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  • @petra777  8 weeks

    Starting my search for a new laptop. Anything yall have found to not work properly with music software & equipment?
    Any recommendations for brands, etc?

  • @bootlegger 8 weeks

    The New Mac os seems to have trouble with a lot of software lately. Windows doesn't seem to have that issue as much as far as I know but it depends on what DAW/software you plan to use.

    I have an Asus. Brands wise I don't feel like it matters as much as it used to. A solid state drive as big as you can afford and as much ram as you can afford and the best processor you can afford matter much more IMO.

  • @scottlake 8 weeks

    For windows laptops, always check the processor specs on some website that does speed checks like Newer does not mean better. I learned this lesson the hard way with a Toshiba Satellite laptop I bought several years after a Lenovo thinkpad that died. the Toshiba was probably 3 or 4 years newer, but had a really crappy processor that couldn't even run a few plugins on my DAW.

  • @torniojaws 8 weeks

    > The New Mac os seems to have trouble with a lot of software lately.

    The background for that is that with Catalina, they stopped all support for 32-bit ("older style") components. A lot of software like audio drivers, VST plugins, and general programs are still 32-bit, so they will not work in Catalina.

    Windows did the same thing starting with Windows 7 (iirc), but they also added a special backwards compatibility for 32-bit software. In Windows 10, it seems you need to enable it in a special way.

  • @jamkar  6 weeks

    I am running an 11 year old Toshiba Satellite Pro with Reaper, after my 2 year old Lenovo Yoga died.

  • @paulhenry  6 weeks

    @petra777 , Mac or PC? What software are you using?

  • @petra777  6 weeks

    Oh duh, I forgot to put PC. I am not a Mac fan. Long history of them being a pain in the toosh while I was a tech.
    So PC, I still have 8.5 for my Cakewalk Sonar. I haven been able to upgrade any software since then. I also use a few other audio things from the same time frame along with Vegas video. I do have a lot of older plugins I wish I could use. Ill have to check out the tips from above.
    So ya, looking at high numbers for RAM & processor and hard drive. Im guessing Im in the 500 budget range but I might be able to go a bit higher for better but not too much.

  • @vomvorton  6 weeks

    I've been using a cheap refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad for a few years now and it does a great job. Make sure you look out for SSD hard drives, they make a big difference, especially if you're loading big sample libraries etc.

  • @beat  5 weeks

    It all depends on your sound card(s). I’ve got my RME Hammerfall since the early 00’s. Started with a PC and around 10 switched to a Laptop. So this one needed a Express Card Slot... still got me Dell Vostro running W7 and just don’t use it online (no risk taking here) cos it’s my workstation. Runs perfect with Reason, never crashed! As the main music software now I use Native Komplete12 so I had to get a gaming laptop. SSD and RAM! Loads. And for all things which need preamps, Mics, Bass, Casio this year etc. I got a PreSonus sound card.
    If you get a Reason Intro, or with Ableton you can get a Live free version, you would be cool off with a bargain laptop for they run on low RAM specs and you could get a cheap sound card like a PreSonus or Focusrite 2/2 in/out depending on your needs, instrumentation... but actually, one only has 2 arms and 2 legs, right...?
    There’s loads of other soft and hardware of corse. Acid Pro actually is still one of my favorite one, cos you can edit samples very fast and accurate.

  • @dreamscuba  5 weeks

    Interesting thread. I am still running Logic Pro X on my 2012 MacBook Pro (with upgraded SSD a few years ago)...I sometimes fall off my chair when I look at the cost of mew Macs (laptops or desktops) these days.
    I use Windows for my work, so am happy with both platforms.
    It may be economics that makes me move to a Windows machine for music when I replace my Mac. The only concern is that I am a Logic fan and that is Mac only.....what Windows DAW's out there are similar enough to Logic that a Luddite like me could learn without what's left of my hair out?

  • @postcardhelicopters  5 weeks

    @dreamscuba - I'm a long-time user/fan of REAPER but know it's not everyone's cup of tea. I like how Logic seems to work when I'm watching videos on YouTube when that is the DAW of choice, and if I had a Mac, I'd be happy with that option. So, from **other** videos I've seen and from looking at it myself, and if my wallet could allow it, I'd be looking at Studio One as a non-Pro Tools DAW solution partly because it seems to look and act the most like Logic.

    Studio One:

  • @standup  5 weeks

    @dreamscuba I'm using a mac mini for music production. They're not crazy expensive. My monitor is a cheap 32" TV from Best Buy.

    For years I've used Macs at work, since I'm a graphic designer and that's pretty much the standard in the field. Except my current job is in a PC office, I'm now a contractor for the government, and there are no Macs in government work, so it's flipped. PC at work, Mac at home.

  • @dreamscuba  5 weeks

    @postcardhelicopters and @standup thanks for the feedback and advice. I may look at Studio One in the future....
    This is also me..."PC at work, Mac at home."

  • @spingo  5 weeks

    I got a Lenovo 340S on sale for $450 last May and it's worked great.

  • @aeye 5 weeks

    It really depends on what you are looking to do. I've got an HP that runs all my stuff very well. You'll just want to make sure you've got a decent processor, HD space and a good amount of RAM. ( at least 12-16GB)

  • @headfirstonly  5 weeks

    Before you splash out on a new laptop, it might be worth looking to see if you could swap out your current laptop's drive for an SSD. Drive prices have dropped enough in the past year to make this practical in terms of cost. This afternoon I did this with my eight-year-old Dell laptop, and hoo boy, the difference in performance is amazing!

  • @petra777  4 weeks

    So my current laptop is an HP Probook 4540s. My daughter got a similar, newer model a year or so after I got mine. I think both of us werent that happy with em. Hers seems ok but my cd drive wont read anything, its all gotten super slow, my DAW never worked proper ( Sonar 8.5) nor did other software over time. Im sure it can all be fixed but Ive got to get everything off and I cant stop working so had to get new laptop. Otherwise I would have looked into upgrades.

    So I have on order a Lenovo Ideapad S145

    After having phone probs & now needing to deal with that, I went with a lower priced model than what I wanted (an Acer Nitro 5 upgraded). I figure it will still be a few years before I can invest in new audio software. So I got something better than what I have now that should run my current software decently. I hope anyway. Should be here in the first few days of Feb.

  • @postcardhelicopters  4 weeks

    @petra777 - The specs on that look pretty good to me. It looks like you'll have 16 GB of RAM to work with, and then having two drives so you can run programs off one and record audio to the other is really useful.

    My current desktop has an Intel i3-3220 in the brainbox, which is older. I've gotten used to rendering my virtual synths to audio when the machine starts to struggle, and to open big project files right when I need to go make another cup of coffee, so I don't have to sit there and watch it churn to get them open.

    Good luck! I hope it works well for you!

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