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  • @ustaknow Feb 3

    Last year, per chance, I didn't have the time to comment on someones entire list of 14 to 300+ songs 😀 ... may have been 5090?

    So, what I did if saw they were amiable to it, -- at the end, or near it (now), I did an overall listen to the Body of Work, then commented a paragraph or so on all of it instead of 300 "sounds good like it" 😝 Some seemed to really like "that".

    Update to this three week old thread:
    So..., in case others here have listened to many but did not have the time to comment; I suppose to just @ then name/ID, and summarise for them.

    Otherwise, see ya-all 2020 😀
    -- Or not... as you like...

    -- Me, I'll start with one I know well, and come back as I can; I think I have maybe 3 - 4 total. I just don't like to leave, so many "another good one" type comment since some may, or may not know what I mean by that and beyond "encouragement" is not necessarily helpful.

    If you WANT this kind of review, well, let folks know, - they just might do it, if not here, on your SoundBoard direct.

  • @ustaknow Feb 3


  • @ustaknow Feb 27


    A relevant performing songwriter of a level of dedication and integrity to thought and sound that I've rarely observed over decades of consuming music et al.

    If you listen long enough, you will uncover many different styles, genres and demonstrated capabilities.

    Within his music, all good thoughts are welcome for consideration.

    You can't listen to one song, ten songs and assume you know his work.

  • @ustaknow Feb 27


    Oh, cool-one, wow, only 40 songs, -- get to work; and while on the road too!

    Your diversity of lyric is truly a pleasure to wait for, - for the the next one coming.

    Your local venues are truly fortunate to have you available to them and you local peers to have you to work with. We should be so lucky in my area.

    Well done, all.

  • @ustaknow Feb 27


    Wow, 53 songs, and all well developed in such a short period.

    You're vocal diversity is apparent, and well engaged -- good for you.

    While I just don't have to time to listen to all of them (as with others), from the comments I've left, I hope it's had some application if even just affirmation of that it is a great, well done song.

  • @rkeeling75 Feb 27

    This is an awesome idea and one I wish was an option in the site. A button that says "I would like constructive criticism on this song" or one on the profile for the complete body of work.

    I know I appreciate and welcome those comments.

  • @tcelliott  Feb 28

    I like the idea, but it'd probably be more personal on their soundboard... if nothing else so it gets saved when they archive.

  • @ustaknow Feb 28

    So, @rkeeling75 - since may not be understood, I'll re-comment
    - by listing your ID (*anyones) here, I (*anyone) can give your work product in total, a click through and I can leave it "here" or as elliott suggests on your soundboard. (Both, since I can copy and paste it or you can yourself 😝) )

    However, ~"here"~ if it were to ever "catch" on - facilitates "more" of it, which, imo, ime, is as well why many do come to FAWM (fawmlings) but may not know "how" to engage, -- "it". One can easily, as I suspect is done anyway, then copy and paste or Save As "html" an entire forum thread since is the only way to "Archive" that. (Unless that's changed. But, per elliott's good input, - not yet)

    -- This is not the first time I've commented this 😝 I do see FAWM as out of the box thinking itself, and not the place for more status quo and so - this is what it is. At least I am not "afraid" to comment, if not one of the "cool kids" 😝 embraced for every nugget of thought.

    To restate as well, - many I've followed do ~ many songs ~. And frankly, if I follow *authentically 5 - 6 people, 10? + that's 140 songs ~ 10 hours+ of listening-ish? (For some, that's *half of FAWM; pending you how many hours you dedicate?)

    Anyone's who's known "me", knows how I consider comments, it's all good. No one say's "wow, this part would be so much better if..." because they hate your music 😀 If they did, you'd never hear from them at all. Also, c o m m u n i c a t i o n - leads to musical r e l a t i o n s h i p which has value in the "music world" or the one I live in 😀

    I'll leave it there.

    So, I'll be clicking through your stuff. It'll be an overall impression of how I hear it. To understand me, 😀 well, reading this thread is a good start, -- serious about music if even as Vocation, does not matter.

