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  • @justgreg Feb 8

    Hello all,
    From what i can tell FAWM is mostly made up of performers and performers doing production, so as an electronic producer doing everything in the DAW from start to finish, i would like to get to know the fawmers doing the same or just your opinions about the subject (=

    For example, I produce my tunes in Ableton Live 10 and it's all synthesized using operator, serum, z3ta, ni's massive with drums ripped from older records and tunes using izotope's rx7. I do not play physical instruments although i often do end up sampling a friend's performance, or mimicing one using synths. I'm mostly up to what people normally refer to as 'EDM' and i'm doing my best to invite as many of my friends as i can to tag along so we can have some good times learning new routines together and fighting the occasional issue of overcomplicating the projects and wasting time. EDM production can be such a toxic scene out there when it comes to demoing and the space of FAWM is a silver lining compared to that. I've done the challenge in 2016 and have been returning to listen to people's work, now trying again this year! I might not make it but FAWM is much more than just the 14 tracks.. πŸ˜€ I particularly find the idea of coming up with lyrics difficult and i'm seeing some of you write a whole tune or even multiple a day and i just find it fascinating. I've read a thread on here about how FAWM artists are true soul artists and i agree wholeheartedly.

    Anyway, My electronic friends include @voljum [austria] and @bliniks [finland], @zanzlanz [united states] ... any more of yous out there?

  • @tcelliott  Feb 8


    I sometimes use the above link to see the tags most commonly used. Electronic seems get quite a few hits. Just a thought.

  • @justgreg Feb 8

    i lurk #fawmtronica usually , that one returns the stuff i'm looking for, i however didn't find many threads which relate to it , so i thought this could be one

  • @tcelliott  Feb 8

    Yeah, I hope EDM, Electronica and Fawmtronica artists will take note and message here.

  • @splittybooms  Feb 8

    hey, @justgreg I'm the same. I have my Yamaha S03, but its just used as a midi controller for my DAW, Reason. I've found a bunch of us using tags like TC said and just searching. Some amazing stuff on here already.
    I don't know if it'll be your cup of tea, but @fluidvolt blew me away with their first track. (i love that quirky stuff).
    There are some polished electronic producers on here, I'm finding out. I didn't really dig around last year to find people, but this year I'm more into it, and have tried to seek those out that are like us.
    Starting last FAWM (my first), I started to develop an appreciation for acoustic demos, which is what you'll find a ton of here. Then from there, I did other challenges (50/90, nasoalmo, some facebook music challenge grops), and that appreciation developed further. I honestly never really found myself sitting down and listening to a voice and a guitar unless it REALLY moved me. But now, I hear and enjoy it everyday from listening to all my c

  • @splittybooms  Feb 8

    hmm...my post was cut off...
    Anyway, listening to all the folks in these diff communities who do voice and guitar...its inspiring.
    But electro stuff is my first love!
    Happy FAWMing, will be checking you out, @j

  • @krayzie003  Feb 8

    I create all kinds of music. This year I am concentrating mostly on electronic music. I have made a point to search out others creating in this genre and I'm impressed by the amount of electronic music being produced this year. I don't remember seeing this much during past Fawns, but then again I never actively searched it out. The FAWMtronica forum is a good place to find other electronic producers and see what they are up to.

    I produce my songs in Cubase. I have a variety of vst synths but my go to at the moment is Serum. I'm using iZotope's Beat Tweaker and Groove Agent for vst drums. I also have a variety of samples and loops that I use through Loopcloud. So far those have been my main tools in use this month.

  • @cblack  Feb 8

    Yep, doing minimalist vaguely-dark electronica this year. Mostly, anyway. πŸ˜€

  • @saumera  Feb 8

    Eyy I'm a pure electronic boi. Before any instruments came into my life there was arranging Garageband loops, so the DAW was technically my first instrument. I've since gone from Logic to Cubase to Ableton and went from more orchestral stuff to more synth based electronic stuff.

    Like @krayzie003 said, I'm also super impressed by the electronic music this year, both in quantity and quality. I feel like years past had me feeling a little peer-less, but there's a ton of quality stuff out there, enough to have me feeling pretty seriously intimidated.

    So far this year my output has no consistent style, but here's one that's a little more pure EDM (and my favorite of the year so far):


    If you can't tell I'm a giant Noisia fan.

