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  • @haim  Feb 2019

    in this thread you should post link to lyrics you loved. (Mainly lyrics only).

    I realized many lyricists don't get enough attention like music posts. and I think that there should be more emphasize of lyrics reading too, so, post here your favorite lyrics (can be with music as well but generally more lyrics only stuff).

    This is for raising awareness of lyricists and for getting to know some lyricists. Parallel to the recommended songs thread.

  • @tawny249  Feb 2019

    Please check out anything by @crisp1. This person does crazy amazing things with the English language.

  • @stephenwordsmith Feb 2019

    A new FAWMer named @banjodan is making the transition from poetry to songwriting, and there's a lot of promise in this bleak, evocative one.

    I recommend you pay him a visit.

    (Good thread idea, @haim)

  • @bkoubsky 5 weeks

    Hello! I am a lyricist just getting a start. I have written a lot, but am very new. Wanting to collaborate with musicians everywhere 😀
    Any advice on how to get started is welcomed!

  • @kalcedonka 1 week

    @bkoubsky me too, but I writing poems mostly 😁

  • @metalfoot  1 week

    @bkoubsky @kalcedonka This place is a bit of a ghost town right now but wait till January/February, you'll find lots of people to work with!

  • @ustaknow 2 days

    @bkoubsky @kalcedonka -- my "advice" would be to not just wait for folks to offer to collaborate; listen carefully to folks work, and reach out.

    Also, maybe log into (now), and look around, "listen", "comment!" 😀 -- that's another project that renews and follows February, but is also over now (nothing happening until Feb. generally speaking).

    And, (the small print we all may have today? 😉 hahhh!...)
    -- be very clear upfront about any conditions you may or may not have with your Lyrics and collaboration.

    Most will know (anyone "here" 3-4 years, 3rd-4th FAWM for sure ?) -- look at the join dates), -- anyway, they'll know what that's about and respond specifically, upfront "about collaboration", (c), etc.:
    e.g., I read a Lyric and feel I can/want to engage it but not as is due to my Style, method of working, so
    a) I'd hope my style is "OK" with Lyricist, and if so, then
    b) If I modify/derive another version of that Lyric, the Lyric version is a co-author/ownership of the Lyric; music is the composers only, as well as the "Performance/Recording", -- so, * make sure you both are OK with using the track after FAWM, etc., use of the "Demo-track!". That'll avoid any dissapointment.

    I try to use a lyric as-is, but sometimes cannot and yet some are OK with the co-write (c) copyright. And sometimes, they and myself are just experimenting, or simply trying to help "you" out, draw attention to your new work, since we all have "followers" who then have "followers" who will see the collaboration and look at our stuff. Plan on being here two FAWM's, imo, to know what's what, like in real life 😀 !

    -- When I say "followers" I mean other musicians who have found each other, not groupies, or like "youtuber" followers 😀 -- well some may be!, but not the "normal" kind 😉

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