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  • @ustaknow Mar 12


    BBC Programme about Guitar, Drum and Bass, the other programmes in the series. Stewart Copeland - Host; and is globally inclusive of all genre... still watching, so we'll see how good 😀

  • @zecoop  Mar 12

    @ustaknow - I've heard it's great and Stewart Copeland is one of my all-time favorites. Definitely going to check it out. 😀

  • @ustaknow Mar 12

    Here's another, - a guy goes through his collection in 5 min, -- all his Basses in one continuous track. If I did this, might take 10 - 15 mins 😝


    If one hears the difference, it's justification to buy another 😀 yee hawww!


  • @zecoop  Mar 12

    @ustaknow - It wouldn't take long for me, plus I can't play ANYTHING like he can. Nice. I've got six basses: Fender Jazz, Peavey Fury, Peavey T-40, Danelectro DanoBlaster, SX PJ Fretless and a Dean acoustic. I've had the Fury since '83, and it was my first "real" bass, after a cheap JC Penney SG lookalike that had about 1/2" between the strings and the fretboard, lol. The SX, Dano and Dean were all super cheap (less than $100) and gotten mostly for their specific sound (or just because it was a Dano). I have a bunch of basses on "my list" though, as any player does, lol. 😀

  • @dragondreams  Mar 12

    Damn. The bass video made me realise how much I miss my old Jazz Bass! Time to think about rationalising the collection and selling some unused guitars to fund another J Bass. 😊😎

  • @siebass Mar 13

    I still gig and have gigged on my SX Ursa 2 J bass for the last 9 years. Inherited a mexican fender P that I use for recording. Was looking at the SX PJ's for versatility, but definitely think I'd hit too many blue notes for Fretless. I also bought an epiphone T-bird as a project for pickup swaps to Js, but that thing is too heavy and never setup right to play. Even with moving the strap pin, it also tries to dive straight into the ground.

  • @zecoop  Mar 13

    @siebass - My SX PJ fretless has fret markers (lines on the fretboard), so as long as I really pay attention I can make it work, even though I am terrible on fretless. I've played it on exactly three songs, and one was this year!!

    Acoustic Dreams

  • @ustaknow Mar 13

    @zecoop @siebass - since you mention SX P's. Those, esp the older ones, so like 10 years ago version? -- are great instruments.

    One thing I notice about 34" Fretless, - the advantage is, if your finger is 1/16" either way (~1/8~) it takes so long for the overtones of the low notes/fat strings to settle down you can actually get a better voicing, pending how the others/instruments are tuned +- too. The whole bucket of sonic sonarus sonics 😝 😝 makes the chordal tone.

    The 30", and to a lesser extent 32" you need more accuracy. But, my 30" is as forgiving as the 34" - both Fretless, Maple Fretboard, - great Mwaww, ultra low string action. I have a blonde all maple violin bass from them, fretless, - the mids are scooped it seems in that design, and have to be well tuned and accurate - I had to add reference points 😝 for that one since 30".

    Otherwise, on the SX P's, The only thing I did was change the Pickups, - which are actually not always "bad". On their P-90's in the Guitars, those actually looked like surplussed vintage ones, brass bottom plate, well wound, beefy. But, the P-bass pups back then, lacked tonal range so put in DiMarzios - which go the other way, a bit to hot; but, there's not allot to choose from. I guess I could have gone stock Fender 😀 (that would be "original" 😉 )

    Anyway, I love the Fret-line markers too, but it winds up ear-feel in the end.

    Well, -- I didn't expect a SX P-bass discussion, but after zecoops #97658 - yes, why not!

    Those were such good videos imo, purely ad hoc found and posted, - felt someone here'd like'em if still "here".

  • @zecoop  Mar 13

    @dragondreams - My Jazz is my number 1 bass... I just love the sound and versatility. It's a Geddy Lee model so it has a nice thin neck too, which I like. 😀

  • @dragondreams  Mar 13

    @zecoop - now you're just being an enabler! 😁
    I actually resisted popping out to Dawson's Music at lunchtime, because i know for a fact they have a couple of nice J Basses in stock... 😁

  • @ustaknow Mar 13

    Hey - one of my best sounding basses, a very lucky generic, older, -- Mexican made Fender Jazz, Fretless. It loved the ligher coated strings 100's and it sang. I think I sold it for less than 4C notes to a guy in PA who played in an Orchestra Pit for some theatre.

    I used to just pick them up, so I could get them into the hands of a musician who is clueless how to buy one, let alone set one up. It's all just wood, so, it's the luck of the draw.

    I'll go a bit tech, since on the Jazz, there was an article that researched the infamous dead spot on that neck, - they Scoped the unit -- and the body length and shape, leaned toward a sympathetic resonance, but it *absorbed that Hz, wave length 😀 ... interesting, aye? (not, aye? 😝 ) anyway... it's why the problem got solved by clipping weights in the headstock - interrupted that Hz wave length. Also, the string guage mattered - as I found out with me, - heavy guage chocked it's voice, but those 100's and coated (I think round wound, but since coated... so what) ... man, what a voice. So, I try to remember to tap "test" it, and hit each fret. The next lighter, or uhhh heavier body, it's like a different instrument.

