Thank you all for this!

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  • @quintonbarnes  Feb 11

    Such an inspiring, beautiful process - all of us forming these creative connections via the sharing of our work. If only it could last all year! Allow me to be corny for a second - I'm incredibly inspired and moved by the brilliance of you all, and I just wanted to thank you deeply for this month and the creativity it's inspired. Happy FAWMing!

  • @keithcuts Feb 11


  • @spingo  Feb 12

    Yes yes, thanks!

  • @timfatchen  Feb 12

    There's nothing like it! But partly it comes from the pressure-cooker time limit. I couldn't keep this pace up more than another couple of weeks. Besides, the inevitable divorce wouldn't be good, either...

  • @fuzzy  Feb 12

    @quintonbarnes, you should check out 50/90 as well.
    It's kind of like FAWM, but all summer.

  • @quintonbarnes  Feb 12

    @fuzzy brilliant, thank you!

  • @bootlegger Feb 12

    Yeah fawm is special. I look forward to it all year. I love discovering new artists and being inspired by everyone and getting feedback on my work. It's just so wonderful.

  • @cts  Feb 12

    This community rocks and I’m glad you’re a part of it @quintonbarnes!

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