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  • @dragondreams  Feb 13

    Are we all geared up for the flood of "OMG my browser has gone all pink!" posts tomorrow? 😉

  • @judypie  Feb 13

    Does it go pink? I forgot! 😁

  • @cblack  Feb 13

    Ha! It's already the 14th in Australia, and no pink yet. I think that means I win FAWM, yes? 😝

  • @sapient  Feb 13

    Uh-oh... It's nearly that time again?
    Must get ready to squint all day...😜

  • @wobbiewobbit  Feb 13

    haha i just came to the forums to post get your shades out... you beat me to it!

  • @valeriecox  Feb 13

    Oh god. The wretched day of pink. The only bad thing about FAWM.

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 13

    @valeriecox - i think you need to write a song with the title 'the wretched day of pink' ! 😀

  • @tesla3090  Feb 13

    I always forget about it and then promptly sear my eyeballs when I check the site that day.

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 14

    and its happening!

  • @adforperu  Feb 14


  • @zecoop  Feb 14

    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 😉

    (right @adforperu ?)

  • @candle  Feb 14

    Eee ghads. It gets worse every year.

    See You In The Shadows…

    (They're the only haven from the hideousness!)

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 14

    Why do I always forget until it happens.

    Trauma, that's why.

  • @kovbleu  Feb 14

    @pipewrench67 lol.

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 14

    We should all write a song
    about what is written on our hearts

  • @timfatchen  Feb 14

    I knew I shouldn't have popped out to get the mail and papers. just LOOK at what's happened to my screen!

  • @timfatchen  Feb 14

    @sherrycanary writing a song about what's written on your heart might be fine for you, but my heart's lying. LYING I tell you!~ I haven't GOT 28 days!

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 14

    @timfatchen That isyour song then. You thought you had more time!

  • @krayzie003  Feb 14

    I always forget about this hideously blinding event lol. Don't forget to write an anti-valentine song in true FAWM fashion.

  • @johnstaples  Feb 14


  • @timfatchen  Feb 14

    @sherrycanary All right. It's written. I'll record it and put it up in a couple hours. So there!

  • @stephenwordsmith Feb 14

    I said on my profile that my preferred pronoun was 'you', and look what candy I was assigned. So thoughtful.

  • @tawny249  Feb 14

    Oh Gawd. My eyes. They burn.

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 14

    For Sale: Pair of greenish-blue eyes, 28 years old. Above average vision. Previous owner spent a lot of time in front of computer screens. Good condition. Still glint when happy. May have fringes of momentary outrageous blasts of magenta from FAWMing for 9 years. Can spot cops from miles away. Well-traveled, have seen most of the USA and Scotland. Best offer.

  • @rainchaser  Feb 14

    It's happening 😎

  • @spingo  Feb 14


  • @toms  Feb 14

    Love is all around! 😁

  • @timfatchen  Feb 14

    @sherrycanary and others. Don't plead I didn't warn you.

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 14

    ha, nice tim! mine's not quite as 'meta' tho it does reference that pink shade...

  • @timfatchen  Feb 14

    And what's on _your_ heart? Write a song about it. Now! THere's a challenge thread waiting hungrily:

  • @tcelliott  Feb 14

    @zecoop That's not the F words I was gonna use.

  • @hornesgiftshop  Feb 14

    The longer you look at it, the worse it gets. Fucking hell.

  • @theresaj  Feb 14

    I think the mighty gods of fawm hate us. Every single year...

  • @judypie  Feb 14

    Hahaha, I love it! SO VIBRANT!!

  • @larryw Feb 14

    One more reason NOT to take part in this again! DO NOT remove my profile picture without my permission!!

  • @judypie  Feb 14

    But Larry! You love songs!!

  • @pearlmanhattan  Feb 14

    My first fawm, I spent 2 hours trying to "fix my profile picture" on valentine's day.

  • @larryw Feb 14

    @judypie I may well love songs, but my pet hate is people buggering about with perfectly good websites for no reason! (My real job is in IT, so I see it all the time!)

  • @karan  Feb 14

    I have a remedy! If you stare at it long enough and then look at a white wall, all is green. And well. 😉

  • @hornesgiftshop  Feb 14

    @larryw Chill pill, it'll be back as it was tomorrow - California time probably. Or Tulsa Time if we're all on chill pills.

  • @larryw Feb 14

    @hornesgiftshop I'm chilled 😉 I just hate people messing up perfectly good websites without reason!!

  • @tseaver  Feb 14

    @larryw Last year I wrote a song about the magenta attack, "Schlock and Awwww". The hook was:

    Oh, the fuschia's too bright!
    Can I haz another shade, please?

  • @larryw Feb 14

    @tseaver i hear you! The fuchsia is indeed too bright

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