    Well, - I just love instruments... so, I tend to digress a bit. But I do know where to get the best $5 bottle of wine by gosh! 😀 so, feel free to just ignore me 😀

  • @siebass Mar 13

    Ha, for the record, my SX is a J as well; I do just love the Jazz bass tone, but I've heard (not sure if it's true) that P basses tend to sit better in a mix for recording so I've tended to use my fender P bass for tracking and my J for gigging. You guys are making me want to go out and test a PJ Fretless, but it's tough to find SX's in stores, and I don't like their models online as much these days aesthetically.

  • @siebass Mar 13

    @ustaknow watching the vid now on drummers, already talked to drummers from some of my favorite bands, RHCP and Foo Fighters, I'm curious to see where this goes.

  • @dragondreams  Mar 13

    @ustaknow - agree about the dead spot on the J Bass. I weighted my headstock by drilling it out and sliding in a copper pipe filled with lead to act as a resonance damper.
    @siebass - Scott Devine has a YouTube video out there where he discusses exactly that P Bass preference with an LA session player. I've been trying to find a link to it but it's eluding me at the moment.

  • @siebass Mar 13

    @dragondreams if that's from Scott's bass lessons, that is part of why I swapped over more recently!

  • @dragondreams  Mar 14


  • @dragondreams  Mar 14

    Oops... Typing on tablet while grinding coffee is not a good idea... 😂😂😂
    All I was trying to say is "that's the one", @siebass 😎

  • @ustaknow Mar 15

    Oh yes, that's the one 😀 I saw that one.

    Yes, it's interesting. I don't know what I was playing (not a P bass type even) and usually get in/out quick with "mixes" and then saw it was not even a P bass type; switched back and it fell in place in the overdub, and had a nicer thump (this fawm, did allot of experimenting).

    Then, for some reason one song I had tissue/foam under the strings at the bridge to dampen some of the "wonky" overtones I as getting between bass, voc, guitar, - cleaner. But, then on another track, kinda lost that subtle but very clear "brrr" on string attack, so just picked another-same note 😝 ... big neck, lots of places to go. (But, live sound does not have the same issue, as I hear it, - the recording element is the issue for me.)

    What I love about my fender P fretless is all the open string notes are tight, don't get the "wolfing" as on others. That ones a consistent favorite and was one of those accidental purchases, I guess meant for me to have 😀 The rosewood fret board vs maple-varnish board effects the voice, but not much - they don't stay glossy long anyway 😝

    --- But, you know all this, I just got excited -- nice after all these years 😀

  • @dragondreams  Mar 15

    @ustaknow - I still get excited about anything to do with basses and their odd quirks even after almost 50 years of playing them! 😀

  • @ustaknow Mar 17

    This takes it a bit outta the thread path above, - but don't see the benefit of starting a new one? Maybe?

    Anyway -- my weirdest love/hate relationship, and in particular with a Bass is with my Lace Helix, 5 String Fretless.

    This may be a listing pic for it, and don't think they're made anymore:


    It has a great sound, imo, however, being fretless with no markers and the fretboard black and the strings a black coated flats (what it shipped with), man, I was all over the neck 😝 *looking for Notes 😀

    It's the kind of bass if you don't put it down, you don't, - but if you do, do so a week ahead of "needing" it 😀

    It's not heavy, but so solid kinda feels heavier than it may be, like a cinderblock. And, the Body Shape on the Bottom means, it is IN the case or very carefully stood/stand-ed 😀 somewhere because it is not leaning on anything, -period.

    I love it and kinda don't, so when pick it up, keep it in hand -all this past week.

    Also, the 5th Str I use as B which is so Sub Hz in it's harmonics on this - almost useless 😀 And, I've found, like on one song I did this FAWM, I just used the Audacity feature on 4Str Bass, to drop sub-lo-Hz whhooommmppp in the headphone. Kinda worked in that song. Didn't need this during a recording.

    I remember buying it, - long time ago?, and saying, if I can ever "really" play it well, then I can claim to "know" bass... -- still waiting 😀 hahhh...

    You? 😝

  • @siebass Mar 18

    All I can say is that bass looks insane.

  • @dragondreams  Mar 21

    My love/hate is with the bass I've used constantly since new in 1987. And it's the one in my profile pic - a Westone Super headless (Matsumoku original).
    I've kept it absolutely unchanged since the day I carried it home. It plays like a dream, but the built-in pre-amp is worse than useless! It's either bass boost or treble boost. There is no independent frequency control.
    As an electronics engineer it offends me. But I simply cannot bring myself to modify the damn thing! 😁

  • @ustaknow Mar 21

    Ahhh - dragondreams , the sign of true greatness is in making an offensive object, - a work of art, as you do 😀 😝 hahhh...

