How was FAWM 2019 for you?

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  • @fearlessflight2014  2 weeks

    Hey guys, I had a really great FAWM this year. I wrote a couple of keepers, got the most audio demos posted I’ve ever managed within the month and only had to drop 2 collaborations due to a tour that overlapped the last week. I also did more collabs and some of my skirmish writes produced quality seeds worth working on beyond FAWM.

    I really feel so happy when I’m writing. I feel like I’m doing what I was born to do and it’s the time I have the most self esteem. So thank you for being such a great community. This website is the best one on the whole internet in my opinion!

    So how was your FAWM? Feel free to link to a favourite song or two, too.

  • @bethdesombre  2 weeks

    In some ways this was my best FAWM ever. I had no plans and no ideas, and each time I sat down to write a song something came. I LOVE about six or so of the songs, only think of about 2 as ones I wouldn't come back to, and feel like at least everything I wrote was well-crafted. It was such a magical and oddly low-stress month. (my last song of the month came out of nowhere and is really meaningful to me, even though it may not be the one people like most:

  • @oneslowtyper  2 weeks

    I was happy to once again add more "strangers" to my friends list, increase my watch list, collaborate with a few new friends and also with a few old friends, and I even sang two of my lyrics on instrumentals, which I don't often do.
    My "numbers" show 15, though the actual number is 11, and I'm happy with that. The songs I gained this FAWM all put a smile on my face. My only regret is I wish I would have done more skirmishes and had more time for comments.

  • @resonut123 2 weeks

    It was Okay, as I had a bad bout of bronchitis that lasted through the month. Although I did manage 14, 4 are placeholders now that were lyrics. I have music for them and will record updates hopefully soon, just wish I had my full voice back.
    So looks like MAWM (AAWM?) will have me listening and commenting more and hopefully updating my 4-6 demos.
    So not too bad under the circumstances. I am slowly getting better.

  • @guatecoop  2 weeks

    This is always such a strange place to be. In some ways, it was a great fawm for me and I pretty much focused on what I had set out to focus on. In other ways, there was so much change in the last year that almost nothing was the same from the previous years, aside from my instruments. I also felt less connected to some of those who I’d “fawmed” with the most. It felt a little empty at times. I didn’t overextend myself this year with too many collabs, but did have some really good ones and also was lucky to have some perfect vocals added to my songs. Probably some of my favorite ever. I had less time and did this fawm for the first time in this house, resulting in my feeling that my mixes were not too good, which I’m hoping to fix. I guess I feel mixed. The good was good, the meh was certainly there, and the feeling that I did not have the same connections with others was disappointing.

  • @sherrycanary  2 weeks

    I had a great FAWM. Stepped out of my zone for a few..especially liked being a punk rocker and doing spoken word.
    I had some cathartic moments as well as uncovering some deeper meaning...and some silly fun.
    It is satisfying to know that so many of us are so engaged and committed to this process.
    It also amazes me that i have completely 11 FAWMS!

  • @sherrycanary  2 weeks

    @guatecoop. I feel the same way about the connections. Every year I think I will continue the connections one FAWM to the next, but I have learned it changes year to year. I don't even communicate with someone people i i have done collabs with...but then there some new people. Glad I'm not the only one 😀

  • @quork  2 weeks

    My third year in, every year I love this community a little more. I started out strong with 2 songs and a collab with awesome sueawesome that I’m really happy with, and it was nice to reconnect with people I’ve started to get to know and to come across undiscovered FAWMers whose songs knocked my socks off.

    But then my new and demanding job caught up with me and my output dropped off. But as always, participating in FAWM is a win.

  • @johnstaples  2 weeks

    I cannot believe how fast FAWM went by for me this year! I remember at the start thinking it was gonna be so long before the colors changed at the halfway point and next thing I knew the last day was here and I still needed 3 or 4 to win! I also thought I'd do mostly skirmishes this year but I ended up with 9 of 14 as full productions!

    My disappointment is the funniest (and funest) song ( I've ever done was my last one, on the last night so it is destined to be heard by only a handful of people.

    I only gave a little more than 200 comments so I feel kinda guilty about that. I've tried to hit up everyone who commented at least once. Next year I think I am going to plan to be done by Feb. 14 so I can spend the final two weeks listening and commenting.

