How long have you been doing FAWM and how did you find it?

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  • @wr3n  2 weeks

    It seems incredibly surreal to think that I've done this five times now- (Under @wen) I was going through some old music and realized if not for FAWM, I would never have written more than 2-3 songs and probably wouldn't have considered myself a musician after I turned 23.
    And all because I was having a particularly good year doing NaNoWriMo and was looking for something similar to keep that energy going.
    I know plenty of y'all have been around a lot longer than I- How did you get into this thing?

  • @edwardsmusic 2 weeks

    I've been on FAWM since 2017. My good mate @djrhodyn introduced this challenge to me after he sent me a message on Facebook saying "You might enjoy this"; he had been around since 2016.

  • @darkmantle  2 weeks

    This is year 3 for me. I met @debs who told me about it, she's been here for 13 years. 😲

    I've been doing music, in general, off and on for about 20 years, so this was a nice kick to make me do something with it. (Thanks Debs!)

  • @jamkar  2 weeks

    I met @wolfkier at the RPM Challenge, and he invited me over to an old site that @dragondreams was hosting called Songwriters Anonymous. This was in April, so many of those folks including @gerrybhoy and @tinam and @musicsongwriter were talking about finishing FAWM. So after continuing to write for the rest of 2011, I signed up the following year.

  • @pearlmanhattan  2 weeks

    Year 4 for me. Saw FAWM.ORG on a forum of an online music school in March 2015, waited 11 months and started in 2016.

  • @kanttila 2 weeks

    My first was 2017, as PoptartHero. One of my online friends told me about it, I was already churning out music as I do so it worked well. That February was in the mist of my wack era though so the songs I made where mostly...not anything I ever want to do again.

  • @andygetch  2 weeks

    in 2011 I was on the Acoustic Guitar magazine forum where I was introduced to online songwriting. First a song-a-week group called the Sunday Songwriters Group on the Guitar Noise forum. I was in that for a few months and found out about FAWM in early 2012.

  • @tawny249  2 weeks

    First year was 2015. Wow. 5 years of FAWM. Good deal. I found out about it from other filkers. I am really grateful that I did find it, because it boosted my songwriting per year by a lot. I was only getting one to three songs written per year since my first round of grad school before I began FAWM.

  • @joycamp 2 weeks

    I had heard of it last year mid way thru on r/songaweek subreddit. Thought I would give it a go this time. So far so good.

  • @zecoop  2 weeks

    I had been in bands since middle school (8th grade in the US), through high school and college, but had taken a long stretch off as I got married, moved and had kids. Once we moved back to Michigan and the kids were older I wanted to get back into a music scene, so I searched Google for Online Songwriting Challenge in 2011 and found FAWM. I wrote a bunch of songs with my dad, had a blast, and took those songs to a local open mic for six weeks straight. I met some awesome people and joined a band (Treading Bleu), which I have been in ever since. I convinced all the other band members to join (@guatecoop @kovbleu and @slawbleu) and also last year convinced my dad to join (@srcoops). FAWM changed my life and I will never be the same. It is the greatest musical community I have found! 😀

  • @darcistrutt  2 weeks

    I joined 50/90 in 2010 to add lyrics to encourage my son to reach 50 by collaboration. Then I was hooked and joined FAWM in 2011. The rest as they history. Story cubes, cowbell, and a particularly naughty song which gave me the nickname Mistress Darci. It’s been a fun and wild ride!

  • @rbarreda 2 weeks

    I randomly stumbled over a blog from a guy who was from Alaska. In one obscure post on his not very active blog he kind of mentioned FAWM. So I looked it up. When I stumbled over his blog it was the beginning of March 2009. I set an alarm on my phone (which I don't think I really needed) as waited impatiently for FAWM 2010 to kick off.

    My rookie year at FAWM was awesome. I "met" a lot of fun people and it helped my songwriting tremendously. Although it helped, I should probably add I have never in the five years I've participated ever submitted 14 songs.

    I have been absent from the site since 2014 because I was going back to school to finish my degree. I think I may have made a few comments in 2015 but I don't think I submitted anything. Anyway, bottom line is I've been gone a while. Really fun to be back. Almost like coming home.