    I love when artists, like you, - here's another ? Jack White, - picks a hard to play guitar, "picks a fight" with it, and it makes him make a great song, or more advanced player. (This FAWM for me was using all bad tracks, made "good" ? - arguable. But one I used was even a cold morning voice, breaks and all 😀 - just to "see"; - I guess you get that?) But, if did not try it, try not to "sound good", but make it good, - would not have learned what I did, and shift due to that experiment. Not following a "formula". (After many years of still l e a r n -ing 😀 still, aye!?)

    It is very ironic, (running on a bit here... hope you don't mind), the flaw is the draw, -- that Lace Helix 5 str., is the hardest bass to play, (ALL black fretless, - what was he thinking?, strings and all... unless I did that? 😝 ) (He could be watching, Lace, - 😀 so can't blame him entirely 😀 ) ... anyway, ironic that it has a draw to it for that reason. The mid-scoop is extreme on those Pups. He designed it on a 4-15"s bottom? (dunno, just saying) hahhh... flawless quality, though, - don't have one made better. It's a "machined" instrument to <1mm tolerance from my magnifying glass once over 😀 He'd of gone broke making them.

    I use an Ashdown 2-8's bottom with Acoustic b200 trans Head for my "living room" amp for all. So, it's neck pup only with 0-tone 😀 on that amp.

    I'm going to look up your Westone. I think I had an 8Str ? some model, - not sure now. I had to return it, - that was just to much, to much. 😀

    But, that "shidzy" Mexico made, Precision Fretless I have, -- all original; would not change a thing. It records the nicest quiet "burp" on attack, but, you only hear it recorded. Live is wonderful, but, it is the sum of it's parts as a unit.

    Interesting! 😀

  • @ustaknow Mar 21

    Hey @dragondreams - didn't want to quote you into a long post, above. 😀

    I looked up your bass, - yes, great unit, copied by many. Nice!

    I won't tell you which one, but, - years ago got my only active bass... and could "hear" it (?) if you know what I mean.

    So, I -- ripped out the guts, and made it passive and how I build a circuit. 😝 Great bass now 😀 hahhh!

    It was hard getting pups to fit, - very large soap-bar format. I stopped short of winding my own, - which I would do if there's was any money in it.

    -- Amazing the things you find out about people here, if you stick around, aye!

    For "fun", rabbit trail 😀, one year, -- I printed off a 5F1 circuit, random hit from Net, and ripped apart very old elecs, surplus, and went on a 5w, even 1w amp building rampage, -- just before Blackheart went into business. Timing! Oh, I love china 😝 (Can't even recycle used parts for what they sell their stamped breadboards for.)

  • @dragondreams  Mar 21

    Wow! I build all my own amps too. All valves, all around 1 to 5 watts. And I started doing it to prove that Blackstar amps were actually solid state! 😂😂😂

    I agree. Playing with and around "shortcomings" of our instruments helps us push boundaries. There's a huge satisfaction to be had from getting the results that please us from something that fights us. 😊

  • @ustaknow Mar 22

    dragondreams -yes a great group, the amp builders I knew. One fellow from Canada paid for his grad degree with them. He was the guy on eBay who sold'em all for $100-150 each for the time in school (old Telco guy laid off). His Dad was a real, old time TV repairman (tubes). His only cost was the alum pan he put it in, no cabinet.

    I tried every var of that circuit and came back to Leo's original -he did work it all out, had an ear. Again, then, (market killer), even Fender brought back a 5W for under $200 to kill the market. But it'took china .gov to really do it, "here". I could sell the "amp" for $150, but not in a finished Cabinet. So, that's that.

    Then, I went to experiment -all the technique to make'em tumbstone quiet and best way to alt/switch 1-5W; after I started to see shelves with amps sitting I stopped. I still find'em forgot about 😝 in some bag in the garage.

    I still have folks asking me, from old Church's, to take their old Hammond guts -with 20 lb 😀 Transformers 😝 I turn them down now. I am not an eBay'er at all. Not enough money in it.

    Rabbit-trail 😀
    - I was buying all the "HM Strat" (Fender Guitar), and original Kayler parts I could find. Then found I was bidding against the orig. maker who was restarting his business -nice guy. Those bridges are build like firearms -machined, tight. Back then you could get ~$20 for a single Saddle. For a while (like 10 years ago) you could get an HM for $2-300, sell it for parts and make some money (or recondition from all the parts). Now, no. It's a nice guitar but I never could bond with one so never kept one around. I do have a very old, odd, orig. Japanese Tele with a Kahler in it and two PAFs, HM pots, just like the Strat. The necks are to skinny for my Bass/Drum stick hands 😝 but I keep it. The working musician who sold it to me had someone sign it (to up the price?) - didn't work. Alcohol removes Sharpe Marker EZ! 😝

    At least all my old almost famous friend know where to buy back their gear 😀

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