Post February collabs

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  • @leomozi  Mar 5

    Do folks often decide to offer to add music or lyrics to existing FAWM songs after FAWM is over? I may not end up finding the time, but I've come across a few things in the past several days where I thought, "Hey, I think I can spice this up."

  • @misterd Mar 5

    Yes... After FAWM finishes I usually go over the songs i've written and refine lyrics and sections . I usually write in a rush during fawm - and after i've posted i think of things i can improve on . I think this is when the real work begins . iIs a good thing to do i reckon ..

  • @kahlo2013  Mar 5

    I often rework things after FAWM and sometimes add demos and am always up for collaborations.

  • @ajna1960 Mar 6

    I always rework and edit after FAWM. My lyrics written during FAWM are only rough first drafts. I rework them and more often than not find cowriters outside of FAWM to collab with and bring them to life (although sometimes the FAWM collabs spill over into real life too).

  • @tcelliott  Mar 6

    I have added music to lyric posts in the past. One 50/90 I spent a fair amount of time doing it afterward. But I tend not to do as much of that these days. Although, the thought is intriguing...

  • @quork  Mar 6

    March Collab Month, when people stick around and lyrics get turned into songs. I like the sound of that.

  • @musicsongwriter Mar 6

    Always happy to collaborate, in March and in any other times.

  • @metalfoot  Mar 6

    @musicsongwriter I haven't forgotten my commitment to you, Nadia! I'm just a little overwhelmed with funeral stuff at the moment (for someone in the congregation-not a family member).

  • @musicsongwriter Mar 6

    Thank you Alex, I wrote on your page, No worries at all, please feel free to collaborate when you have an opportunity.

  • @siebass Mar 11

    My offer is still good through the end of the month; I'll get as many collabs done as I can. My speed is about one song every 2-4 days. See my post in the collab section for more info. Picking up unfinished collabs and wish-songs as best I am able.

  • @metalfoot  Mar 11

    @musicsongwriter I have the music together now, I just need to record it. 😀

  • @musicsongwriter Mar 11

    Thank you Alex, awesome.

  • @timfatchen  Mar 12

    I do. @frogspawn did, but his pond is empty this year (!) I'm stuck on one with @ajna1960 , there was another I would've loved to bu the writer wrote msuic at the same time, jsut didn't mention it when posting....

  • @ballyhoot Mar 12

    I have an empty song slot saved on my account but don't really have anything in the works for it. It might be fun to collaborate with anyone who's still around to build a song from scratch. Could start off with someone putting together a percussion track, then someone else could add bass, piano, acoustic guitar, or whatever, and eventually lyrics and vocals--one by one, track by track, until we run out of people who want to add music.... Anyone interested?

  • @leomozi  Mar 12

    @ballyhoot, That sounds fun. Might I do lyrics and vocals?

  • @siebass Mar 12

    @ballyhoot sounds fun

  • @ballyhoot Mar 12

    @leomozi, sure, why not? Though, if there ends up being multiple people who like writing lyrics or singing, we could break things down further, with one person writing a verse, another person writing the chorus, etc.

    @siebass, do you have a preference regarding what kinds of things you would want to contribute?

    As I mentioned in my other post, I'm inclined to have someone start the song off with a percussion track. That is NOT my forte.

    For structure, what about something like this:

    Verse 1
    Verse 2
    small break
    Verse 3
    Instrumental Break

  • @leomozi  Mar 12

    @ballyhoot, I’m happy to do any part. I’m not a percussionist either, I can lay something down with my cajón or virtual GarageBand drums if nobody else wants to percussion.

  • @siebass Mar 13

    @ballyhoot we can see if @zecoop or @guatecoop are still around and/or interested. I'm capable for any part, even percussion if need be, but can alter the medium depending on what we'd want. I have just this year converted my mesh drum kit to electronic, so I can bash some stuff out that way, or program in FL studio/EzDrummer/Garageband otherwise

  • @guatecoop  Mar 13

    Oh yeah, we are both around. We can do all sorts of things, but hopefully the lyrics and singing can be your task! Hehe. My wife can sing, too, if you need a female voice and/or words. She’s good. Let me know what you’re thinking.

  • @guatecoop  Mar 13

    With a structure like that, are we going to do an album side?? Hehe. A la Pink Floyd “echoes” or Rush “Hemispheres”? Time signature(s)? This might be epic...