  • @krayzie003  2 weeks

    This is my 4th year doing FAWM. I have written so many more songs than I ever would have without it. It really helps to inspire me, not only in February but all year long.

  • @jwhanberry  2 weeks

    This is my 5th time. I was looking on Just Plain Folks for a lyricist needing music. I found someone doing 50/90. That led me to FAWM. That was in 2009. I was preoccupied with other matters and it took until 2015 to get on the FAWM train.

  • @metalfoot  2 weeks

    I started in 2016. Folks over at NaNoWriMo in the ML forums, as well as my friend @robinh, who had heard about my affinity for writing songs which was then developing, figured this might be a good fit for my interests... they had no idea how right they were!

  • @seanbrennan  2 weeks

    My first FAWM was in 2013. I actually found the site early on, no idea how or where, but I know that it was linked alongside NaNoWriMo in some kind of list of "be creative and prolific and stop making excuses" challenges.

    Then in summer 2012, I played a gig with a band featuring @joy212 and @nathanschleicher and they mentioned that they did it. I essentially thought "Peers! This will be the best thing ever!" I was right.

    (I think they've both stopped doing it, but if by chance they log in this year, this message will alert them that I still appreciate them even as time takes us in different directions. 😀 )

  • @mikeskliar  2 weeks

    incredibly, this is my ... 14th (!) year! Started in 2006. If I remember correctly, I came across a post by someone named daniel jacob horine, i think it was, (is he still here?) on a music website (which i think had something to do with rufus wainwright, actually) talking about fawm, and jumped in a few days into February 2006. remember how it felt 'impossible' to be able to write 14 songs in a month, somehow I did it.. and i've been back here ever since!

  • @sophielynette 2 weeks

    2009, although I've missed a few years. My NaNoWriMo group decided we wanted to keep doing creative things after November so FAWM was the next logical step. I think I'm the only one of us who kept going after the first year.

  • @bradbrubaker  2 weeks

    I started in 2012. I had heard about it from at least one friend, @dawnxianamoon, but for years it always AFTER it had happened. In 2012, I was reminded of it before it happened and dove right in. Now it never slips my mind; I look forward to it.

  • @rainchaser  2 weeks

    I've heard of FAWM from @mattblick's Beatles Songwriting Academy blog. Joined FAWM on 2016 but I joined too late! LoL

  • @evinwolverton  2 weeks

    Year 11. I had just moved to a rural port town in Canada, and found FAWM as a tangeant from googling NaNoWriMo.

  • @lvgd09  2 weeks

    I heard about FAWM in 5090 2007. Snogledge I think was his handle. Folks around here probably remember Tim Willey. I don't know what happen to him so I won't comment any further.

  • @cbodovinitz  2 weeks

    My profile was created in 2010, but I didn't really start doing FAWM until 2015. My first time doing it, I reached all 14 songs. But I haven't hit the goal since. Oh well.

    I found it from a friend.

  • @tootoobee  2 weeks

    My year 5 already. Read about FAWM in the forum of Pat Pattisons songwriting class at Coursera and registered right away. I had just started songwriting and no clue of recording or even making music, so there was no way to join in 2014. But I was back in 2015 (after taking tons of online classes in 2014 😀 ) and each year thereafter. This community is such a great support and incredibly helps getting through the though stages learning this art.

  • @timfatchen  2 weeks

    13th year....I followed @vikkiflawith in here 2007 because she looked like she knew what she was doing. She did, too. That first FAWM's comments and support gave me the courage and confidence I needed to really put my head in the music-writing mincer, and I followed Vikki into TAXI, which put the polish on my musical education. I can track back all my serious progress (and it has been serious) as a songwriter and composer to those two wise decisions. FAWM and TAXI. (Or one wise decision perhaps, follow @vikkiflawith )

  • @faceofeinstein  2 weeks

    I started in 2008, and I think there has only been one year that I haven't participated. so I guess this is 10! I was invited by a friend and coworker @isaacq and have been hooked since. I generally only create during FAWM which I find weird, and every year I say I'll keep writing and I never do. I guess FAWM is the only reason I create music. weird.

