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  • @wearedinosaurs Feb 15

    I have a couple of songs kicking around that could really do with some vocals. Have a listen and if anything sparks let me know!

  • @wearedinosaurs Feb 18

    I'm gonna give this a bump since I posted it on Friday evening it might've gotten lost a bit.

    Also I want to use this opportunity to explain that this shout out is not lazyness on my part or anything. There's two reasons for asking. First, I do not like my voice for the kind of stuff that I'm writing atm. And, more importantly, last year I opened up my writing/recording proces to include others again after about 15 years of doing everything by myself. And I loved it! I did collaborations with the wonderfully talented @jessicalhΒ and @sparkie76 and that made me feel like it was the mid 90's again. So much fun and excitement, like the old days πŸ˜€)

    There's not much that can beat working on music together. And I cannot relive the 90's often enough πŸ˜‰

  • @pearlmanhattan  Feb 18

    I looked at your page and it was all instrumentals. Are you looking for someone to write lyrics as well as sing? Have you put the needs-collab tag as well as the music-only tag. Are you looking for collabs? Perhaps people aren't responding because they aren't sure what you're looking for. Hope you find what you're seeking 😁

  • @wearedinosaurs Feb 18

    Aaah, thanks for the tip! I did not know that a out those tags 😬

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