new album "a serious case of midnight"

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  • @mikeskliar  May 5

    I know most everyone has left the site till next year (and the few that remain have perhaps posted in the latest 'who's still here' thread) but for anyone who did not see- i took the 'best' of my 2019 fawm stuff, re-wrote a bunch, wrote a few new songs, and .. here it is, my latest album -16 new songs, about getting older, the state of the world, binge watching, growing up not a sports fan, the comic possibilities of life, death, sadness, con men, liars, and carnival barkers. With guitars and string instruments of every size from baritone to ukulele, a thousand harmonicas, and vintage Casio keyboards! Enjoy!!

  • @mikeskliar  May 5

    and as a ps, enter 'fawm' as a discount code and get 50% off.. (contact me if you just want to download for free, too, i have no problem with that for fawm folks!)

  • @sunnymae  May 7

    Wow...thats a great accomplishment Mike! Hats off to you🏆🏆🥇🥇

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