  • @mikeskliar  2 weeks

    @johnstaples i just heard that chipmunks tune, hilarious!
    My 2019 FAWM was one of the best ones I've had and that's saying alot, ive been doing it since 2006. Wrote a huge amount of songs (over 50!) and while there were many throwaways, of course, alot of what i wanted to do seemed to work out in the end. Many many fave moments, but here are two- first, an unexpected collab with SWG who hit my lyric out of the park (doubt is human) and a song of mine ('born without the sports gene') I had wanted to write for years and finally was able to do so..
    Doubt is human:

    born without the sports gene

  • @klaus  2 weeks

    The goal was 398 songs...or 14 songs. And I did 14 songs. You're looking at one proud Winner!

    First half was nice and slow, got five songs done that I really liked. It's not that they were necessarily good songs. It's just I enjoyed the way they came: not in a Fawm fever but at my own careful pace.

    Then came the grueling fill-the-quota phase. Those songs were not necessarily bad. I just don't like to do things in a hurry, skip the rewriting, post unfinished songs with a demo that I didn't have time to mix.

    Until this year I've made sure to give comments back to everybody. This time I barely got over 100 comments. That's not very nice.

    But Fawm has always been just a little bit too hectic. Behind the Klaus facade, there is a man who values reason and sensibility more than "creative hysteria". 50/90 Challenge has always been the full seven-course meal for me. Fawm is just an appetizer. 😀

  • @misterd 2 weeks

    This was FAWM #4 for me and by far my best and most productive . I wrote 40 songs and I gave myself a personal challenge and freedom to vary the instrumentation , genres , styles and experiment . I missed the first day but then wrote 4 on the first weekend . I’m a high school teacher as a day gig so I established a routine for myself . I deactivated all social media and didnt watch any tv in February . After dinner I read the paper .. then around 7pm in the evening I started with lyrics and melody ideas and then chose a different instrument -be it piano , acoustic guitar , ukulele , banjo , electric guitar , mandolin , harmonica . Usually I wrote one or two pages of lyrics . Then wrote the music , then adjusted the lyrics , occasionally starting new verses which changed the entire song . Then I just played once through while recording it on my I phone . I usually managed to get one or two songs every night . It felt like going fishing sometimes or putting an antennae on a roof and ca

  • @vomvorton  2 weeks

    When I updated my profile in January I wrote "Mostly though, I'll just be happy if I can improve on last year when I got a nasty cold early in the month and struggled to sing for ages."

    And what happened? I got TWO nasty colds this year and had extensive issues singing at both the start and end of the challenge. Combine that with the longer hours and busier days of a new job and two kittens who needed a lot of attention to stop them physically dismantling the house, and it was a slightly frustrating month for me overall.

    The good: All my collabs came out really well, I contributed to a load of four-track tapes and worked with some new people.

    The bad: I never really got into a rhythm and my solo songs, listening and commenting really suffered.

    So it was a mixed bag, but still good fun on the whole. I have some vague thoughts about approaching the challenge differently next year but for now I'll just hope to stay healthy!

  • @misterd 2 weeks

    Cont/ -catching radio signals . I’m really happy to have listened to many many songs , interacting with farmers on the forum and being part of the wonderful community . Hoping to refine my tunes and sort out the good ones worth refining from the ‘bonepilers‘ . Hopefully get some new songs for my band and maybe recording later on in the year . See y’all next year (Hopefully ) .Cheers Mark 😊👋

  • @misterd 2 weeks

    Typo .ps I meant ‘Fawmers’ not ‘Farmers ‘ !😆👍

  • @cts  2 weeks

    I am appreciative of every FAWM experience. This one, though, was very hard work through. We had a death in our family that took quite a bit out of us and halted my creativity quite a bit. I didin't get to work with everyone that I had intended to. I was going to surprise a few with a random Collab (lyricists need love too). I'm not bitter...just mentally fatigued. However, I'm going to keep commenting through March, Much love, FAWMily!

  • @edwardsmusic 2 weeks

    In comparison to 2017 and 18, about the same. I did of course meet some new FAWMers along the way. In my opinion, my output this year seems more productive than the other two.
    It's about as much of a ghost town as ever, particularly during the period from March to January. Should become more obvious the deeper we get into the year. I found it particularly annoying that my songs didn't get as many comments as I had expected.

  • @timfatchen  2 weeks

    I had a lovely FAWM, perhaps because it went seriously schizoid. As always, whatever I'd intended went out the window. I was all set up for wondrous semi-improvised new-age flowerpots with live video and more keyboards/synths than a Vangelis clone and then vanished for the first couple of days away from base, music, everything...but it got me writing lyrics, and working the morph, and (especially) having Flying Tadpole muscle in on my act and brings his bloody blues band along! And the last ten days I knew would be lost (though it turns out, not entirely) and that gave some impetus for haste too. But I'm fascinated that the songs I really really like are almost all collabs--and one morph-- with @fearlessflight2014 collab at the very top. Perhaps I'm maturing as my impetuous youth draws to a close.... BTW reading and commenting on lots of lyrics is dangerous find yourself desperately tempted to work with them. Even in March...