  • @voljum Feb 8

    nice to meet all of you, i'm voljum.
    this is my first time participating in FAWM, it was quite a spontaneous decision, though i don't regret it (yet). πŸ˜‰

    i thoroughly believe that the experience that i'm going to gain throughout this month is going to make me prepared when artist's block hits. i've had a surprising amount of epiphanies with every track i've worked on so far and i can't wait to get even more insights.

    my home territory in terms of style is right inbetween edm and idm. i've had about 3 years of production experience, before that i had nothing to do with electronic music. i've mainly been a classical pianist since the age of four, though as alluring as it seemed, i didn't get the chance to dive into electronica until i turned 16.

    i'm genuinely stoked to see what this great community can come up with and i'll keep checking this thread, as well as all the tags associated with electronic music!

  • @tesla3090  Feb 8

    There are quite a few of us here.

    There's actually another, older thread about this topic, full of great FAWMers for you to check out!


  • @justgreg Feb 9

    @splittybooms thanks for the recommendation, this fluidvolt dude is nuts!

    @krayzie003 @cblack @saumera you lads are up to some wicked stuff, i'll be watching out for your upcoming tunes πŸ˜€)

    @tesla3090 wow, how the hell did i not spot that ? mustve been the lack of sleep haha thank you for linking this. i'll be running through it shortly

  • @torniojaws  Feb 9

    Yeah, I always do several all-electronic songs every FAWM, as I enjoy both metal and electronic music πŸ˜€ My tools are mostly Nexus with expansions, Electra 2, and two new (for me) synths: Hybrid 3 and Iris 2. In the past I've also used Z3Ta+, Vanguard, V-Station and Bass Station, but they are starting to sound a bit worn out for me after some 5-10 years of use 😁

    So far this year, I've done one kind of dark trance song:

    And one dark ambient piece:

    I still have plans to do more industrial or EBM stuff at least.

  • @seb Feb 11

    So do you all collab here?

  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 11

    I’m about 90% electronic when I write and record. Dance-music-you-can’t-really-dance-to stuff. I use Logic mostly... Keep meaning to trial Ableton.

  • @chasingandromeda  Feb 12

    I do primarily electronic music and usually and end to end in a DAW. I do have some external gear as well, but I write almost entirely instrumentals. In ten years of FAWMing, I think I have contributed to maybe 8 tracks with lyrics and, in all cases, they were collaborations. So, I am right there with you.

    The only downside yo doing FAWM as an electronic artist is that other electronic artists are very focused on production and FAWM is not about that at all. This is the time to write. Tonight, I did a track in four hours. It is not a complete musical thought and the production is spotty because it was rushed. But it is something I can expand upon when FAWM is done. Now is the time for ideas that could become full tracks later.


  • @sbs2018 Feb 12

    EDM is probably my first Love but I also experiment with alt. rock, alt. pop - whatever it is I’m trying to do, it ends up being some sort of alt. or something with a beat - lol!

  • @rpasquier  Feb 12

    This is my first FAWM and I am finding it inspiring, yet intimidating at the same time. I took a long hiatus from playing the piano and have not gigged live. I bought myself a Roland Synth (FA-08) and Logic and work with an experienced songwriter who is teaching and encouraging me. So everything is DAW. I am trying to do something different than classic EDM. Exploring different textures, writing songs with lyrics (my voice is a challenge), time signatures and modal scales. I figure, this is a free space to explore. I am with @chasingandromeda that I find the focus of electronica folks on refined production values a challenge within the format of 14 songs in February. I am trying to keep my compositions stripped down to a few voices and software instruments and I am doing no real mixing or production at the end. It would be great more comments and suggestions from the folks on this thread.

  • @plog  Mar 1

    I know I'm a bit late to this thread but, I'd like to share my setup and future plans.

    Currently my DAW is Reason 10. I use Rack Extensions aka VSTis for most of my songs. PredatorRE, Antidote, VikingV2, Europa, Subtractor, Thor, KONG, ReDrum for the most part.

    I think my sound sits more in the experimental / dark house / EBM side of dance music. I like the idea of driving bass and four to the floor beats, but I'm not so into the mainstream stuff.

    I ended up picking up a Korg Electribe 2 over the course of this years FAWM. I'll be delving deeper into the hardware side of production over the coming months. For 2020 I'll be doing a strictly hardware set of songs. My current setup is - R3, microKorg, Electribe2, DTX12, Drumbrute Impact, BeatstepPro, EH VoiceBox, and Fender Esquire.

    The DAW world made a lot of this stuff easy, and i take it for granted. I'm looking to play my instruments more and less noodling at a midi keyboard.

    Actually finished the 14 tracks this year. Hope you all did so as well!

  • @psyt Mar 1

    Also late to the thread. Should've minded the forums more. πŸ˜€
    I'm also in the Reason camp here, and I wrote 14 downtempo acid tracks this month (the 14th isn't up yet but it's close, mostly because I had to do a live show yesterday.)

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