'm surprised at what happens when I sit down to write.
    Musical therapy.

  • @lucasmaehararotman 4 weeks

    I was roped into it by one of you people, so I will give it a go. Lord knows what will come out of it...Looking forward to a new experience

  • @postcardhelicopters  4 weeks

    @klaus - in my defense, I've been seriously deprived of frosting lately and just couldn't help myself. I'll accept whatever punishment they mete out.

    :::winds of resolution gently blowing thru my hair as camera makes heroic dolly pan move:::

  • @rickatfulcrum 4 weeks

    I do it for the fabulous prizes at the end.

    But this year, I think it's more about looking ahead to a possible future living circumstance. Writing these songs will be a way of putting it out to the universe that this is what I'm working toward.

  • @coolparadiso  4 weeks

    Spot on for me @bootlegger ! And a bonus if someone else likes it!

  • @maxigoethling 4 weeks

    There is a chance that at least two songs will be really good. All of my absolute favorites are happy accidents. Plus writing more mechanically is always a good skill to have, since it has to be trained like a muscle.

  • @chasingandromeda  4 weeks

    I have something to say and words aren't the right tool.

  • @lastnightilie 4 weeks

    This is my first year, and I'm doing it basically because I'm trying to work my way up to being a professional songwriter, and I think the most important aspect of that is being prolific and writing all the time. A lot of it will be awful but that's the only way to get to the good. However I have a terrible habit of procrastinating on finishing songs, or even writing at all, because I don't want to write anything that's not great. Hoping to write some ridiculous stuff this month as well as good stuff and change the way my brain thinks about songwriting!

  • @pbtaylorjr  4 weeks

    Because the FAWMgods demand the sacrifice!

  • @keithcuts  4 weeks

    I do Fawm for the fun of it all. As I a side bonus I get material to hash out into fully mastered songs to release throughout the year.
    serendipidous bonuses have shown up through the years like learning new production techniques, seeing what is possible in a short period of time, and discovering new musical styles that I may not have tried out on my own outside of Fawm. In particular @ryako has a thematic storytelling style that gets me every year and I can’t wait to see what she puts out.

  • @keithcuts  4 weeks

    And to find affordable shedding should I relocate to Melbourne

  • @robynmackenzie  4 weeks

    As much as I dream about taking my FAWM songs and achieving fame and fortune, I really do it for fun and to keep my creative juices flowing.

  • @crutherford 4 weeks

    I run a songwriting class weekly for the city I live in. After talking about FAWM with some of the folks in the group - they decided to join. Inspired by them - I decided to hop on as well. I am in the process of writing a musical based on the Medusa story. My aim is to focus on the score this February.

  • @kcoop67 4 weeks

    I'm always coming up with partial songs and licks etc. This is going to be a great challenge for me to actually complete my ideas. I am looking forward to it. I have a nice shiny new notebook, new strings on my guitar and I can't wait to start. This is going to be fun.

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