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  • @kavokei Feb 10

    Hello FAWMers and fellow FAWMlings - good luck to you all for this year!

    I joined up before the 2019 challenge started and I've been beavering away with all the usual prep - my stuff is electronic and instrumental, so I don't have to worry about writing lyrics and attempting to record myself. However, I've been working on sound design, audio editing and composition elements for the first week, with several basic arrangements coming out of that, three nearing completion and another six or seven basic ideas so far. I think I'm a little behind schedule, but hoping to catch back up before the 28 days are up.

    I'd love to know if there are any other FAWMers writing electronic instrumental music - I suspect I'm very much in the minority with all the talented singer/songwriters there seem to be on here (having listened to some of the tracks others have posted).

    Cheers and all the best 😀

  • @torsten  Feb 10

    Hio @kavokei : You can try to search by song tags. E.g. clicking on the tag "electronic" I get a list of some hundred songs leading to a bunch of corresponding electronic guys 😉

  • @kavokei Feb 11

    Ah, good idea Torsten - thanks!

  • @mikeb Feb 11

    There's a ton of electronic instrumental music being posted!

  • @elesimo  Feb 11

    I usually write electronic music, but during FAWM I try to get out of my comfort zone and I often write songs with lyrics. I'm also inspired by all the amazing songwriters here. 😀

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