  • @ballyhoot Mar 13

    @leomozi , @siebass, @guatecoop , The structure was just a place to start, but definitely not set in stone. Then again, I'm not opposed to an epic song, either. 😀 In any case, whoever starts the song off with a percussion track can decide the length of the song and the complexity of the structure. Once completed, they can then post a link here and we can figure out at that point who will take up the baton next.

  • @siebass Mar 13

    @ballyhoot sounds like a plan

  • @robotkitten  Mar 14

    I'd also love to chip in if we're making this a group song! I can do lyrics, female vocals, and/ or uke chords 😀

  • @siebass Mar 14

    @ballyhoot I can take a crack at a laying down some bones for drums and possible bass, but it may be a while before I get to it due to life and other commitments the rest of this week. Otherwise, @zecoop or @guatecoop, you guys want to take a stab at the underbelly of drums and/or bass? Excited to make an olio song here in march. I guess this is kind of like an exquisite corpse, but kind of not.

  • @siebass Mar 14

    Tasty March Olio Collaboration:

    @ballyhoot - guitar
    @leomozi - lyrics, vox
    @robotkitten - lyrics, female vox, uke
    @siebass - whatever is needed (drums/guitar/bass/vocal/crappy piano)
    @zecoop - something
    @guatecoop - drums
    @kahlo2013 - flute or melodica
    Potentially viewers like YOU!

  • @ballyhoot Mar 14

    If someone can lay down percussion, I can follow with a guitar track . Acoustic or electric, depending on the nature of the drum track. I also volunteer to collect the individual wav or mp3 tracks and mix them together before posting to my place marker song

  • @guatecoop  Mar 14

    @leomozi, @siebass , @ballyhoot , @robotkitten, @zecoop i can probably do a drum track this weekend. What sort of pace and length are you thinking? Any ideas are good now, as I am mentally starting to think about these things. Thanks for any input!

  • @ballyhoot Mar 14

    @guatecoop , I’m trying to stay pretty loose But if I had a preference, I like acoustic drum sounds with a bluesy rock feel. Something upbeat but not too fast. Typical length objective=between 3 and 4 minutes unless you want to be more epic. But honestly, if you’re gonna do the percussion track, I put the song in your hands. It’s up to us to adjust accordingly. Don’t take my suggestions as set in stone. 😀

  • @kahlo2013  Mar 14

    If y’all want any flute bit or melodica bit give a holler!

  • @siebass Mar 14

    All sounds good to me

  • @guatecoop  Mar 15

    Oh @kahlo2013 , I’m just going to holler now! I love those sounds.

  • @ballyhoot Mar 21

    @guatecoop , Don't mean to hassle, but are you still going to put something together, drum-wise? If you don't have time, no worries.

  • @guatecoop  Mar 22

    @leomozi , @ballyhoot , @siebass , @robotkitten yes, I’m going to do it for sure. Life just got in the way this week. Sorry about the delay. I will have drums done by the end of Saturday. Probably tomorrow, but at the latest Saturday.

  • @ballyhoot Mar 22

    @guatecoop , Sounds great. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  • @ballyhoot Mar 22

    **seeing = hearing.... 😀

  • @guatecoop  Mar 24

    @leomozi , @siebass , @ballyhoot , @robotkitten I got set up and was trying out a few things (productively) and then my 10 month old decided that his day was done. I heard that and quit for the day. I will record my drum track tomorrow morning early. Thanks for your patience!

  • @siebass Mar 24

    @guatecoop no worries on my end; my little one is 22 months now, I know how it goes. Thanks for offering to provide the groove.

  • @guatecoop  Mar 24

    @leomozi , @kahlo2013 , @siebass , @ballyhoot , @robotkitten the drums are done. I did a scribbled outline that I sent to @siebass that can keep circulating if needed about the structure, which I followed while recording. I’m interested to see what you all come up with!

  • @ballyhoot Mar 24

    Hi got your drums!! Sounds great! I’ll take over and add a guitar track of some kind. Will try to do it today

  • @zecoop  Mar 24

    I'm happy to add something if needed! Sorry, I kind of missed the thread... Just let me know!

  • @siebass Mar 24

    According to my list above, you are signed up for "something", so feel free!

  • @zecoop  Mar 24

    @siebass @ballyhoot - once the guitar is done, I can add bass if no one else was planning that. I can do something different if you've got bass lined up

  • @ballyhoot Mar 24

    Here’s what i put together, mixed with @guatecoop’s drums. I hope it’s something everybody can work with.

    @zecoop , bass is yours if you want to go next....