  • @ampersandman  2 weeks

    To me it was the best FAWM in quite a few years. The last years when motivation slowly turned into the feeling of obligation I tended to procrastinate. Especially in 2017 when I had that concept album on religion in mind and only managed to record seven songs. Those are still the best ones I’ve ever done, but motivation suffered and the experience wasn’t all that pleasant. This time I managed to keep up the energy. I am more than happy with my results (especially "Cape" and "Bare") and I am pleased that I am able to record songs the way I had them in mind. I have improved as a musician, and I am proud of that. Towards the end I moved away from my original idea to make 90s indie rock songs, but a Brit-style 90s pop song like “Over” isn’t too shabby either.
    It also was a good idea to take four days off. Having nothing else to do except your songs is a fabulous experience, much better than trying to get something done when it’s bedtime.

  • @ayehahmur  2 weeks

    A pretty successful one from me. Going into the month I expected to be pretty much replicating my approach from last year and recording everything rough and ready on my phone, but from my first song I switched to recording on Reaper and staye with that for the rest of the month. So, much of my feeling of success comes from exploring my new recording set up and seeing where I could go with it. The result is a bunch of demos that I mostly really want to move forward with.
    In song writing terms, I started with some musical ideas I'd had kicking around for the last year but there were quite a few at the beginning I wasn't terribly happy with. By contrast the last few that I wrote I feel are among the best songs I've written in years, so it's a win in that sense too.
    And it's been great hanging out with all the FAWMers and having the privilege of listening to their music. Absolutely inspiring.

  • @cicpisces 2 weeks

    Good form with a mix of skirmishing and collabs. i admit my collabs took on a different more interesting path than last year. But all very creative. Feedback I've had has always been warm and welcome. I never found a real gem that sparkled above the rest but not sure I reviewed as much as previously. But the general quality seemed higher and some great songs listened to.

  • @helenseviltwin  2 weeks

    I've got to say, I think this may be my best FAWM from the point of view of producing decent quality music and learning new skills. It really helps not having a job for half the month (may have helped even more not to have a job for the whole month, but something interesting looking came up...)

    My regret is that a couple of very tempting collaboration offers came in late in the month and I had to turn them down because I already had too much on my plate and I didn't want to let people down by not finishing, or half-arsing stuff.

  • @zecoop  2 weeks

    Going into this year, I was pretty worried about how things were going to go, after having the best time last year. Each year has been better than the last, actually (2012 being the exception), but it is easy to get worked up and worried. But once things started rolling, I just couldn't stop. I ended up with more collaborations and more songs than ever. In those songs, I felt I experimented more than I had in the past and played some instruments better than I have in the past (piano and drums). I'm extremely satisfied with how FAWM went this year... 29 songs, a bunch of 4-track cassettes, a ton of fun, over 400 songs listened to and commented on, and a BUNCH of catching up on my sleep this past week, lol. Good times.

  • @pearlmanhattan  2 weeks

    Good fawm for collabs... had some dream collabs, some good songs, and a good time. I grew as a writer and I grew emotionally . It was a good fawm.

  • @bootlegger 2 weeks

    I think I had my best fawm possibly ever. I hit my goal. It was a TON of work and it was kind of stressful. I also had a death in the family that took us away from everything in life for 4 days in the middle of the month. But fawm served as a nice distraction the rest of the time. I can't believe the response I've gotten so far but I'm really appreciative of everyone that has reached out and commented on my work. It makes me want to DO something with this album I've created I just don't really know what the next steps are. So I'll be spending some time on that trying to figure it out.

    I've had fawm years where I wrote 50 songs but this is the first year I'm really proud of almost everything on my album. I don't really know how it happened. It just fell into place and kept falling into place as the month went on. It was a whirlwind for sure.

  • @theresaj  2 weeks

    I feel like this was the best FAWM I've had so far. I spent less time writing and recording, the songs came easily, for the most part. I wasn't even convinced that I would participate this month and then finally admitted I was in the for the long haul after posting my 6th song. I think not having any expectations going into it helped a lot. I also had some amazing collabs which I will treasure forever.

  • @ustaknow 2 weeks

    For me, as always, (since it is what you make it), - great.

