Anyone looking for entirely sensless lyrics?

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  • @twyllodrus Feb 12

    Then we are your twyllodrus. We write in English or German or via triple Google translations in any given language. We would love to contribute some utter nonsense lyrics to a song. So if you feel like collaborating with us, let us know.

  • @amysens Feb 14

    LOL. I've been thinking I'd like to try and do a Bob Dylan-style thing that almost makes sense, but this could be more fun. One question, though - do the lyrics have a good rhythm to them? As in, it's not just nonsense strung together, there is some meter and maybe a rhyming scheme?

  • @twyllodrus Feb 14

    Well depends. If I write them in English or German, I´ll do my best. But if you want me to double or triple translate them via Google translator to some language like Suomi I'm pretty sure nothing will be left.

  • @twyllodrus Feb 14

    You may also choose a subject, like peach plucking or a coati-mondi in distress for example. Well, if you like. Otherwise I might find one myself. 😉

  • @spikedirection  Feb 14

    My autocorrect makes some really wacky corrections, pretty much constantly. I had the idea to write some lyrics and not go back and undo the autocorrections, it would be total nonsense.

  • @quork  Feb 14

    Multiple Google Translate, I love it and had to try using randomly generated numbers to select the languages (with a Valentines Day theme, of course):

    There was a girl who broke my heart
    I fell in love with her
    She played me along then she left
    Here I am drunk alone and weeping

    English-Portuguese-Cantonese (Traditional)-Dutch-English:

    There was a woman who broke my heart.
    I Tina to his love.
    He threw me away, so she went out.
    The degree, I drink Tina drunk, scream only

    I like it!

  • @moonraccoon  Feb 14

    Do translation algorithms parse grammar these days, and try to correct it? I wonder what a lyric put through a "cut-up method" generator would look like if then put through a triple-translation.

  • @twyllodrus Feb 14

    Triple google translations ought to be a weekly challenge. This might spice up things definitely

  • @twyllodrus Feb 14

    Whenever I feel lazy about my lyrics, auto-completion is a mighty tool as well.

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