Five and a half weeks later, who's still dodging the tumbleweeds

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  • @chrishope 4 weeks

    just cos : - )

  • @chrishope 4 weeks

    It's 7 weeks, doh

  • @edwardsmusic 4 weeks

    I haven't had much of a visible presence here since I hit 200 comments. I do log in every day though.

  • @metalfoot  4 weeks

    Still sorta here.

  • @jwhanberry  4 weeks


  • @mikeskliar  4 weeks

    here now and then, and working on that bandcamp album of my 'best' stuff from this fawm, etc. with a few new things in there too, probably will be posted in a few days...

  • @johnstaples  4 weeks

    well, of course I check in daily and will until around July 4 when 50/90 starts!

  • @chrishope 4 weeks

    fine, i'll try and earn some $ and see you there

  • @tamsnumber4  3 weeks

    I FINALLY finished listening to the space opera of Ryako's..SO AMAZING!!

  • @sunnymae  3 weeks

    Hey guys just dropped by to see who was around. Still enjoy hearing what everyone is up to โ™กโ™ก

  • @coolparadiso  3 weeks

    I released an album today on BandCamp! all 14 songs from FAWM 2019 called Watching the world

  • @chipwithrow  3 weeks

    I just checked into 50/90 to see if there had been any recent forum activity there - lots and lots and lots of new forum threads offering cheap, cheap, cheap drugs.
    I picked up my banjo today, first time in several months, because I'm thinking of a banjo-centric 50/90.
    Good to see a bit of activity here.

  • @tcelliott  3 weeks

    @chipwithrow I logged in after you but saw the two accounts that were trying to drug me up and spam-locked them. Should be cleaner.

  • @quillwraith  3 weeks

    Still listening! I'm not on the forums much, but I take a look occasionally.

  • @zecoop  3 weeks

    Still checking in a few times a week. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @johnstaples  3 weeks

    I'll be lurking until 50/90!

  • @edwardsmusic 3 weeks

    Again, still lurking.

  • @bradbrubaker  2 weeks


  • @quork  2 weeks

    Here and there.

  • @edwardsmusic 2 weeks

    ...and everywhere?

  • @mikeskliar  2 weeks

    still checking in from time to time- and just tonight, this new album of mine 'went live' so to speak ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @tcelliott  2 weeks

    Some good playing on there, Mike. That bluesy playing on Pronouns for instance. And I liked People are here...

  • @mikeskliar  2 weeks

    thanks @tcelliott !

  • @sunnymae  2 weeks

    Dropped in for a look see. Getting quieter. I'm working on 2019 fawm tunes in the studio. The keepers have made there way to the top. Such an interesting process. It got me listening to 2017 and 18 . I'm ready for them now. Grateful...

  • @ceilidh  2 weeks

    once in a while...

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