  • @pearlmanhattan  Feb 28

    @ustaknow I'll be brave - feel free to click through my songs and leave your thoughts either in comments on the songs or on my soundboard - please (no sense cluttering up the Forums with that sort of thing - I'd rather it be between you and me than a free-for-all.) I agree with what you said that if a person doesn't like the song, they won't comment at all - so we agree to start from a place that if you comment, it's because there was something you liked? I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thank you.

  • @ustaknow Feb 28

    So @rkeeling75 - I had time this morning, here you go:
    More than adaquite demo production quality.

    Functionally proficient, as much as one may need to be to execute a song idea/thesis. The boy can play 😀

    Lyric content, as per your introduction is, -- you're new and just engaging this and moving forward from where you are now, -- aren't we all.

    You're not afraid to experiment, - imo, a great thing.

    You don't rely on software with which to communicate your musical ideas, - imo, a great thing.

    You don't appear to be afraid to be personal, or transparent if even it's "made up", - so, e.g., my songs while some comment they're so sorry for me, are not about me 😀 The Characters are always rooted in reallife, people I've known, if even not their literal truth either. That's "music"!

    You appear to be able to engage several skews of genre - it's good to be flexible 😀

    You're not "afraid" to get technical "C Phyrgian Dominant scale (i.e. the Spanish Gypsy scale) and is vii-iv-I-VI+-II-iv" - good one!

    Nice slide work.

    Vocally you remind me a bit of "Dire Straits" - as I comment directly in "Life On Delay"

    If I were you, when engaging vocal delivery, since you are on pitch, me personally, I'd target the exact note in the Chord you are deliberately amining for in your Melody, or Harmoney with the music itself. Me I often sing the 5th of the next chord coming and for e.g. not the 3rd since though on key, can be sonic tension. Also, I'd get a bit more "air" behind it and move up to the Mic and engage the good proximity effect. To me "words" are irrelevant other than to the "music", it is the music as well.

    So, does this reveiw have value? For "ME" "these" kinds were the most valuable since, - I don't know you and could just as easily said, I got to busy to do this if you sucked 😝 So, derUgo!

    Best of 2019 to you!

    PS: Remember (al) this is for folks YOU (all) follow as well but can't leave 1 for 1 comments 😀 But total strangers, can be more valuable!

  • @rkeeling75 Feb 28

    That is very valuable; especially when it comes to vocal delivery (an area I am struggling with). Thank you.

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 28

    I like this approach @ustaknow. Reading through your summaries makes me want to revisit some songs - or entire artists - that I missed. (I may leave that for the coming week though and concentrate on people's new tracks until we're officially over the line.)

  • @ustaknow Feb 28

    Hey @pearlmanhattan - as you like.

    It'll be as I comment,
    - a skip through of the body of work, and my impression of it.

    Some are longer since have more time, - the point of all of this anyway. And, some, like with the cool-one above, I've known him. Or Bill, I can use "short hand" with him, as he does with me.

    --- And, remember, folks could just leave their ID here, and say - please, and for anyone to engage it. If you got many, all the better? I would think since asking for a skip through impression of the body of work, someone would get to anyone asking. For me, it's more fun and meaningful to skip through most, and say something overall. It can be more specifically, applicable 😝 to any "one" song.

    So, while my work product has limited appeal - anyone, feel free, just @ my name since, ironically I don't always come back to threads. 😀

  • @pearlmanhattan  Feb 28

    @ustaknow and all - I understand and open myself up here to anyone to review my work and leave their impressions. I like your comments to @rkeeling75 and find them very constructive and supportive. Thank you for helping me open up and not be afraid in such a positive place.

  • @ustaknow Mar 1

    OK @pearlmanhattan - I left it on your soundboard. Happy 2019!

  • @pearlmanhattan  Mar 1

    @ustaknow Thank you very much for your well spoken comments. You answered all the questions I've been asking myself and your meaning came through very clearly. It is a very helpful review and I will take your advice. This has been a very good experience for me. Again, thank you for helping me to be brave. My confidence seems to need the most work 😀 Happy 2019 😀

  • @chrishope Mar 1


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