  • @max  2 weeks

    Burr and I both had done coversongs for a Lemonheads tribute album back in 2005. He talked me into it and I loved FAWMing and the new friends I found. Never knew you could bring your creative self to such an intensive level. I needed the kick in the a*s FAWM provides. It brought me many things in life that would never had happened without FAWM.

  • @sw1n3flu  2 weeks

    I joined because @adforperu mentioned it on facebook.... that was 2011 and I didn't get to grips with it at all. Didn't really have any recording equipment, or much more than a couple of guitars (phone recordings weren't up to the same standards either)... but I persevered and in 2012 armed with an iPad 2 w/ garage band managed to record some of my own songs, participate in some challenges and collaborate with @avidfanman. Was much easier from then on - I think musically my best year was 2015 - seemed to be on a roll that year. Skirmishes usually help me "WIN"... I keep coming back because yeah, it gets me writing, recording, DOING. FAWM saves me from procrastination.

  • @petemurphy  2 weeks

    I read about it on the Gearslutz audio engineering forum, on January 31st 2012.
    I turned to my wife and said "hey, I just read about a songwriting challenge. I might give it a try"
    Wife - "oh cool, when does it start?"
    Me - "ummmm.... tomorrow"

    Before FAWM, I would write probably 5 - 10 songs per year. These days I write 100 or more.

  • @jacobeverettwallace  2 weeks

    I officially joined in 2011 but I'm nearly positive I either had a different account that I can't seem to remembver before that or was a big time lurker because I know I did some kind of FAWM in 2009 and 2010. So officially this is my 9th FAWM. I credit FAWM and @fearlessflight2014 (Liz Frencham) for rescuing my songwriting confidence in 2013. A series of events and mean people had basically tanked my confidence leading up to that year and I nearly gave it up for good. Now I've released my first album and have 3 more studio records on the way. I love FAWM.

  • @dragondreams  2 weeks

    It was mentioned to me in a tiny guitar forum when I was still learning to play six string guitar. The guy who mentioned it had no intention of joining in, but thought some of us might like to try. So in 2011 I did, met some fabulous people, set up Songsmiths Anonymous (since defunct) and met even more lovely people, such as @jamkar

  • @jorh 2 weeks

    I started writing lyrics a few years ago, and luckily stumbled across FAWM when scrolling the internet for tips for writing better songs. This is now my third year and I love it!!

  • @vikkiflawith 2 weeks

    thank you @timfatchen but I think I cannot take any credit for your amazing talents (that flying tadpole guy too) 😁 Um I can't remember who told me about FAWM but it was in 2006 when someone posted on the TAXI forum about something called FAWM and so I began.

  • @helenseviltwin  2 weeks

    Marie Tueje posted about it on livejournal in 2007 and I signed up figuring there was no way anyone could write 14 songs in a month (my previous 14 had taken 3.5 years) but I'd sign up and as long as I beat Tueje, I'd be happy. We both finished but I don't think either of us would have without that friendly rivalry...

  • @chipwithrow  2 weeks

    I have @valeriecox to thank - she posted about it on the Muse's Muse website I used to frequent. And, like @petemurphy, I found out about it just a day or two before.
    That was 2008 - I think I did 18 songs that year, all acoustic guitar and vocal and the occasional harmonica. I'm back to doing that again this year for my 12th (!) FAWM.

  • @sjbatavia  2 weeks

    This is year 4 for me. It was mentioned on a ukulele page that I follow. When I joined the first year, it was already a day or two into February. I checked it out and was hooked. I've never hit 14, but I've come away with what I consider to good songs. I try not view success in quantity and have learned to rationalize my behavior. LOL FAWM has also helped me focus more n songwriting year round.

  • @torniojaws  2 weeks

    It's my fifth time in a row now. I heard about FAWM in a Finnish musicians' forum. Since I liked to write songs, it was a no-brainer to give it a shot 😀 And here I am still. I think FAWM has doubled my usual output and it's a nice forum for trying out something different from my usual sound.

  • @tjeff  2 weeks

    Third year. I heard about FAWM on my local public radio station. A guy I know who does a weekly commentary on musical subjects did a piece on FAWM. I wanted to write but couldn’t get started.and thought this would be fun. So I signed up, but Just couldn’t get started writing. One year later I finally joined in and began writing.

