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  • @siebass 7 weeks

    I have not had a very productive FAWM this year, due to many reasons. I wanted in this thread to offer help to folks that have that one lyric or that one song that they want to realize, but want/need a collaborator for. I know how much it can stink to have a collab fall through at the end of the month, or how tough it might be to have a lyric you really want memorialized in song not come to life, or an instrumental missing words.

    This place is usually fairly quiet after about mid-March, but if there is one song you really are disappointed didn't get finished during the challenge, I'll be happy to make an honest effort during the upcoming month to realize it for you; I've got a handful of placeholders set up for now to that end. I hope everyone had a happy FAWM!


    1. ajna1960 - Blue Thoughts (DONE!)
    2. sunnymae - Somethin' about you or W Mine all Mine (DONE!)
    3. sheilerk - Wanderer (pending response)
    4. janeg - I'm losing things (DONE!)
    5. jorh - Beautiful Generation (DONE!)
    6. crisp1 - Bit of Peace (DONE!)
    7. kahlo2013 Forgotten How To Run (DONE!)
    8. quork A Tiger in the Zoo (DONE!)

  • @ajna1960 7 weeks

    I have a few that are still lyrics only, if anything takes your fancy ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @siebass 7 weeks

    I will take a look @ajna1960. Glad you were able to make it for the tail end after all!

  • @sunnymae  7 weeks

    same here @siebass here are some quirky lyrics from the final skirmish.
    If something speaks to you, have a go at it. Now I can get down to listening to more amazing FAWMERS!

  • @siebass 7 weeks

    @sunnymae I will take a look!

  • @sunnymae  7 weeks

    Awesome and absolutely no pressure at my end. I appreciate the listen and actually will take some time to listen to your music as well. All the fantastic music listening for me Starts Now.

  • @sheilerk  7 weeks

    I'll probably get another lyric or two up before the deadline, but this will be the first time I haven't made at least fourteen in the last ten years. Lots going on this year. I have several lyrics without music if anything catches your fancy ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @siebass 7 weeks

    @sheilerk I put a comment on one, let me know if you are still around and want me to work on it.

  • @janeg  7 weeks

    Most of my songs are still waiting for music. Some of my lyrics may need editing. I specilize in weird topics!

  • @jorh 7 weeks

    I have a fair few lyrics without music if any take your fancy ๐Ÿ˜€ I always love to see how people interpret them - no worries if not tho!

  • @crisp1  7 weeks

    You can take a look at mine, too, if you're so inclined. There's one in particular I was disappointed didn't get turned into a song but I won't tell you which!

  • @siebass 7 weeks

    @jorh I'll take a look; @crisp1 if you change your mind about the one you want to have done, let me know, otherwise I will review and let you which I land on. Thanks!

  • @kahlo2013  7 weeks

    I have several lyrics only - if you are still looking I would be happy to suggest some to look at.

  • @siebass 7 weeks

    @kahlo2013 I'm still here for some March mischief. Let me know which ones you want me to take a look at and I will add to the queue.

  • @quork  7 weeks

    @siebass, Iโ€™ve got a couple that I wonโ€™t get to, and Iโ€™d love to see what you could do. Either or

  • @siebass 7 weeks

    @quork Sure thing, I'll take a look at both and see which strikes me. I've added you to the queue.

  • @siebass 7 weeks

    @sunnymae Ok, jazz has been attempted.

  • @siebass 6 weeks

    @janeg Ok, posted for you!

  • @siebass 5 weeks

    Just an update, since it's been a week. I'm still chugging away; almost done on my metalfoot fakeit entry I just had to try, and I've been bouncing around ideas in my head on Beautiful generation for jorh. I know how the chorus will sound, but I need to build up the beat for the rest. Planning to finish everything, and still aiming for end of the month.

  • @siebass 4 weeks

    a bit out of order, but here's @crisp1's done!

  • @siebass 3 weeks

    @jorh Collab done!

  • @siebass 3 weeks

    @quork More out of order, but getting near the end now. There's a tiger in the zoo

    Just the ballad left now to go!

  • @siebass 3 weeks

    Crawling to the finish, just under the April promised time.

    @kahlo2013 Forgotten how to run, I tried to ballad. I hope you enjoy it.

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