  • @ballyhoot Mar 24

    I think more than one person was interested in tackling the lyrics so maybe yall could tagteam somehow. One person writes the chorus and another person writes a verse, etc...

  • @robotkitten  Mar 25

    Looks like it was me and @leomozi up for lyrics. @leomozi, if you're on the FAWM Slack group, hit me up there and we'll chat. Or we can work out a plan here in the thread.

  • @leomozi  Mar 25

    @robotkitten, I haven't forayed into Slack yet. Some basic options I can think of:
    1) One of us does lyrics, the other does vocals
    2) Split up the lyrics and vocals by section
    3) One of us does lyrics and vocals for most of the song, the other writes and sings the bridge and does harmony in other parts
    Do you have a preference among those, or a different idea that you'd prefer?

    @ballyhoot, so that we're all on the same page, would you mind posting the song structure as you saw it when you wrote your guitar part?

  • @ballyhoot Mar 25

    @leomozi, for the structure, I'm not a "music guy," so my terminology might not always be correct, but I would characterize the structure this way:

    Verse #1
    Short pre-chorus
    Verse #2
    Short pre-chorus
    Long pre-chorus
    Verse #3
    Short pre-chorus
    Outro (essentially a long pre-chorus)

    If anyone needs/wants the chords I played:

    Verses: E-major / A-minor (x4)
    Pre-chorus: C-major / F-major / C-major / E-major

    For the chorus, I kind of improvised the chords and have tried to use a reverse chord finder web site to figure out what exactly I played. I THINK this is what I played.... 😀

    D-major / D-sus4
    A/D / D-sus2
    D-major / D-sus4
    A/D / A/D
    (the whole thing x2)

  • @ballyhoot Mar 25

    For lyrical structure, I didn't necessarily have a fixed idea. In my opinion, the "Verse" sections could contain one verse each or two short verses. And the "pre-chorus" sections don't have to have lyrics, or at least don't always have to have lyrics. But I leave it up to the lyricists/vocalists how they want to handle all of that.

  • @robotkitten  Mar 25

    @leomozi I've never done this kind of collaboration before, so I don't know the logistics of multiple people recording vocals independently. (There's a reason all my demos are acoustic.) Can you tell me more about how that works?

    As far as lyrics, I was thinking split it up by section, but in that case we should talk first about what the song is going to be about 😀

  • @ballyhoot Mar 25

    Regarding recording vocals.... My thought would be one of you would need to record first and share that track. How much of the lyrics that person sings would probably be something y’all work out. Then once the first vocal track is recorded and shared, the second person can then do their part.

    In any case, if everyone can send me their Individual tracks, i can put together a rough mix at each stage, saving everything in a Dropbox folder. Once we’re done, if someone wants to step in and do a better mix/mastering, they will be more than welcome to do so. I could even post the link to the Dropbox folder so anyone who wants can make their own mix

  • @robotkitten  Mar 25

    Thanks @ballyhoot. How do I make sure the timing matches up with the original track? Do I sing while playing it in the background, or practice a lot until I can get the timing right a cappella?

  • @leomozi  Mar 25

    @robotkitten, I think it would make it easier to have a cohesive song lyrically if Person A writes and records their section first, and Person B writes and records their section after seeing Person A's. And we split it up so that one of us writes verses and the other writes the pre-chorus and chorus. Does that sound good? I'd be happy going either first or second and writing whatever section. Do you have a preference?

    Also, I know you asked @ballyhoot, but I would say definitely sing while listening to the instrumental track through headphones that don't leak sound too much. I think it would be nearly impossible to get the timing right a cappella.

    As for what the song should be about, I'm open. @ballyhoot, would you like to choose a title or theme since you started this collab?

  • @ballyhoot Mar 25

    @robotkitten, I second @leomozi. You should record your vocals while listening to the music through headphones. Vocal track should then be saved as a WAV or an MP3 file, which you can e-mail to me if the file size is not too big.

    @leomozi, hmmm. I cycled through one of the FAWM Muse tools and made a list of about a dozen possible titles. Feel free to pick one if it particularly appeals to you, or mix and match.... 😀

    Beg Too Much
    Not Thieving
    Lonely Lipstick
    I'm Paradox
    Are you Anonymous?
    The Deepest
    Ain't that the Spirit
    Constant Break
    Without Islands
    How Positive
    Aberdeen Grey
    Out of my Door
    Your Madness

  • @robotkitten  Mar 25

    @leomozi Tone is something to think about too--I'm willing to take the lyrics either seriously or tongue-in-cheek.