  • @sueawesome  2 weeks

    I joined in 2009 after a friend had nudged me several years to do it (I was hesitant for multiple reasons, one of which was that I didn’t think I had a place here as a lyrics-only/non-musician person . . I still don’t, but not because people aren’t accepting of it, they are completely, more so because I feel like it’s asking a lot for someone to read through my stuff when they have their own music to make. . ya know?)

    I had already been writing for over a decade and had friends that turned some of my writing into songs (and recorded them). but by 2009 it had been a minute since that last happened. I loved the idea of possibly working with people I hadn’t met from across the globe and knew the challenge could help hone my writing skills.

    little did I know a monthly song-writing challenge would connect me to some very special souls and a community that has always felt safe to me

    I’ve always said music saves me.
    the connections I’ve made here have done the same

  • @tunecat 2 weeks

    I think I read about it in an online article by Helen Austin. I think it saved my life! Thanks FAWM!

  • @musicsongwriter 2 weeks

    I joined in 2010 after rather a lot of thinking in a negative way, initially thought it was absolutely impossible to create 14 songs in 28 days as I was working on each song for months. I still remember how unsure I was when I composed one co-written songs in 6 days thinking that perhaps my collaborator wouldn't take my contribution seriously. This all changed since I joined. I realized that the amount of time spent on the song is not always an indicator of the quality and in fact some of my music I composed during an hour I still treasure. I found out about FAWM from a couple of my on line friends including Donna. I thought I'd just go on forum and read some threads but wouldn't join myself but I found such a great community with so much support and inspiring ideas that I absolutely had to join and I'm looking forward to FAWM and 50/90 ever since. Although it changed a lot and some people left, I find FAWM and 50/90 amazing sites full of inspiration. I know a lot of my music wouldn't

  • @musicsongwriter 2 weeks

    I know a lot of my music wouldn't exist without FAWM and 50/90. I discovered amazing songs which continue inspiring me. Thank you to everyone.

  • @writeandwrong  2 weeks

    This is my 7th year for FAWM... and my 3rd time in my life of writing... and I found FAWM through @donna (A HUGE THANK YOU TO THAT GIRL!!) on a songwriting critique forum. It's been a true blessing to have met so many wonderful people through this challenge and I'm so grateful to the FAWM Gods and my FAWMily for their time and support through the good times and bad, whether it's one of my worst writings or one of my better ones...because everything we post for the most part are in their earliest forms. So much amazing support here, so much inspiration and entertainment, laughs, cries, and truths. Yes, music is therapy, and you can't write something that doesn't have a piece of you hidden in your lyrics/music regardless of how hard you try. Thanks, everyone! <3

  • @rickcannon 2 weeks

    So cool to see everyone's stories over the years.
    I found FAWM in February 2007, luckily in the first week of the month and right after I'd gotten my first digital recorder in high school. My girlfriend had just dumped me, so I was rife with all the inspiration a sad white boy could need. It was the highlight of my year for many in a row, but I slowly lost songwriting motivation and inspiration. I still dropped by for a song or two until 2014, but I've done nothing here since.

    So glad to be back, to see the community thriving, to finally have new musical interests to get back in the game. Love you guys, thanks for everything!

  • @barbara  2 weeks

    In Nov 2009 I tried NaNoWriMo, which I heard of through my niece. I've always loved to write, but I'd never tried fiction of any length. When it was over I had 12,000 words, and there were some "What's Next?" suggestions for other challenges, and that's where I found out about FAWM. I'd been writing songs since I was a teenager, but had always had a strong ambivalence about sharing my music, so the relative anonymity of a similar website community with an opportunity for some feedback both delighted and terrified me. I signed up immediately and waited eagerly for February to arrive. I lurked for the first two weeks, just watching what went on and trying to decide if the water was safe. The supportive camaraderie and humor were way more than I expected, and I finally screwed up the courage to post a song. True confession, it was one I had recorded a few months before and felt pretty good about, so I used that as a trial balloon for how my lo-fi Olympus voice recorder song would

  • @barbara  2 weeks

    (Continued) received. Mr. 1Bking made me feel enormously welcomed, and the new songs started flowing. I even discovered skirmishes the first year, amazed at what came out of me and others! I managed to hit 14 in the remaining 14 days.
    This is the best environment in which to grow your confidence musically, to experiment, to be playful and have a blast, as well as to find compassion and concern when your spirit is low. I'm so glad I found my way here, and that the culture here stays strong and true to its roots.

