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  • @mikeskliar  Apr 24

    So i've been working on this 'album production challenge' and getting recordings ready for an album that will be on Bandcamp soon, composed mostly of some of the songs I did this past 2019 FAWM. Wanted to write one or two more that hopefully would be good enough to go to the front of the pack.. came up with this thing earlier this week, wondering if i could get some of that fawm feedback on what ya all think (or whoever is still here)- i guess my central q is 'does the song 'work' for you? Here it is https://soundcloud.com/mikeskliar/the...

  • @metalfoot  Apr 24

    Yeah. this song works for me, Mike! The question I have is it sounded like there was some sort of drum count-in and then the drums were kinda quiet in the song? Great harmonica work and a strong lyric which does really nail the family dynamic!

  • @mikeskliar  Apr 24

    @metalfoot --thanks!!!!! and yeah, the drums were done on this music memo app so its hard to control the volume and have it varying during the track, seems like you can only set it for the entire track...

  • @chrishope Apr 25

    i will if you will x

  • @chrishope Apr 25

    the title is excellent, and expressed well in the lyric, harmonica works , could be a bit more light and shade in places, separating the vocal from the guitar.. louder vocal? ...nice listen , the Jesus song is real nice, has the space I mean re production .

  • @mikeskliar  Apr 26

    @chrishope - thanks for the listen! already did a remix with some vocal overdubs, - sadly when i recorded it the guitar and vocal are on one track, kind of trying to salvage that recording, probably should have started over, anyway- just listened to your last piano thing, which is wonderful and i left a comment. (was there something else or specific you wanted me to hear?) thanks again!

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