Enough Rest. Back to Writing

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  • @psyt 2 weeks

    I intend to write 10 songs this month, and here's the first. It was about time to get going on that.
    *As usual with my music, it comes with an NSFW warning for the cover art.

  • @saulius 2 weeks

    I have two in process, one about Michiana's back roads. Another would be a collaboration with my daughter - I recalled her first lyrics she came up with on a bike ride with me back when she was 12. I made rough demos, but I'm not sure if I should post them here. It's my first FAWM.

  • @psyt 2 weeks

    Feel free. πŸ˜€

  • @psyt 2 weeks

    Another day, another song. (and another NSFW cover art warning)

  • @saulius 2 weeks

    I had one posted but changed my mind. FAWM 2019 is done.

  • @psyt 2 weeks

    Sure, February is done, but that's no reason to stop writing music. (:

  • @psyt 1 week

    Another one done, another NSFW cover warning. 😝

  • @misterd 1 week

    I put so much into FAWM 2019 . Wrote 40 songs . It was a pretty intense experience for me .So I think it’s time for a little rest -focus on a few other things that went on the back burner during February . I’m hoping to slowly and steadily start to go over my 2019 tunes -sort them into 3 groups - bonepile , interesting , worth refining . This will be my task in March . Hoping to
    (Maybe ) get a new album together by mid year .

  • @bootlegger 1 week

    At the moment I'm charged. Ready to forge ahead with some new music. Something darker sounding but happier lyrics than my fawm album which ended up being much more depressing than I intended. Idk how it is going to go or if I'll even finish it but I'm at least going to make an effort. I have most of the lyrics written already.

  • @paulhenry  1 week

    In the past, I've used the time right after FAWM to listen and possibly comment on all the music in my watchlist. Then I go over what songs I wrote and decide what's worth hanging on to and polishing/finishing. I haven't written much the rest of the year in the past. But I'm oddly enthusiastic this year, so we'll see. I had several songs going during FAWM that I never finished.

  • @psyt 1 week

    Well, I'm not stopping, for one.

    I also wrote one yesterday, but that's under wraps till the release of a featured plug in, at the developer's request.

    I'm proving to myself I'm not dependent on comments to keep writing. More so in this thread than elsewhere. I'm infatuated with my own music, and it'll keep coming.

  • @psyt 1 week

    The Ship of Theseus, with the usual NSFW warning.

  • @mikeskliar  1 week

    @psyt - just listening to 'the ship of theseus'---- nice stuff!!!

  • @psyt 1 week

    Thanks Mike. (:

  • @zecoop  1 week

    @psyt - I can't listen at work (artwork), which is where I do most of my listening, but I checked out Quod Ab Absurdo Aures Benef today that one was awesome! πŸ˜€

  • @splittybooms  1 week

    Hey @psyt I remember stopping by on a couple of your tracks - I truly enjoyed them.
    But - "I'm infatuated with my own music..."
    I love that.
    I've had those moments myself when I'm just sitting listening to it randomly and I have to say "Screw everybody, this is friggin awesome!"
    The 'everybody' I guess is all the people that I know have heard projects and things that I have shared out there in the world, but choose to ignore it. "...proving to myself I'm not dependent on comments to keep writing" - that also hit home with me.
    I've been thinking heavily on what I want to happen when I share my music. And I've deducted that I simply want them to respond to it in some way. But...like you...I've been trying to not care if people do or not. Been at it for about 2 years now and still find I get discouraged when I hear the crickets.
    I don't know what my point is - just that those two things u said resonate with me and made me stop and post πŸ˜€

  • @zecoop  1 week

    @splittybooms (and @psyt) - I feel exactly the same way as (I think) what splitty just said. I make my music for me. First and foremost, I really don't have any care in the world about what others might think, as I write songs and compose whatever it is I am composing. Some of my music ends up being suitable for the many collaborators i have met in the nine years of FAWMing, but a whole lot of it is completely experimental noodling and I love that. Whatever comes out, I end up loving it 99% of the time and want to listen to it more. To me, that is a success. I have made music that I love listening to. If anyone else find it a positive, that is a bonus!!! πŸ˜€

    You both make great music. I have said this many times, one of the biggest bummers of FAWM for me is that I miss 95^% of the great music that is out there. But I am catching up. πŸ˜€

  • @psyt 6 days

    Thanks @zecoop & @splittybooms , I appreciate the sentiments and the comments.

    The thing about getting addicted to the comments we get during FAWM/5090 was actually the reason I left FAWM for some 7 years or so. I felt I grew so addicted to the comments that I wouldn't write anything in the off months. I was hesitant to join the fun this time around too, even though I was planning to write at least 10 songs during the month anyway, but carrying on with the writing now through March even though there's hardly any comments is proving to myself I can handle it. (I had a new year's resolution to write at least 10 songs in every month for the first half of 2019. It's quite a challenge, but going well so far, and I'm very happy with the results, so much so that I realized I'm my own favorite musician now)

  • @jamkar  6 days

    My unfinished FAWM desires will just spill over into 50/90. Meanwhile, I will mix and master the spawn of FAWM!

  • @darcistrutt  6 days

    I set a goal to write at least one song per month this year. I do miss having the lovely community supporting my efforts though. Some months it may be doing one of the weekly Facebook challenges. I’m already working on one to support my message at the senior living center at the end of this month.

  • @psyt 5 days

    Good luck with that @darcistrutt

    I've just finished another new one~ It comes with the usual NSFW warning for the accompanying image. https://melodyklein.bandcamp.com/trac...

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