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  • @sarahmonticue Oct 3

    Hey all - wanted to ask for your thoughts on something. I have 3 songs recorded and I’m trying to decide which to release first. I’ve considered all 3 and am having a hard time picking. Do you have any advice on how to decide?

  • @postcardhelicopters  Oct 4

    I wish I had useful advice/experience to share, but in case no one with real advice stops by I at least wanted to say, "Congratulations on your upcoming release!"

    While I don't have advice, per se, I have a couple of observations to share.

    First; can you discern any kind of connected story line across the three songs? It doesn't even need to be major or overt. For instance, maybe they happen in different seasons and you release them in a seasonal order? Or, maybe the first one has one central chracter, the second has two, and the third has three? Morning, noon, and night? Past, present, and future? Anything would work.

    Second; keep in mind the first won't be the only one, so try and see it as a "hello" or an introduction and that it's the start of a conversation and not the end. So if you've got more than one single you want to release, then you already have a head start on "what comes next" and that's a great place to be in.

    Third; and if you really can't decide, there's no rule saying you can't just pull the names from a hat at random. The modified version of this would be to pull a name at random and then ask yourself how you feel about that option. And if you feel equally strong about all three, then whichever you choose will still be the right one.

    Good luck!

  • @tocalaja 1 day

    include testers group. Good luck

  • @ustaknow 1 day

    All the best to you @sarahmonticue -- everything @postcardhelicopters says, I'd second that too.

    -- There's allot of theory offered as advice. However, most here will offer direct experience, or praxis based upon years of experience and all may be *different (in advice) due to many elements of "them", -- and all will offer it for "free" 😀 no charge! 😉 (Unlike what else is out there, in internet-land, and would have no greater value as I've observed it).

    Some observations I've made over time is that an "unknown" artists/talent may not need to, as they say, "sweat the small stuff", and conversely, because even many "known" folks (Top 40) are shocked to find out the "Single" of their album, -- they never would have guessed it, wrote it "while in the toilet to fill the last 2mins available... or to fulfill a contracted track count" (or similar I've heard directly). -- They find out after tracking and ranking the album.

    What one might consider, especially since you have "just" three tracks is to release them all at once, "order them" as tracks 1, 2, 3 @postcardhelicopters comments and "Feature" one you hope represents you "best", so to speak.

    The larger "mistake" (?) is for an unknown is to publish a 14+ Track Album, and hope for "Sales" or many listens, -- arguably, a well worn talking point for some; however I throw it in here at this point.
    -- My thinking is 4 tracks at a time are a great number to release, since if folks see 10 they may listen to -- none; at 3 - 4 they may skip-listen to all. (All conjecture, but my experience and observation.) In todays world, a high number of "skip-listens" on many tracks may mean folks are *looking, -- a good thing.

    If you're at this point, -- one can assume you have a feel for what is "liked" of you, what you do, or -- you don't care what's liked (as I am somewhat like), you just "love" a song and that's it.

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