A lot of spam being posted ATM (out of season)

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  • @lemonstar 4 weeks

    Isn't anyone around to keep the place looking clean and tidy? Maybe you need to get a cleaner in out of season - I'm sure there would be some volunteers? I guess the problem with home made sites is controlling the access and permission rights for such users.

  • @edwardsmusic 4 weeks

    Yeah, I've been seeing that too (as someone who checks in almost daily).
    Mind you there are some spam topics that just disappear never to be seen again, but that's the minority.

  • @lemonstar 3 weeks


  • @nancyrost  3 weeks

    Tidying now!

  • @lemonstar 3 weeks

    Excellent work @nancyrost. I understand google demotes or penalises sites in its search results when they become over-run with spam - in real terms - not sure if that is a real problem in terms of impact on the success of the site. It seems like the spammers have no idea what goes on here - they really were wasting their own time as it's off season ATM. Anyway - good job!

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