My Plan for FAWM 2020

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  • @johnstaples  Apr 2

    1) Come out of the starting gate FAST with one or more songs when the gates open (because early songs get more listens!)

    2) Write furiously and hit my 14 within the first two weeks (because songs posted toward the end of FAWM get far less attention)

    3) Focus on listening and commenting the last two weeks with maybe another write or three if the mood strikes me (because when I am writing I have little time to listen and comment and this way I can really enjoy this aspect more fully)

    4) Exit at the end of the day on Sunday, March 1, 2020 and not check in again until January 2021 (because it is kinda depressing to watch the participation dwindle down to nothing during March)

  • @musicsongwriter Apr 2

    Sorry for your feelings about the participation during March-April John. I think people are still here and a few are still listening and continuing collaborating. I have no plans of stopping till the site is open 😀

  • @johnstaples  Apr 2

    @musicsongwriter, thanks! I know it is only my own expectations but I enjoy the frantic FAWM experience during February so much that the subsequent drop in participation is a downer! For me I have decided just moving on at the end is probably a better choice!

  • @audrey  Apr 3

    Sounds like a great plan John. If I was faster at writing music, I'd probably do the same, but alas. February on FAWM is fun. There's no denying it, but I also enjoy March with the diehards. It's pretty quiet now though. For me, it feels like a gradual weaning as I let the rest of my life slowly take over again. I don't mind it. I'm enjoying working further on my FAWM songs now too. I just can't share them with other FAWMers now, just family and friends, but that's okay too.

  • @siebass Apr 4

    An interesting idea, @johnstaples. I agree with @audrey, if I were faster at writing/tracking/mixing I might give that a go; however this year I didn't really even hit my stride until March 1! I had a lot of fun completing collabs for lyricists from March to April, it was a nice way to keep creating and not really feel as much of a drop.

    It is pretty tough to sustain that early February mania for longer than a few weeks, just like being infatuated forever, our bodies and mind couldn't take yearlong FAWM, I think. Things are more appreciated with a beginning and an end, but I also like the secret quiet here after FAWM, with a few more songs squeaking out into the void.

  • @sunnymae  Apr 5

    I know I totally crash and come down off the buzz pretty hard every year.
    @johnstaples I hear you on finishing the goal earlier and then have having time to do more listening and commenting. Think I met my goal at week 3 and really enjoyed floating around especially to people I had never met before.. It also gave me time to do just a little bit of tweaking and repost songs while folks were still listening. That left me more motivated to continue the process after the month was over.

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