Lyricist Looking For Collaborators Please

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  • @ajna1960 Feb 24

    I am very late to FAWM this year and usually put this ad out there in January !
    So, if you are in need of a lyricist, or some lyrics, please poke me, or knock me up, or message me, or whatever you need to do 😀
    I am pretty flexible and write everything from rock, punk and metal, to indie folk, jazz and the blues.

  • @jamesstaubes  Feb 25

    If you're up for it, I want to do a Zeppelin type of song. I'm thinking more in the Kashmir, Song Remains The Same vibe, but definitely rocking. I want something which leans into the more mystical lyrics that Plant wrote. What do you say?

  • @ajna1960 Feb 25

    @jamesstaubes just saw this lol great minds and all that.
    Yes I adore LedZep, massive influence.
    Have you heard the Future Kings Of Denmark stuff that SWG and I do ?

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