  • @bootlegger 2 weeks

    I feel like I've been doing it my whole life. I'm on my 11th year. I just can't stay away. I look forward to it all year.

  • @yam655 2 weeks

    I'd heard about FAWM years before I even started lurking here. I had a coworker that was the winner at the second-ever SongFight! First I lurked there, and by the time I finally started posting to the SongFight! forums, folks were talking about FAWM.

    It took me a long time before I posted any songs anywhere, but after the birth of my eldest, (while she was in the NICU), I posted my first horrible demo to SongFight!

    Another few years and I made an account here specifically to listen to FAWMer-only media. A few more years and I decided to post strange little ditties I sang to my small kids as an experiment. Folks were super friendly, even though I was super intimidated by how awesome some of the music was.

    That was a great first year, and it kept me coming back.

  • @sherrycanary  2 weeks

    My first FAWM was 2009. I heard about it 2 days before from @roblincoln, I was a member of Philadelphia Area Songwriters Alliance, or PASA, and really liked the challenges we did at the songwriting events.
    Been doing it since

  • @sheamiejay  2 weeks

    This is my 4th. I was involved in The CBC Searchlight contest 5 years ago and noticed that a group of FAWMers were involved, so I reached out and found out about this most excellent place.

  • @theaddictofgaming 2 weeks

    1st Year. Adam Neely's video.

  • @w1n  2 weeks

    I first heard about FAWM in 2013, not quite sure where, probably mentioned in a forum or such. Seemed like something cool to do, but due to touring and recording albums, the first one I had the opportunity to take part in was 2016. The first year was really inspiring and I've been coming back.

  • @mosley  2 weeks

    I heard about FAWM from my old roommate @tizzdizz 😀 I finally decided to join and participate in 2014, and now it’s become an annual tradition!

  • @unpronounceable 2 weeks

    I had a songwriter friend who had it listed on his profile and/or mentioned it. I hit some serious writers block that would last for a year or 2 at a time. Summer before I signed up, I challenged myself to 30 songs in 30 days, which I never succeeded at, but having the freedom to write bad music if I want and still be supported was life-changing. Fawmstock was so cheap, I had to go. Meeting everyone and online has kept me around, even if I cant make time to write. This community is fucking magical and has helped me a lot. I so appreciate the love and care put into maintaining a warm and friendly space. And the encouragement of silliness. These are my people <3

  • @firebird 2 weeks

    This is my second year, I was here two years ago, but got really sick so did not accomplish much. Is there any way to see what I did two years ago, so as to finish anything up or not duplicate?

  • @philkmills  2 weeks

    This is year 10 for me. I'd started writing songs back then because of involvement in the music of science fiction/fantasy fandom, and a friend from there mentioned FAWM on-line a few days into the event. I wrote 9 songs during the month and then 5 on the final 2 days to hit my quota. 😀

  • @spinhead 2 weeks

    Like @mikeskliar this is year 14 for me. Some years I've been mostly absent (like this one) but that past few I've managed 30+ songs each, so I'm averaging wins all around 😉

    So long ago, I don't remember how I stumbled across FAWM. Someone recommended it, maybe. Or I was Googling songwriting. Or I was Googling 'strange people from Wisconsin' and expecting to find myself.

    Which, in a way, I have.

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  2 weeks

    Started in 2008. So this is my 11th FAWM (completed all of them so far).

    Found this via a friend (I think). I know my friend John and I were doing our own songwriting blog called Songwriting Apples. (Long story- we met in Over The Rhine forum called The Orchard - so that’s where the bane originated).

    We were trying to write a song a month. Ha!! I’ve left those days in the dust.

    FAWM seriously altered the trajectory of my musical life and I’ve made some amazing friends as well.

  • @jackdawfactories  2 weeks

    Started in '06, so this is FAWM 14! I first found FAWM after hearing about NaNoWriMo and looking up similar challenges, and since then I've written a couple of hundred songs, had some incredible experiences, heard amazing work and met @helenseviltwin and the dearly missed hoops.

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