thank you to @sph for running Random Collaborations

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  • @tsunamidaily Mar 3

    thank you to @sph for running Random Collaborations. i did it somewhat one 50/90, i believe, and it can get intense trying to get people paired with a new partner, or one they haven't collaborated with many times before, with each round. i myself was severely unmotivated this year due to health issues, and owing people lyrics accounted to 4 of my lyrics posted, with a fourth being a mistaken random pairing. so the random collaborations i encountered this FAWM doubled my output, and i am thanking @sph and my partners right now for the impetus i needed to push through some fatigue and get some words down. great output on each collab.

  • @cicpisces Mar 5

    Bravo!! Always one of my fav part of fawm. Three cheers for @sph and my collaborators too.

  • @crisp1  Mar 5

    Yes, thank you to Stephan for a great job!

  • @sph  Mar 11

    Oops, just saw this. Thanks a lot! This february it was hard for me to concentrate on music but organizing that thread was nice. There's some listening ahead

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