  • @zecoop  Mar 25

    I'm having a hard time finding time right now so it's probably better for someone else to go for the bass. If needed maybe I can add something later...

  • @ballyhoot Mar 26

    I suck at bass, so preferably not me.😀

  • @guatecoop  Mar 26

    I can do bass if you need.

  • @ballyhoot Mar 26

    @guatecoop , if nobody else volunteers , it’s all yours!! 😀

  • @leomozi  Mar 26

    @robotkitten, The music suggests a playfully dark tone. I like the title “Not Too Much Thieving,” a mix of stuff from @ballyhoot’s list. So maybe one of those “I’m just a little bit bad but in a charming way” kind of songs? The verse section suggests a melody to me. If you’re okay with doing pre-chorus and chorus, I can get things started. What say you? If you really would prefer to go first, I’m happy either way. And let me know if you don’t like my suggestions about title/tone/theme.

  • @siebass Mar 26

    @ballyhoot @guatecoop I can take a crack at the bass, but it may be a few days before I can get to it.

  • @robotkitten  Mar 26

    @leomozi Sure, I can run with that. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

  • @ballyhoot Mar 26

    @guatecoop , @leomozi , @siebass , @robotkitten

    Sounds like we have a plan moving forward. Send me your individual tracks once completed and I'll put together a rough mix and post link to it here so anybody else wanting to participate can figure out what they want to contribute.

  • @guatecoop  Mar 26

    @siebass yeah, definitely give it a go! You guys were patient with me, so a few days is nothing.

  • @siebass Mar 26

    @guatecoop your drumming is a LOT better than mine would have been, so definitely worth it.

    @ballyhoot I'll use these chords as the starting point

    Verses: E-major / A-minor (x4)
    Pre-chorus: C-major / F-major / C-major / E-major
    D-major / D-sus4
    A/D / D-sus2
    D-major / D-sus4
    A/D / A/D
    (the whole thing x2)

  • @leomozi  Mar 30

    @ballyhoot, I just sent my vocals by WeTransfer. Let me know if you don't get them.

    @robotkitten, Here's a link to my vocals with the instrumental track:
    It's not mixed yet by @ballyhoot, but I thought you'd like to hear them to help mesh your pre-chorus and chorus vocals-- and if you want to add harmonies or double the melody on my vocals, have at it!

  • @leomozi  Mar 30

    I went a little different way with the lyrics than I'd said before. It ended up being narrated by some kind of supernatural being or immaterial entity who wants to steal some human attributes to make itself real. It doesn't want to cause too much harm or take too much away. If you get stuck trying to make a pre-chorus or chorus, @robotkitten, let me know, and maybe we can make some modifications to the verses.

    Verse 1
    I've got needs
    Like anybody else
    Bad for my health
    I'll wade into a fountain
    And I'll fish out all the coins
    It's not about the money
    It's the wishes I've purloined

    Verse 2
    Bats drink blood
    Cameras eat sould
    But just a little
    They leave you almost whole
    If I snatch a tiny memory
    Or if I cut a lock of hair
    You won't even notice
    You won't know that I was there

    Verse 3
    Now I'll pluck
    A single eye
    We'll both have one
    We'll see just fine
    Only take what's necessary
    Selectively I steal
    With all these human pieces
    I can finally become real

  • @robotkitten  Mar 30

    @leomozi Ooh, I'll have to give this some thought. I suspect I'll be sitting in the back of my filk group today scribbling lyrics...

  • @ballyhoot Mar 30

    @leomozi the vocals sound great and the lyrics are quite interesting. I’ll work on a mix tonight and share the results here. @robotkitten , looking forward to hearing what you come up with for the chorus parts!

  • @siebass Mar 30

    I also tracked the bass last night, I worry about doing the vocals before the bass is in, rhythmically, but I guess we'll see where we are. I just need to tweak the timing this morning and I will send it over.

  • @siebass Mar 30

    It'll be a surprise! Here's the bassline. It's a bit funky, I got a bit excited.

  • @ballyhoot Mar 30

    @siebass bass sounds good. I’ll play with mix tonight and hopefully post something before going to bed.

  • @leomozi  Mar 30

    @siebass, if the vocal rhythm and bass clash in the mix, I’ll be happy to modify the vocal rhythm and lyrics.

  • @siebass Mar 31

    @leomozi I'm sure it will be fine, I've just never collaborated with this many people before, and I was concerned when I wrote that. My apologies, don't mind me!

