Anyone still wanting listens and comments?

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  • @chipwithrow  Mar 25

    I don't need any more comments on my songs, but I'd like to know who does. I'm working toward 350 comments given, which I think would probably be a personal best. (I know others go way, way beyond that, and I think that's incredible.)
    I'd like for the comments I give to go to those who are going to see them. So if you're looking for some listens, maybe to specific songs, that's why I'm starting this thread!
    (Also starting this thread because I'm going to keep checking in regularly until my birthday, which is March 31. My April schedule is packed!)

  • @ustaknow Mar 25

    Here's the 8 that survive from the 22, -- feel free if care to.

    If not, that's OK too - don't feel obligated at all.

    And, not looking for "sounds good like it". By now, you likely know that 😀

    -- Happy birthday, you don't look old enough to have a birthday? 😝

  • @donna  Mar 25

    @chipwithrow, you've already made very nice comments on the first draft of this one, but I've revised it drastically in the meantime. I'd be grateful if you'd check out the latest version and let me know whether you think it'll fly. 😉

    I have a collaborator, and am hoping to make the final adjustments, if any, within the next couple of days.


  • @siebass Mar 26

    Nothing yet, but soon I'll have a few more. Thank you as always for your insightful comments.

  • @edwardsmusic Mar 26

    I tend to feel virtually all of my material this year deserves an honest listen or two, but my track "Obsession" has only one comment on it.

  • @julesbf Mar 26

    I'm still around @chipwithrow, you have already given some lovely comments on 2 of mine so don't feel obliged but if you are looking for more material 😀

  • @metalfoot  Mar 26

    Always wanting listens and comments but honestly you've already done more than your fair share, @chipwithrow. Thanks for your kind words!

  • @ustaknow Mar 26

    Oh thank you chip!

  • @fuzzy  Mar 26

    You've already given me some comments, but if you're looking for something to do, I'm always happy to get some more. 😀

  • @bradbrubaker  Mar 26

    Hey, @chipwithrow! Thanks for stopping by and giving me some comments this weekend. 😀

  • @musicsongwriter Mar 26

    Thank you for your beautiful comments Chip. I'm always interested in your opinion, Thank you again.

  • @howthenightcame Mar 27

    Hello, been away for a bit because I had to organize graduation at my school. It went really well, but now I'm exhausted!!

  • @chrishope Mar 27

    Hell yeah ! i just can't get enough, I just.... ; - ) ..promise to recipricate (lonely ones and twos)

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 27

    Made it to 350 comments given just now, but I'll keep going - still 4 days until my March 31 FAWM exit (also my birthday).
    But maybe I'll check in occasionally in early April, too. Major League Baseball regular season begins tomorrow, and I sure do like to listen to FAWM songs through headphones as I watch sports with the TV sound muted after wife and kid are in bed.

  • @lemonstar Mar 28

    I had shoulder surgery and am keeping typing to a minimum atm - not playing guitar or driving atm - I owe so many people comments so I'll be around for a bit.

  • @mikeskliar  Mar 29

    earlier this month did some work on a bandcamp album from the 'best' of the songs i did this month, with a little bit of rewriting and re-recording, but haven't had time to do much in the last week on it. If anyone wants to listen to something of mine in the next few days or whatever. sure, might help to have more feedback on what i'm doing with the album. and @chipwithrow happy early birthday!

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