    This one (FAWM2019) was pure experimentation which provided a "breakthrough", which after many years "doing music", - was a kinda amazing surprise.

    I hit record and began and that became the track build. The worse the recording, - one with "morning voice", even... still, went with it and built the track, to my surprise, - I liked'it'em.

    Actually the first song, as some who follow me know, was not a song 😀 hahhh. As I was setting things up, (always a bit different), those lyric scraps became the song. They were truly wretched, dark, lines from News (?) reports - babies aborted though live born, White Men terminated since, well, they're White, Men, why else? 😝 yeah, fun times, fun times...

    So, anyway, running down a rabbit whole here, -- for me, I'd qualify that as time unexpectedly well spent.

    Yes, each FAWM is different - yeah! Those who would otherwise "take over", - can't 😝

    I read others comment about a "less" of a "connection" feel, (relationship diminished) - yup, felt it, and had commented it to a friend here. However the music upside balanced it. The, what I'll call, "artistic mind meld regardless of opinions" didn't occur. For me, when that happens (the artistic mindmeld) it can drive - more art/music work product production. But, again, it happened anyway.

    Well, maybe it's happening now, - March "madness" will set in, in a viable artistic output! 😝

  • @robotkitten  2 weeks

    First FAWM for me, so definitely my best one yet 😀 I just barely managed to get enough in-progress songs finished and recorded on the last day to hit 14! I figure it's a good sign that I had trouble narrowing down which to mark "favorites"--sorry, Polar Vortex, you came close. And now I have a deeper bench of songs for open mics and filk circles.

  • @metalfoot  2 weeks

    It was a good month, I think-- I still have a couple small projects to finish up (a re-record of a collab and a first-record of a promised collab). I was busier and sicker than I'd envisioned I'd be but still managed to get done what I'd hoped I'd get done during the month.

  • @chipwithrow  2 weeks

    Interesting how many of you wrote about the collaborations you did/didn't do. My general rule is make sure I do 14 solo demos (50 for 50/90) and then collabs on top of that. (Even though I find collabs to be harder often than creating on my own.)
    I did four collabs - 3 with the same great lyric writer, and one unexpected and weird and delightful. There was one other whom I worked with last FAWM and we swapped messages and just didn't get to it this time - I was hoping we would, but it will happen again.
    I'm envious of those who are super-into collaborating, and that's sort of an ongoing regret over the years. (I've done my share, I suppose, but not like some folks.)
    But, oh yeah, how was this FAWM for me? So good I'm inspired to actually do something with my Bandcamp account. Goal is two 14-song albums.

  • @zecoop  2 weeks

    @chipwithrow - well, for you, I can understand the desire to have 14 of your own, before collabs, but you do both really really well. For someone like me who writes only music, the collaboration is often part of the process of completing the song. Some are meant to be instrumentals with just me, but I definitely write a lot of songs with vocals in mind, even though I have no idea what those lyrics/vocals will be.

  • @torniojaws  2 weeks

    Got another win, so it was successful 😀 I also was able to keep my goals I set before FAWM, of doing plenty of electronic stuff and experimentation. I had just one song without any synths 😀 And I did a couple of experimental pieces I was quite happy with, for example the dark ambient shocker piece about Cthulhu:

    The ending raises hairs even for me, after listening to it several times 😁

    And the other one I'm really happy with was the 10+ minute epic song I did as the final song for this FAWM. It's a wild ride ranging from soothing clean guitars up to extremely fast cosmic black metal style blasting, until extreme melodies in the final third 😀 And the 10 minutes flies by without noticing!

  • @musicsongwriter 2 weeks

    I've enjoyed FAWM 2019 and to be honest enjoyed every single one ever since I've joined. I do have a problem thought: there are so many amazing songs. Where to find the time to listen to all? Trying whatever I possibly can. FAWM rocks!

  • @leomozi  2 weeks

    It was fantastic. I got much more involved with listening and engaging in forum discussions than I did in past FAWMs, which made me realize what a great community this is, and exposed me to some fantastic compositions from y'all!

    This tune that includes some sweet drumming from @zecoop and some weird vocal bass from me is my current favorite among my songs:

  • @zecoop  2 weeks

    @leomozi - That was a great song... Really innovative and fun to listen to. It was one of my favorites too. 😀

  • @cherok40  2 weeks

    I failed, but it is my first year.
    I only managed to compose 8 songs and I only really like 4 of them.
    I loved spending time listening to other peoples songs... that was really the best part of FAWM for me. But next year I plan to be more disciplined and spend 2 days for composing 2 songs, then 2 days listening and commenting, then 2 days for composing again, etc.
    So happy I found this place... even if I was unsuccessful this year.

