Need help with a square dance!

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  • @acromie  Feb 13

    I wrote song that is essentially a square dance, but I lack the skills to put this to music. My ukulele just isn't cutting it.

    Anyone feel like taking this on? It would be even better if we could do a mishmash of square dance and irish jig.

    I'll post the song shortly with the lyrics and a read of them for reference. I haven't picked a melody, but can do that myself once we've got the key picked out.

  • @acromie  Feb 13

    Here's the link:

  • @tunecat Feb 13

    I'm up for it! Can u make ur file downloadable?

  • @acromie  Feb 13

    Oh! Yes! I just saw this, after I responded to your comment. Give me a minute and it will be available.

    Even if you could put together a quick beat or bass track, I can re-record these with better meter.

  • @acromie  Feb 13

    Okay, it should be downloadable now.

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