Cohesive album?

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  • @fulanin Feb 12

    Do you get worried about making an album where the tracks sound the same or you just go for wathever you feel like?
    It's called Album Writing Month but for me It's feeling more like a Cluster Month. So far, considering what I've released and what I'm working on, I have distorted guitars tracks, piano tracks, electronic tracks, ambient tracks, etc.

  • @cblack  Feb 13

    For 50/90 last year I had EDM and piano. This year, just EDM. So I don't really have that problem.

  • @lazyafro Feb 13

    I think about this all the time. I walk that line between "this is my own unique sound" and "I got good at my own unique sound but now everything sounds the same."

    I like to use FAWM to give myself that creative outlet for other stuff, and then if I like something I'll add it in with the other, if that makes sense.
    Also, I tend to write everything myself, so a collab takes the fake pressure I've built up around myself and casts it aside, and gets my creative juices flowing again

  • @bootlegger Feb 13

    I think I'm doing a pretty good job of making my album pretty cohesive this year while still having some variety. The instrumentation and my overall style is what's keeping everything kind of together. Plus it's a concept album and it's kind of a story so that helps too.

  • @torniojaws  Feb 13

    Nah, I consider the album thing as a loose guideline πŸ˜€ Otherwise you could spend an eternity making your first FAWM song be of album opening quality, and never get anything done. I just do the songs and then worry about album flow after February πŸ˜€ In fact, I've never released a FAWM album, but rather use songs from various FAWM years when compiliing a "real" album. In fact, my next band release features songs from even FAWM 2015 πŸ˜€

  • @fearlessflight2014  Feb 13

    I’m with @torniojaws . I just write whatever the muse or the skirmishes/challenges/collaborators inspire. I don’t get hing up on the word β€˜album’ but I’ve already included FAWM song ms on two professional releases and will be working mid year on an album which will be 70% FAWM inspired from a 5 year span.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 13

    For me, it's not so much an "album" as it is just "a bunch of disconnected songs".
    I don't worry about making them cohesive at all.

  • @chipwithrow  Feb 13

    @lazyafro - That's a good way of putting the "unique sound" dilemma!
    Usually I choose a theme that most of my FAWM songs will follow, but I throw in a few collabs and skirmishes and oddball things, too. Last year I played 14 different instruments, one year I wrote most songs about a painting my daughter did, and in my early FAWM days I wrote mainly kids' songs.
    Because this year's theme was all acoustic guitar/vocal, I had to work a little harder at making the songs sound different. I self-plagiarized once and almost did it again!
    I would say that's we're all writing albums with the theme/working title of "These Are Songs We Wrote in February."

  • @leomozi  Feb 13

    For me FAWM is mainly a tool to motivate me to write a bunch of songs. I have a fairly consistent style for my β€œreal” songs, but I enjoy doing weird stuff sometimes too for fun and creative exercise. If and when I’m able to prioritize music in my life more, I might go for a cohesive FAWM album.

    On this subject, I’m loving what @dogma00 is doing with the a capella techno project.

  • @ustaknow Feb 13


    A great perennial question to engage, and you see, it's kinda personal, boxer, briefs or thong, or commando 😝

    What I noticed, and quite unintentional was, from this years engagement I stuck to engaging them in "order" of writing. When I say write, I mean, - engage the many scraps of paper from torn junk mail envelopes backs and etc., if even figuratively speaking.

    I did notice a cohesive theme, as you say. I never intended it to be "apocalyptic", so to speak in any way, but was from a sequential, faithfully done daily writing and from my "morning-mouring-news" writes, if not late-night-early-morning "jot it down" nuggets.
    -- I kinda liked that... so have kept with it, 'till now, but may jump around a bit.

    As far as sound πŸ˜€ 😝 hahhh... I was writing with, for someone and was told they were holding a track for later since it sounded to much like another "band" πŸ˜€ -- yeah, same person-s-person ... I know all those members well too. [me]. So, you can try to escape "your sound" but may be challenging since if even "Covering" a song, generally speaking, -- it's gonna be "you".

    What I try to do, as in this FAWM, -- be very experimental. Some tracks I refuse to think of the "song" while writing, noodling on "tape rolling" while Searching... then, chunked out a segment of "krappe" 😝 I'd never have "intentionally" drafted per any tacit framings.

    Zo, derUgo πŸ˜‰

  • @zecoop  Feb 13

    @fulanin - I absolutely do not worried about trying to connect the style. I would likely never get 14 songs that way, as I never know what style is going to come up next. Whatever sounds interesting, or any idea that comes into my head is what I go with each day. In March, once I have all the songs, I rearrange the order and (to me at least) the albums are cohesive, I guess because it's me writing the songs. But then again, I like a lot of eclectic stuff and variety... πŸ˜€

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