Fun-A-Day and Jamuary

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  • @tcelliott  8 weeks

    Lunkhead (over at has been posting about this the past two years so I thought I'd see if I can't do something like it this year:

    Fun-A-Day is a challenge a la FAWM/NaNoWriMo/RPM/etc. in which folks make art* every day in January.

    I found this on the internet: There is a Pittsburgh punk tradition called "fun-a-day." For the entire month of January, fun-a-day project participants pick something and do it every day.

    Jonathan Mann has also started a new concurrent and similar challenge "Jamuary" in which folks make a song every day. He's completing 10 years** (!!!!) of making a song a day today. It all started with him making a song a day for Fun-A-Day in 2009.

    *I didn't find a specific music challenge, but we do music so music it is. Notice I said music and not songs. I'm just aiming for something musical every single day.
    **Looks like this page/info is still up from last year but I'm still gonna try and do it.

  • @andygetch  8 weeks

    Sounds fun! Got a priority on a major purging/decluttering project this month (main goal is 1/22 but I already am seeing the sell portion of this will take longer) so that will keep me busy most days. On top of that I start a new nonprofit job Monday that will likely have more flexible hours.

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