National Poetry Writing Month

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  • @tcelliott  Apr 1

    @adnama17 has been telling us all about Poetry Month in the slack chat. She's created a channel for it, too. Write a poem a day in April.

    More information here:

  • @siebass Apr 2

    There once was a man from Nantucket... I don't know how the rest goes.

    Challenges are always fun to keep the motivation going.

  • @ustaknow Apr 3

    ... bought a bushel of corn, to shuck it 😝
    but along came a truck, low and behold ...
    and the man just said to ...


  • @siebass Apr 3


  • @oblivionratula  Apr 7

    Been doing this on a FB group. I'll try to remember to check back in w/ Slack.

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