So sorry, everyone :-(

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  • @tawalker  Feb 28

    I knew FAWM 2019 was going to be tough to keep up with (due to various personal circumstances), but I thought "well, I think that every year, so I'll still give it a go"...

    Two songs completed, before I metaphorically blew a tyre and hurtled bonnet-first into a tar-pit 😞

    Well done to all of you who *did* finish, and I'll try and listen to some tracks ASAP. I'm also challenging myself to write/record an EP in March as "penance"... let's see how that goes 😝

  • @rbarreda Feb 28

    I know how you feel Tim.

    I figured, as usual, FAWM would be tough for me... always has been with family and work obligations. But having just finished going back to school and no more class schedule or assignments to keep up with and juggle this semester, I thought coming back to FAWM after a four year hiatus things might be better. Maybe things would be different.

    Wrong! Wrong on so many levels.

    I have only one song done and am about to upload number two.
    Honestly, this year's experience has been depressing because my spouse and others know how I look forward to this month but they didn't let up. Then my DAW took a crap on me. The inspiration and creative well ran dry after Week 1. Just the whole month of Feb really, really sucked. Wish there was a CTRL-Z button for life.

  • @sunnymae  Feb 28

    @rbarreda Me thinks you just started your next tune!
    "Wish there was a CTRL-Z button for life." Damn that's good 😀

  • @siebass Feb 28

    @tawalker and @rbarreda I feel ya guys, 2017 and 2018 were win years, this year I have 2 uploaded and a 3rd and 4th at 75% and 50%, respectively. Just couldn't really get the mojo going this year between work, having an almost 2 year old, and general lack of motivation. The only time I can do vocals is when the kiddo is asleep and I can't be belting in the house, so there's quiet takes or no takes 😝

    On the plus side, there's always next year, and 50/90 in July.

  • @leomozi  Feb 28

    @siebass, I’ve gotten some good feedback on my quiet, kids-and-wife-are-sleeping vocals; I think it comes across as intentional.

  • @siebass Feb 28

    @leomozi I guess I just need to be more intentional. It's also tough to angry rap quiet/quiet belt out a climactic lyric. Maybe I just need to work more on my whispersong...

  • @billysea  Feb 28

    There is no such thing as failing to finish FAWM. Sure, many people go to the trophy but if you create one lyric, or soundtrack, or song in FAWM that would not have existed otherwise, you are a winner in my book.

  • @dragondreams  Feb 28

    @billysea is wise. 😊

  • @metalfoot  Feb 28

    Wisdom! Let us attend!

    Honestly, by showing up to FAWM and being part of the community, even just crafting one song or listening and giving feedback, you win.

  • @tuneslayer2018  Feb 28

    well @tawalker look at it this way . . . you have two more songs than you did before. That's something! And two more than a lot of people write in their entire lives.

    Oh, and I second what @billysea and @metalfoot said.

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