Lyrics First

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  • @themiller  Feb 10

    Why is it that when I choose a topic and just start writing that the song falls out of me in about five minutes, but when I start with the music I stare blankly at the groove for hours without a hint of a lyric?

  • @bootlegger Feb 10

    I'm kind of the same way. I almost always have a bunch of lyrics first and then fall into a musical groove and find lyrics I already have that fit the feel and go with it. It's really really hard for me to have music first and then write lyrics to it.

  • @resonut123 Feb 10

    I am a lyric first writer 97.8% of the time. The tone/theme of the lyric then dictates whether or not it will be folk, blues, rock, jazz or funk. Then usually I get a melody for the chorus/hook, then the verses are an afterbirth (afterthought). I really have to put forth effort into the verses. That is usually the way it works for me.

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