  • @ballyhoot Mar 31

    Here’s my rough mix of drums, guitar, bass, and verse/vocals. I also added some backing vocals here and there. I think it’s sounding good so far....

  • @leomozi  Mar 31

    Really liking this! The backing vocals are a great addition. And I think all the parts mesh well. Looking forward to hearing how this develops.

  • @siebass Mar 31

    Sounding really cool! I like the slide in the vocal.

  • @guatecoop  Mar 31

    Sounds good so far! A lot has happened since I last heard it!

  • @ballyhoot Mar 31

    So who’s next? @robotkitten ? @kahlo2013 ? @zecoop ?

  • @robotkitten  Apr 1

    I won't have time to record tonight, but here's a draft of the chorus!

    Not too much thieving, it’s barely a crime
    Taking little pieces just a bit at a time
    Stealing from you is how I thrive
    Tasting how it feels to be alive

    Building myself from bits of you
    When I’m all done I’ll be something new
    Still not enough, I am not quite whole
    How many pieces to build a soul?

    I need more, more, more, more…
    Give me more, more, more, more…

  • @zecoop  Apr 1

    Sounds really cool folks!! I'm thinking I could maybe add some organ (Hammond or Combo) maybe. It's got a slinky retro feel to it. 😀

  • @ballyhoot Apr 1

    @robotkitten , lyrics sound good. Looking forward to hearing them. @zecoop , have at it!!!! Organ sounds like a cool idea...😀

  • @siebass Apr 2

    Only posting to share my excitement to hear how this turns out.

  • @leomozi  Apr 2

    Yes, I'm excited too! @robotkitten, those lyrics are perfect.

  • @robotkitten  Apr 2

    Aw thanks <3 I'm working on my vocals track now!

  • @ballyhoot Apr 3

    Thanks! I started working on a new mix yesterday but ran out of time. Might not have time to finish it till Thursday night

  • @ballyhoot Apr 8

    Sorry for delay. Hurt my foot and haven’t felt like doing much. Been working on the song off and on today, trying to improve balance and how the vocals In the verses and chorus flow into one another. Tonally, they’re pretty different. It might not hurt to have a vocal track from @leomozi for the chorus to help blend the two parts together, to provide continuity , if that makes any sense . Or maybe I need to turn over mixing duties to someone who actually knows what they’re doing....😩😀

  • @zecoop  Apr 8

    Lots going on with me, so I haven't had any time to work on this, but I am hoping to soon. 😀

  • @leomozi  Apr 8

    @ballyhoot, sorry about your foot. I'm happy to add some backing vocals on the chorus. Do you have a rough mix with @robotkitten's vocals you can send me?

  • @leomozi  Apr 11

    Haven’t been finding much time to work on more vox. I’ll try to fit it in today. Sorry.

  • @siebass Apr 15

    Is there more we can help with? What still needs doing?

  • @ballyhoot Apr 15

    If anyone else wants to add vocal tracks, that would be fine. I can try to build some chorus-y backing vocals here or there. Also I think @zecoop had offered to do an organ track and @kahlo2013 offered to do flute or melodica , but don’t know if they’re still planning to do so. Otherwise, feel free to send me any track you care to....

  • @zecoop  Apr 16

    @ballyhoot - I am still trying to find time to do that, but have had some travel and other commitments lately. If it needs to be finished sooner rather than later, then just let me know and I'll bow out. I definitely would like to come up with something...

  • @ballyhoot Apr 16

    @zecoop, I'm not aware of any deadlines.... 😀 So take the time you need/want.

  • @kahlo2013  Apr 20

    I will still try to add something! I just got my flute back from the repair shop!

  • @ballyhoot Apr 20

    This is my current mix. Not happy with how I’ve mixed the vocals on the chorus. But if anyone wants to add any other tracks, this is what you should use as your “foundation”.... 😀

  • @robotkitten  Apr 22

    Yeah, I'm not thrilled with how my vocals came out in that either. Would it help if I re-recorded them?

  • @ballyhoot Apr 22

    It’s up to you @robotkitten . If you want to take another swing at it, have at it!

  • @robotkitten  May 4

    I might like to, but I'm not likely to have the time for a while 😞

  • @robotkitten  May 25

    If anyone is still reading this, I've re-recorded my vocals! Link:

  • @ballyhoot May 25

    Hey I’m still poking in from time to time. Not sure if anyone else is. Thanks for the new vocals. I’ll try to work in it this weekend or next. Thanks!

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