Bossa nova/hip hop collaboration?

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  • @vadellgabriel 1 week

    Lately, I've been going through my Pete Rock & J Dilla beats, and noticed they had quite a bit of Brazilian jazz/bossa nova samples in their work. I always wanted to do something similar, but as an original composition instead of just sampling. Does anyone here on FAWM make bossa nova music? If you can sing as well, that's a plus.

  • @leepat  1 week

    @vadellgabriel hey, i was thinking of doing a bossa nova number and i can sing, sortof...

  • @cts  1 week

    Guys - I think it's more than evident. Pair up and collaborate!

  • @netnoise 1 week

    I can add some Stan Getz-ish sax if you're interested

  • @leepat  6 days

    @netnoise you're the man, let's do this!

  • @vadellgabriel 6 days

    @leepat @netnoise If you guys are down, then I'm sure we can make something great!

  • @bmoscovitz 6 days

    I'm actually Brazilian if you guys want a bossa-nova-familiar ear to give you pointers, or sing, or you know, do Portuguese lyrics. I'm game!

  • @vadellgabriel 5 days

    @bmoscovitz Then what're we waiting for? Let's make something great!

  • @splittybooms  5 days

    i wanna hear this!

  • @netnoise 3 days

    Okay, @vadellgabriel and @leepat , how do you want to start this? Can either of you lay down some bossa grooves?

  • @sheamiejay  3 days

    I’ve been known to lay down a tasty Latin guitar solo now and again.

  • @leepat  3 days

    @bmoscovitz @sheamiejay @netnoise
    this is shaping up to be quite the collaboration. We might actually need more than one track or set of lyrics here.
    I was going to propose rhythm guitar track and possibly lyrics.
    Portuguese lyrics would be nice too.
    I was thinking of asking @fearlessflight2014 to sing too, if she's available...
    but I'm getting ahead of myself.
    I believe @vadellgabriel offered to cook up some grooves?
    I'll post here again as soon as I have something ready, but don't let that stop you you already have something...

  • @fearlessflight2014  3 days

    I’d sing but I don’t know how good my Portuguese would be...

  • @leepat  3 days

    @fearlessflight2014 haha Liz, no worries, it'd be better than mine (I only know onе word)

  • @vadellgabriel 3 days

    Admittedly, Bossa grooves would be my weakness, but I can definitely lay down some hip hop drums, and some bass.

  • @nancyrost  3 days

    I'm up for adding some keys if wanted.

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