  • @quork  2 weeks

    @cherok40, you created 8 new songs in 28 days and 4 are keepers. That’s a win.

  • @guatecoop  2 weeks

    @cherok40 Yes, the challenge is 14, but maybe you wrote some songs that you wouldn’t have. It is also possible (this is what I do) to rework those songs into something that you like....or maybe you have 2 song ideas in one and need to develop those as independent songs. I don’t think of fawm as pass/fail, but as a question of whether I learned and grew. You also may have learned something from others or gotten new ideas to work with. This isn’t a test to me, but is the most that I write and record out of any month.

  • @zecoop  2 weeks

    @cherok40 - I agree with what's been said here... there is no "fail" here. The idea is to get yourself writing new songs and you did, so that's a win. Plus you did the 10x10 which my brother and I did this year and found out how much work it is... I think they count for more than one!!

  • @syni 2 weeks

    Definitely worse than last year as far as total output goes. Was really hoping to finish a couple more but I got into a funk pretty early on there.

    The two I did finish I'm pretty happy with though, so--no regrets (=

  • @lemonstar 2 weeks

    meh - never really got out of 1st gear - too many other things going on - overseas visitors ame to stay, work, illness, other commitments, etc - and somehow the wind went from my sails early on and before you know it - it's all over.

  • @coolparadiso  2 weeks

    it was a really odd FAWM for me. i missed the community side but musically came away with a full album. i worked 24x7 the first week and had great inspiration. then was away for the rest and had to grab minutes hear and there when i had both time and phone service. so i missed doing collabing and listening to so many people i would have liked to. oh and a dozen plus songs to put music to sometime!

  • @rainchaser  2 weeks

    It was a better FAWM experience than it was last year. So I'm pretty happy about that. On my last FAWM, I castrinated a bit and didn't spent enough time on the writing. That and I also had computer issues for a few days. I was also quite new to collabs, and I guess spent too much time with it. But my real mistake was that I spent two weeks just commenting and not working on my collab song! Lol

    I had plans to not collab this year and was able to do that. I had plans to try other genres, I didn't fully succeed on it but at least I did some. First two songs I wrote were kinda planned, but the last two weren't and surprisingly I was far more happy with the latter. I also spent more time writing as oppose to commenting, so that's a plus. And I was able to exceed expectations with my song output than I originally expected, nice! I cam with 4 songs compared to last year's 1 song. I still need to work on melodies but it's working slowly.

  • @rainchaser  2 weeks

    I've learned quite a few a new stuff on FAWM. I've learned that FAWMers on the century were making sincere comments all this time. And I felt really bad about doubting the authenticity of their commenting. Thank you @timfatchen for teaching me a lesson about next time I will keep that in mind. I've learned limitations/deadlines can make you a better writer and can give you great results! That's how my last two songs were made. I've also learned that's ok to derail from your original plans if something just recently influenced you to write a new song. That's what I did with my last song.

    What I want to achieve for next FAWM is to definitely come out with more than 4 songs. Finished off the genres I didn't attempted on doing. Maybe write on a different instrument other than my guitar. Do more challenges. Spent more time on listening and commenting, hoping to get 200 before Ferbuary ends. Feasting on my first two songs. And finally continue to work on melodies.

  • @quork  2 weeks

    @rainchaser, sounds to me like a win. Some great songs and huge learning.

  • @timfatchen  2 weeks

    Aw shucks, @rainchaser , I told you I went through the same disbelief! Not teaching, just sharing experience from a bit further along the track. I reckon your last two songs were starting to get you in the ?zone or whatever the strange place is where stuff just happens. .

  • @crisp1  2 weeks

    Even if I hadn't written many lyrics, just listening to what other people come up with -- and reveling in their musicianship -- is half the fun of FAWM for me. Some really beautiful voices, some amazing playing, incredible songwriting, and even at times some mind-blowing producing. Since I only write lyrics, collaborations are what I live for -- it's an awesome experience to see my words turn into a song. This time I ended up with 14 collaborations -- enough for an album! I don't remember my counts from the two previous years (this was my third FAWM), but I'm sure that's my record. All my collabs mean something to me but I did two with Tammy that had special meaning because one was to celebrate 15 years with my wife and the other I'm hoping to have the DJ play at my stepdaughter's wedding this summer, probably for the first or second slow dance. I'm still playing my collabs every night after work as well as listening to some of my favorites made by others. February has become my favorite month of the year. This community is the best!

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