Soundcloud changing free tier

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  • @aeye 1 week

    This has become a hot topic and I thought I'd share it here. Soundcloud is changing how their free tier works. It's moving to 15 tracks or 3 hours of music. I'm not sure if FAWM will allow embeds from other services, but with how much music some folks write I thought this might be worth the site potentially looking into. Some SC alternatives are audiacy or

  • @lvgd09  1 week

    Whoa, didn't expect this and thanks for bringing this out.

    More Info:

  • @johnstaples  1 week

    And...they changed it back!

  • @aeye 1 week

    It seems they listened to the outrage. Hooray!

  • @kevinemmrich  1 week

    I think the 3 hour limit is OK (that is what it is now for the free account), but the 15 tracks was going to be tough.

    But they do have to make money at some point in their existence or they have to go away. I would have adapted in some fashion.

  • @headfirstonly  6 days

    I used to have a Pro account (unlimited uploads, better stats) but SC has an immense problem with spam and fraud. After I uploaded stuff I'd get comments within minutes from users praising it, but the play count would stay at zero. And if you looked at those users' accounts, they would always be promoting "buy plays on Soundcloud" scams. Until they fix this, they ain't getting any money from me. Instead, I put my stuff on Bandcamp; they have things sussed out. More importantly, Bandcamp allows you to monetize your work!

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