Reflecting back on 2010's adventures in songwriting

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  • @andygetch  8 weeks

    Had my home computer playing all the mp3's on shuffle of every song over the last week. One of my 2012 FAWM songs popped up. Yikes. The singing and guitar playing were pretty raw and I got to thinking about how far my songwriting has traveled. When 2010 rang in I had written one terrible incomplete song about trans fat. I abandoned that one and managed to write maybe five in 2010, about a dozen in 2011. Then I found about FAWM in 2012 when my pace had improved to one or two songs a month. A few of the prior songs were quick writes. In 2012 FAWM I managed 12 songs with words and music, a couple of lyrics only and one collaboration. I have completed every FAWM, 5090, and NaSoAlMo since also with a quite a few other songwriting adventures and a lot of songs I feel good about as a result. I remembered how kind and supportive the comments were in 2012 and have always been here in FAWM. How was your songwriting adventure in the 2010's?

  • @philkmills  7 weeks

    Checking into the origins of the songs of mine that I play most often makes me think that my most productive quality time was from 2011's 5090 through 2012's 5090. A lot of my favourites come from those two events and from FAWM 2012.

  • @sunnymae  7 weeks

    Its really interesting listening back to when I started posting. Such beautiful pieces, some of which I have fully recorded and some that are more deserving of my attention than I previously thought. It's a good feeling. Few days before each FAWM I step in with the same worries that I'll go blank until that first prompt comes in and I'm off to the races. Either way I wouldn't miss being here for anything!

  • @andygetch  7 weeks

    @philkmills it is curious that I have memorized and still play a few of those 2010/11 pre-FAWM songs out at my semi-monthly farmers market gig. I have somewhat rewritten and rearranged them from the original strummy versions. @sunnymae I have some of those 'more deserving of attention' songs too that I want to get back to one day.

  • @metalfoot  7 weeks

    I have been listening through ALL of my FAWM/50-90/Song Skirmish output since 2016 (when I embarked on this strange journey) and sometimes I surprise myself when songs are better than I remembered... and sometimes I surprise myself when I remember songs as better than they were (hearing the desired arrangement in my memory rather than the actual recording!).

  • @andygetch  7 weeks

    very true in both ways @metalfoot 😀

  • @ustaknow 7 weeks

    I was not here in 2010, -- however, I love the question to consider!

    The one thing that came up when first did "this consideration" was when I found an old "Tascam DR-1" (portable recorder, maybe taken over by Cell Phones 😀 )... anyway... (I had to vaccum it b4 hitting play 😉 ) -- for me I had a big "tension release" ? in that, -- since had no idea what the recording was, hearing it as if hearing unknown work from unknown person... it didn't entirely suck 😀 I was like "wow... look at that", sounded entirely different from when listened just after writing it, neutral ear.

    -- I can't say why, but to try to explain? maybe..., to this day I get confused when someone asks me to perform, play, jam. Why would they? I'll leave that there.

    But, or nonetheless, -- I do because it "feels good" (regardless of how it sounds to other) and I am so glad I feel that way. I'd guess why I have played lifelong and will.

    I also find I just don't care what structure it is or Key... I just play, and go with it.

  • @andygetch  7 weeks

    @ustaknow ahh a 2010 relic recording 😀

  • @natrin 5 weeks

    @andygetch awesome story/reflection on the decade. It's been incredibly productive for me as well, and I owe most of that to FAWM 😀

  • @andygetch  5 weeks

    Yes @natrin it has also been very rewarding to reflect back on the music friends I have made and their development. FAWM songwriters are a big part of that for me as well 😀

  • @tawny249  4 weeks

    I think about how I've learned to just embrace what comes with little prompts, intended or unintended. I used to feel like, if a song was going to be any good, I needed to plan a lot for it. I realized later that it wasn't the planning that made it good, but the branching out in terms of styles and topics. In the early 2010s I was still mostly writing songs about my own unpublished fiction, which really weren't that accessible to anyone but branching out did me a lot of good. I've learned to stop being afraid if my music doesn't fit traditional filk/folk/what-have-you old-timey stuff. It's ok if it does or doesn't. So thanks, FAWM. <3

  • @bradbrubaker  4 weeks

    It took some years, but I participate in more FAWM games. Some have yielded wonderful tunes, while others have just been fun even if the songs will never be seen or heard elsewhere.

  • @yam655 3 weeks

    @ustaknow Handheld recorders have definitely not disappeared. Tascam has a DR-05 that currently replaces the DR-1. Personally, my primary recording devices is a Zoom H1, which is a battery-operated handheld microphone that records (WAV or MP3) to sdcard.

  • @yam655 3 weeks

    For me, I went from "sometimes I sing little fragmentary songs to myself, but never write or record them" to, well, defining and mastering my weird little genre.

    Where it gets weird for me is that when I started FAWM my youngest was still mostly nonverbal. I've recorded bits of their voices all through the years.

  • @butlertron 2 weeks

    Rookie year was 2013, and it was the best across the board. I simply do not have the time, energy, or health to put much into FAWM since. 2018 was a pretty decent result idea-wise, but I never get to really flesh out songs anymore. I would like to do more recorded stuff in the future, rather than the same old FL sounds.

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